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The closest connection I have to China is a Hawaiian-print shirt made there that I bought at Wal-Mart.
As for the story that gave me shivers, it described in detail an election that was held earlier this year in Hong Kong. She was summarily fired, via fax machine, by a San Francisco attorney who represented the company here in the United States, a man with a knack for using such a device as effectively as any executioner wields an ax.
Everything I learned thanks to this computer program (and there are a handful of such programs available today, all of them performing virtually the same wizardry, all of them making credit card and checking info easy to download from the Internet) can be boiled down to three recommendations.
The day I discovered the extent of this thievery, we began using ATM’s owned by the bank where we keep our checking account. Granted, maybe some people can’t do without their hair stylist, or imagine life without going to the gym.
Change makes a bigger impact when we target bigger slices of our family’s financial pie. Yes, this might sound folksy if your name is Gates, but we really didn’t have a choice. Since that time our daughters have assumed a bigger role in making presents, not just for Christmas but for birthdays and other events. The beauty here is that, throughout this ordeal, my wife and I were able to maintain our usual percentage of charitable giving.
Even Chris Patton, the last governor, who lobbied China hard for democracy after the turnover, never thought to step down and hold an election for his coushy job before he sailed into the sunset with his boss on the royal yacht.
Thanks for the firsthand account of how the global economy now affects us all one way or another.
The buffet features a selection of cold cuts, fresh fruits, yogurt, pastries, hot dishes, fresh juices, and eggs made to order. Upon returning to the room, we were pleasantly surprised by a fruit bowl and a plate of macarons on the table. Now that we have these classification bins available at the main areas on campus, it would be great if every university user puts plastic bottles and cans in the right bin! I like to think that, this way, he could do his dirty work without getting his hands dirty. These recommendations have completely changed the way my wife and I approach family finance, and are applicable to any other family that finds itself forced to make due with less. Why not bring a lunch to the park instead of going to the park then driving around town, wasting gas, looking for a McDonald’s? They can, however, with some honest searching find something else that they don’t need.
One of the most dramatic features of financial software for people who use it for family finance is the button that creates a pie chart. The fees and points would have cost us thousands, and the savings that result from a lower interest rate would in this case have been a wash.

We were in the habit of taking a nice vacation every couple of years to places that had pools and catered to families. So starting in early December, my daughters and I bundled up and ventured out into the garage. For their grandparents they make pictures drawn or painted by themselves, complete with frames I buy at discount stores. With the token election they have people of Hong Kong enjoyed more democratic freedom today than they ever had under 150 year of British rule. If he had put together a democratic election system while he still could, perhaps Beijin wouldn’t be able to dismantle it.
Obviously the story illustrates the more extreme affects of how events anywhere on the globe can now devastate families even here in the relatively safe and stable US.
After we reluctantly wriggled out of our ultra comfortable bed, we made our way to the Club Lounge for breakfast. At the very top on the 118th floor sits the world’s highest fitness center and its outdoor terrace. Take a dip in the wonderfully warm water, or lounge by the poolside for an unrestrained view. Lounging by the window with a cup of freshly steeped hot tea in hand, I soaked up the view from below bit by bit. The gorgeous hotel, brought alive by gracious staff waltzing in and out, is a place to linger.
They also live in fear, for the same Communist China currently calling the shots in Hong Kong is the same Communist China responsible in 1989 for nearly 3,000 deaths in and around Tiananmen Square. What made this man’s pink slip particularly hard for me to take, beyond the obvious, is that I am a stay-at-home dad. For while my wife now spent her days combing through her network, I spent my nights creating graphs and running reports. Most important, these recommendations helped us weather the storm, and have prepared us for any other storm that could (who knows?) hit us again from out of the blue. What I did was find my wife’s old pair of scissors and ask her to do the job, which is what she did for extra money back when she was in college. All the user does is plug in a range of dates, hit the enter key, then buckle his seat belt.
But these payments were covered by a car allowance provided through the kindness of my wife’s employer. Then one day we hit on a truth that says little kids don’t care where they go on vacation, just as long as they stay wet.
There we found the hedge clippers and the Radio Flyer wagon, then headed for the evergreen trees lining our back yard. I just know that there was always enough money for us to share, so that ten years after what seemed like a disaster we stay faithful to the changes we made.

Every HK governor was appointed by London and despite 99% of the population was Chinese, no Chinese ever held the job. Floor-to-celing windows, soft velvety morning light, jazz in the air, and the sweet smell of fresh pastries and coffee – a fine way to wake up. The gym is equipped with Kinesis One and the latest cardiovascular equipments, all connected with Visioweb, a digital platform offering internet, TV and iPod connection during workouts. Groceries over, we arrive at the gym where our kids score baskets and their dad claps and cheers, happy with the knowledge that the eggs in the trunk aren’t incubators for salmonella.
That first summer, eliminating trips, or combining two or more, we saved each month about a quarter tank of gas. She now cuts my hair practically any time I want, without the hassle of my scheduling an appointment or having to pay for parking. The results can be overwhelming – all of our sins, right in our face, in brilliant living color! Making a change to this one slice alone, which accounted for 25 percent of net income, would have made a huge financial impact in our favor. Kindness dried up when the pink slip arrived, and from that day forward we were stuck with the bill.
We had blocked out time for another big vacation the summer my wife got fired, only to drop these plans like a bad habit.
Thanks to a little bit of saving and planning, what looked like ruin has brought us closer to achieving prosperity. Add to this what I used to spend in unnecessary burgers and carbs, and the average savings was worth about $45.00 a month.
Our hunger for purchasing with Master Card is matched only by our desire for frequent flyer points, which Master Card gives us each time we charge.
We could have wallpapered our house with all the catalogs we used, and lived it up on all the shipping, handling and markup fees that catalogers always charge.
Not knowing which, the company’s major stockholder quietly cashed in his chips, thus selling the company before the Communists took over. Craig’s girls got to keep their father highly involved in their lives, and that will benefit them more than the $800 per month that they save now!
In the process I’ll save on parking and gas needed to drive back and forth to the gym. And of course we spent more than we ever intended because when paying with credit the pain is deferred.
Spread over two years, which is how often we sprang for the big one, that comes to another $100 a month.

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