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The apple is a sweet round fruit with a central core containing seeds, whilst the bulk of the fruit is comprised of edible flesh, and covered in a thin skin which is also edible. The origins of the apple fruit tree are Asian, specifically in the region of the central west corresponding with modern day Kazakhstan, and archeological evidence locates the Tien Shan mountain forests as the probable origin of all known apple cultivators.
We know that 8,500 years ago apples were being grown and eaten in ancient Jericho, a city in the west bank region of the Jordan River. In some parts of the ancient world apples, or at least the best fruit with the sweetest taste and juiciest flesh could only be afforded by royalty and their court, and apples were a popular dessert from as long ago as 4,500 years ago.
Despite these archaeological finds, the first written reference to apples only appears around 3,500 years ago in the Assyrian Kingdom when an orchard containing apples was sold by one Tupkitilla for the sum of three breeding sheep.
The Book of Genesis, which many scholars believe was written in the time of Moses, around 3,600 years ago, specifically mentions a fruit that is widely believed to have been an apple, and which Satan encourages Eve to eat, thus cursing humanity and causing the expulsion of Adam, Eve, and their descendants from the Garden of Eden.
In Jewish religious thought, the tree was mot in fact an apple, instead being a grape or a fig. Outside of Judeo Christian religious books, apples also appear as mystical fruits capable of providing eternal life to those who inhale its fragrance as they pass from the world of the living into heaven.
In medieval times apples were common throughout Europe and available to all, though orchards that grew the best fruit only sold their apples to those who could afford them, or were owned by the nobility and church, so were never sold and theft of these was punishable by death or imprisonment.
The foundation of Switzerland in 1291 as an independent confederation is often attributed to an apple, or rather the legend of William Tell who was forced under punishment of death to shoot an apple with his crossbow, the apple being perched on his son’s head. By the 15th century, and the first editions of many English dictionaries and encyclopedias apples, or appylls as they were then spelled, were considered to be not just a fruit for eating but also a medicinal fruit capable of helping cure nay number of ailments.
In the United States the most famous mention of apples in popular culture is the story of Johnny Appleseed, a Massachusetts born eccentric who travelled for forty years around the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Ohio giving small bags of apple seeds to anyone he met who was traveling to the new west.
Food HistoryScientific name: Actinidia chinensisHistorically, the kiwi is the duck-billed platypus of the fruit world, difficult to categorize.
The cayenne pepper has been used in Africa for more than 10,000 years long before ancient Egyptian civilization.
Falafel is an ancient dish that has been popular in Egypt and now the rest of the Middle East.
Post Word War II Food Advertising The changes of the post World War II era the transformation of advertising of the late 1800s. Given this progress and the emerging focus on diet programs, attempt was made in to commercialize the Miracle Fruit's ability to create sweet flavors without a caloric penalty.
In the 1970s the Miralin Company planned to bring Miraculin to market and was founded with investments by Reynolds Metals, Barclays and Prudential.
However, on the eve of the product launch in 1974, the FDA also dealt a major setback to the efforts of Miralin Company. The distinction is critical, as food additive status would be needed to use Miraculin as ingredient in commercial food products. Miraculin has never gained certification for use as a food additive  or food sweetener in USA and European Union. Overnight and international shipping improvements have made it possible for consumers to buy fresh berries, which retain their abilities as long as they are consumed quickly. From Gil Marks sharing the history of Strawberry Shortcake to a vintage Crispy Baked Eggs recipe from Louise Mellor to making butter at home the old fashioned way with Sharon Biggs Waller (and, of course, lots of posts by yours truly!), there are plenty of fascinating articles and recipes for you to explore. Subscribe to my website for free weekly updates and receive my e-Cookbook of 10 Easy Dinner Recipes! Chocolate Cheesecake ParfaitsA simple and decadent dessert recipe for Chocolate Cheesecake Parfaits made with dark chocolate, ricotta and Greek yogurt.
Curry Pickled CauliflowerExotic curry-flavored cauliflower pickle recipe with a healthy dose of turmeric spice. Join us to Fruit, Livestock, Vegetables, and History of Spain tour, Within the European Union, Spain has become a major food and fiber provider to the rest of Europe.
Arrival Madrid – meet and assist by our guide, transfer to the old walled city of Avila.
Visit with local guide around Salamanca’s Plaza Mayor, the most beautiful square in Spain, and some of its important monuments.
Visit the Pena de Francia (1 hour from Salamanca), a peaceful Sanctuary dedicated to Our Lady of the Pena de Francia on a mountain peak in the Sierra de Francia.

The ascension of the mountain is stunning and the views of the green and peaceful valleys are superb. Meet the responsibles from AGRIMUSA, a municipal farm where basic professional training is provided to young people to facilitate their participation in the work force. Constituted by more than one hundred farmers, whose traditional crop is tomato, the company gives an effective answer to its partners’ needs that is to distribute the top technology plus being innovative in order to bring their products to compete in new markets thanks to their high quality.
The factory started working in June 2002, it was designed and assembled following the most modern technological canons regarding tomato and fruits processing.
After breakfast, depart for a half-day visit of Seville, a city rich in history, neighborhoods, art, music, museums, cathedrals, and architecture. You will explore the Santa Cruz district, known for its narrow winding streets, old buildings and secluded squares. Visit a supermarket to know about the presentation and varieties of the food products in Spain. A tremendous number of cultivated varieties of apple exist, as well as many wild varieties not usually picked for sale.
Around 10,000 years ago the first human settlements started to form across the near east, India, and further east in China.
Jericho is considered the oldest city and longest inhabited in the world, with parts of the city dating back 11,000 years making the discovery of apple seeds from 8,500 years ago quite authoritative and giving a clear indication that apples eaten for almost as long as humans have built settlements.
Hittite peoples were known to favor apples, and the oldest known name for the fruit, warawaras, comes from this time, and their royalty are believed to have enjoyed eating sliced apple as a dessert served on plates by their slaves. Sadly the record doesn’t detail how large the orchard was, or how many trees it contained, but it does suggest apple orchards were common enough to be part of regular property transactions. The image of a juicy red apple in Eve’s hand whilst a serpent or cherub speaks to her from the apple tree is a common religious icon, with the tree representing the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
The Christian era translation of the tree being an apple is most likely an error based on the Roman word Malium which means evil and is very similar to the Roman word for apple, malus.
Aristotle, the Greek philosopher is widely reported to have smelled an apple’s aroma only moments before his death, and the apple is credited with releasing his soul. By all account the quality of fruit available varied considerably depending on he experience and skills of the orchardist.
The story goes that the Swiss cantons were invaded by Austrian troops and forced to swear allegiance to the Habsburg crown, something William Tell refused to do. Sniffing a very ripe sweet apple was particularly believed to have helped cure an illness known as the sweating sickness. Born John Chapmen, he was a devout man who considered it his duty to help spread the Lord’s message, and who believed passionately that if America was filled with apple trees then no man, woman, or child would ever be hungry again.
It is named after the flightless Kiwi bird of New Zealand, although its origins are in Yangtze Valley of China. But once the pulp is chewed lemons suddenly taste like sugary lemonade and Irish stout tastes amazingly similar to chocolate milkshake.
They found local tribes picking fruits before meals and then consuming sour and bitter meals. It classified the berry as a nutritional product and not a food additive, stating that years of further testing would be required to before Miraculin might become eligible for food additive status.
The sugar industry was accused of sabotaging the project, burgling the research and leaning on the FDA in order to prevent competition and maintain the demand for sugar. And tablets continue to be a viable, and more economical, way to experience the berry's sweetening benefits. I’ve recently gathered a group of talented writers to share vintage recipes and fascinating food history with you! Required fields are marked *Comment Please read through the entire post and comments section before asking a question, as it may have already been answered.
Our eleven day study tour to Spain includes the most important agricultural regions as well as the most important cultural and historical sites. In the valley below, visit the quaint village of La Alberca, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain and the first to be declared a “National Monument” in 1940.
Visit “Tomates del Guadiana”, The Cooperative Tomates del Guadiana was created with a fundamental aim: to carry out the first transformation of the fruit by its own producers.

Due to this, Tomates del Guadiana has an excellent production capability that allows to obtain the highest quality in its sector.
The apple is the most popular fruit globally, having more trees in cultivation, and selling more fruit annually than any other fruit currently available.
We have no evidence that ancient Jericho had orchards as we understand them, and the presence of seeds may only mean that apples were eaten and the seeds spat out, although suggestions are that if apple seeds were being stored then probably apple trees were also being grown.
An Accadian lady by the name of Puabi, whose mummy was found in the Royal Cemetery of Ur along with the bodies of 5 guards and 13 ladies, was buried with many items of food for her journey to the afterlife, including a plate of sliced apple. Errors of translation like this are common in many historical documents and unfortunately means we cannot say for certain that the Book of Genesis is one of the oldest sources of apple history, although a similar Genesis story from Sumerian history exists, but the tree is not described, only the serpent.
In Islamic popular legend, the prophet Mohammed was himself offered an apple by an angel, and told that if he breathed the aroma of the apple he would be assured of eternal life in heaven.
During these times it became a custom for nobility to give several baskets of apples to their villagers for the May time festivities, and it was during these times that apple bobbing became a popular activity at local fairs. After Tell successfully shot the apple his fame spread throughout Switzerland and resulted in an uprising the ejected the Austrians. Learning food history means that cultural study which involves multidisciplinary approaches from economics, sociology and demography, and even literature. The original designation of Chinese gooseberry is also misleading, since it is not a true member of the gooseberry family. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reflected that Miraculin would be approved, especially given that these berries had been eaten for centuries in Africa with no adverse reactions reported. Though it has not been given legal status, it is currently awaiting approval on the “new foods” list.
Introduction to the cooperative, production and conversation about the cereals in Castille.
During the afternoon, visit of the Roman Theatre in Merida and carry on to Seville On to Don Benito.
This cooperative society was formed on 12 March 1942, within the agricultural cooperative framework.
In addition, apples are also juiced and often used within recipes for many other products such as baked goods, preserves and jams, or in some cultures as a sweet additive for spicy foods such as curries. Swiss people are even today still proud of William Tell’s exploits, but sadly no proof of his existence has ever materialized. A pippin is a red and white variety of apple much favored in England during those early days of the reformation. Kiwi fruits actually grow on woody vines, much like grapes.During the early 1900s, Isabel Fraser, a director of a New Zealand school visited China and became fascinated with the fruit known at the time as a Chinese gooseberry. Extensive testing of Miracle Fruit was done on lab animals and humans, and the FDA deemed it to be absolutely safe for consumption.
But the Miralin Company’s business model had depended on larger sales as a food additive, and investment capital could not sustain them through further FDA testing. However, Japan is far ahead of both governments and has granted it full food additive status. Eventually the fruit became so popular that commercial growers became interested.In order to establish an association with New Zealand, marketers changed the name to "Kiwifruit". Kiwi fruit actually get name from marketing strategy, kiwi, and the national bird of New Zealand.
Since its founding and until 1979, its activities consisted solely on the purchase of seeds and fertilizers for the consumption of their partners.
Yet, since then, has maintained a continuous process of growing, not only commercializing new products, as agrochemicals and spare parts, but making major investments and creating new sections, without losing its balanced stability and its recognized solvency.

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