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Make this homemade natural dog food recipe from fresh meats and veggies that is sliced, diced and minced to appeal to your pet’s taste buds. Proteins: Beef, Turkey, Chicken, Lamb, Mackerel or Herring, but no more than once or twice a week and eggs in moderation. Many pet owners truly believe that the pet food industry is broken, even though recently there has been huge positive changes in the last 10 years. To explore all of our articles and upcoming projects be sure to follow us on Facebook and Google Plus. Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and we make no medical claims, nor intend to diagnose, treat, or heal medical conditions.
Retailers snap up fresh, organic, kosher brand; OTA Manufacturer’s Survey proves category growth potential.
Homemade Baby®, a sixteen-month-old company that provides certified organic and kosher health and nutrition for babies and toddlers, says it experienced overwhelming success at the All Things Organic™ Conference and Tradeshow held in Chicago May 6-8. It appears that the jarred baby food category is waning in favor of fresh and flavorful, and Homemade Baby is the only national brand that is sold as fresh, never frozen. Consumer demand for certified organic baby food is strong as proven by the Organic Trade Association’s 2007 Manufacturer Survey.
Founded in 2005 by two parents desperate for healthy, simple food for their small children, Homemade Baby is the first company to offer fresh organic baby food.
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Add in pureed mixture, flax seed, and butternut squash and incorporate until all ingredients are combined. I usually store 2 days worth of food in an airtight container in the refrigerator and any remaining goes into the freezer. Also, don't forget to follow me on bloglovin as Google Reader will be vanishing soon!  Click on the link below. Indu SenchatiJuly 25, 2013 at 2:44 AMThis is really nutritious homemade recipe I have ever seen till now.

It is very easy to make your own baby food — all you need is a regular or hand blender and fresh ingredients. And if the thought of making your healthy, wholesome baby food is not enough, then how about the added incentive of saving money and the environment! Most foods will need to be baked, cooked or steamed (the exception to this are bananas, avocados and melons) until they are nice and soft.
Steaming is the best way to preserve nutrients, and it also is the best way to keep the fresh taste of the fruit and vegetables. A food processor can be used to puree large quantities of food – and is also useful for many other aspects of home cooking.
If you prepare a large batch of food it can be poured into ice cube trays and then frozen – future meals in minutes! And one last reason — homemade baby food is much tastier than its store-bought equivalents. It has no preservatives so it will have to be refrigerated, if you make a large batch for multiple meals. Some pet owners cook homemade dog food because of health related issue their dogs face in an effort to prolong the pet’s life span. Also, follow us on Pinterest to get tons of homesteading ideas and plans from all around the web! Women who are pregnant or nursing, or persons with known medical conditions should consult their physician before taking any herbal products. Because of the heightened interest in organic baby food from several retailers, Homemade Baby will be nationally distributed by the end of June -- months earlier than the company had predicted prior to the tradeshow.
Three new frozen organic baby food companies exhibited at the tradeshow as well, indicating that increased consumer interest and recent advances in manufacturing and distribution have combined to create a flourishing category. The survey, released on May 6th, reports that, “Organic food sales totaled nearly $17 billion in 2006, representing approximately 3 percent of all retail sales of food. The Homemade Baby kitchens are located in Culver City, Calif., and feature a baby food “tasting room,” where parents and babies are invited to drop by and sample the company’s latest creations.

By making your own baby food you can have total control over what you feed your baby and you will know that what they are eating is free from salt, sugar, additives and fillers which are sometimes found in store-bought food. And as an added bonus, if you make large amounts of his or her favorite meals you can freeze them and you’ll then be able to serve healthy, wholesome food in minutes and for every meal of the week. You can choose to use only the freshest, highest quality produce, and if you wish to make organic baby food, use only organic fruit and vegetables. Homemade baby food will cost much less to make that the equivalent shop bought products – and you will not have an endless supply of empty jars to have to recycle! Once cooked, put them in a blender to be pureed, add a little of the cooking water to make them the necessary consistency and hey presto – wholesome, homemade baby food just like that. But if you don’t have a processor, or don’t want to have to invest in one, why not buy a hand blender? Basic nutritional requirements and vitamins can boost your dogs immune system to help protect them from certain diseases.
Homemade Baby’s products, which are fresh, never frozen or jarred, can be found in the store’s refrigerated dairy section near the baby yogurts, or in dedicated refrigerators in the baby food aisle. Current in-store sales have recently increased from three cases to eight cases per store per week. Homemade Baby donates 10 percent of the food it makes to charities that serve undernourished children.
Steaming in a saucepan with just a little water is a perfectly good alternative if you don’t have a steamer. These tend to be cheaper – and it is probably easier to find a space for one in your kitchen! With well-balanced nutritional meals, your dog will be happy, healthy, and hopefully cancer free.

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