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Although there are obviously issues on which Americans appear to have difficulty collaborating and cooperating, there are also plenty of signs that the great American spirit of mutual support, cooperation, volunteerism, mentoring and public engagement are alive and well. Lots of families would like to start a vegetable garden in their back yards, but they never even try because they think it will be a lot of hard work. Small gardens are good because nowadays everyone has a big house and a small yard, and don’t have the room for even a small 20 x 20 garden. The key is to focus on crops that are productive in a small space and are expensive in the stores.
For more tips on making gardening easy, pick up a copy of Don Rosenberg’s new book, “No Green Thumb Required! SIMPLE Conference – UNM School of Medicine - Sagebrush Inn, Taos, NM - July 14th 2-5pm -George and Sedena present Ageless Living – Enlivened & Thriving at Every Age -. The Best Is Yet To Be Program – at the Academy of the Love of Learning campus, September 16 & 17 co-hosted by The Academy for the Love of Learning.
Legislation already passed in Ohio could deprive nearly 900,000 citizens—mostly seniors, low-income individuals, students, the disabled and people of color—of their voting rights. Recent CommentsJasper on What’s it Like in American Samoa?Terence on How To Become The Superhero Of Your Own Storyadmin on State Governments Restrict Voter Registration?
Have you ever wondered if your plants would grow better in organic soil versus regular potting soil? Organic Potting Soil: Ingredients in this potting soil include chicken manure, worm castings, bat guano and kelp meal among other things.
The plants and seeds I selected were based on what I could plant in my backyard garden in early spring. Companion planting and fruits and vegetables with a harvest window of about 60-70 days each also were important in my decision making.
We’ve had some pretty heavy rains up here in the Seattle area this past week so I went ahead and planted my pots in our greenhouse.
The plan is to take a photo and document the progress of each container over the 60-70 day growing period to find out which soil the plants will grow better in. Personally, I’m rooting for the organic blend instead of the one jacked up on a bunch of chemicals because I grow all my other fruits and vegetables in my garden organically.
Register for classes on Mob Grazing and Holistic Ranch Management at the Richards Ranch in Jacksboro, Texas.
When I think of this steampunk design aesthetic, I typically think of hissing gears, lots of metal, and utilitarian style.
Although I doubt I’d ever be down to don steampunk-related fashions or totally deck out my home, I would absolutely say that this style really works in commercial spaces or ultra-industrial interior.

I’m really impressed with the “hard glamour” look of this design aesthetic, and can’t wait to see more of this rising trend during the fall market at High Point!
About Jon PetersJon Peters is a graduate of the University of South Florida, where he majored in marketing. Raised in Tampa, Jon has spent most of his life in the bay area but considers North Carolina to be a second home.
Sign Up Now and Get a Free Copy of Michelle's Must-Have Paint Colors For A "Coastal Cool" Vibe! What’s Hot at High Point Market for Spring 2016May 25, 2016 - Tampa, FL - Twice a year, I look forward to attending one of the preeminent furnishing markets in the entire world — High Point Market in North Carolina. Alejandra Costello is a Certified Professional Organizer who teaches individuals through videos and webinars how to become more productive and more organized on a daily basis by setting up systems in their home and life.
It’s especially appropriate for conditions across the country where homes are built on sub-soil where the topsoil has been scraped away and not replaced.
Of course the wind will blow and the birds will poop, but you’ll have one weed per square foot instead of a hundred, and the loose soil means they’re a snap to pull out. Or they have a big house and a big yard, but lots of trees and very little space with enough sunlight. Everyone loves fresh corn, but a 3’ x 8’ bed may grow 20 ears of corn, and at 50? each, that’s a $10 crop for the whole summer.
Do you think all those manufactured fertilizers and chemicals really help plants grow bigger, better and faster, or is it just a myth?
If you invited a few friends over for a taste test would they be able to tell the difference between vegetables grown in organic soil compared to ones grown in a potting mix filled with chemicals? Sign up for these and more classes on holistic ranch management at the Holistic Management International website. Steampunk style has long been regarded as a recurring sub-genre of science fiction which has come into its own as a style that has permeated into the world of home decor, fashion, movies, and technology.
Even though I’d consider it a modern style, it still feels as though this rugged and industrial style is still from the past.
Regardless of whether you hate this style or love it, you can’t deny the industrial modern vibe that this style expresses, which has been featured in home design projects by designers such as Kelly Wearstler, Jonathan Adler and Nate Berkus. Alejandra started her company, AlejandraTV, in 2008 at the age of 23 and to date has shared her organizing expertise with thousands of people in over 60 countries around the globe. The idea is to build smaller, raised bed gardens on top of the sterile soil and fill them with potting mix.

Organic gardeners know that healthy plants resist bugs and diseases naturally, and the key to healthy plants is healthy soil.
Most of these steampunk-related elements have an underlying historical theme, such as Victorian or American “Wild West”, coupled with modern machinery and industrial design.
You could totally envision this steampunk style branching off from Victorial society in sort of a parallel universe-fashion, creating a lasting impression for everyone who has fallen for this impressionable style.
In his spare time, he likes to throw Frisbee with his two Bull Terriers and explore the local shops and restaurants around town. Named 1 of the 7 most organized people in America, Alejandra's organizing expertise has been seen on HGTV, NewsChannel8, Family Circle, The Washington Post Express, The Washington Times, and Woman's Day to name a few. Synthetic fertilizers are like an electric shock to a plant, causing it to grow quickly whether it wants to or not.
Avoid plants like head lettuce that grow up, are harvested and leave a hole in your garden layout. A couple of months ago when I attended High Point Market in North Carolina, I was really impressed by a few vendors who showcased some stunning pieces that all had a steampunk vibe.
If you have organizing ideas for videos you’d like to see on Miss A, please visit Alejandra's YouTube channel and request your topic in the comments.
Here’s a video on how to organize office supplies in the home office along with some of my favorite pens, pencils, and markers. But in that soil are tens of thousands of dormant weed seeds, just waiting to be exposed to the light. The growth that results is spindly and weak and is the first things that pests and diseases attack.
Large gears, exposed light filaments, and hard metals all came together to create a futuristic industrial vibe that sci-fi lovers would be sure to appreciate! Once they do, they’ll start to sprout and you’ll end up with a weed patch instead of a vegetable garden. By using weedless potting mix as your soil and incorporating organic fertilizers, you’ll have perfect garden soil from the very start and your plants will grow at their own pace, something other gardeners take years to accomplish.

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