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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. INTRODUCTION TO CULINARY ARTS HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY Evolution of the Food Service Industry. FOCUS STANDARDS HOSP–ICA-3: Examine and identify the history and philosophy of the food service industry. I CAN STATEMENTS Describe and define professionalism in the various roles of the food service organization.
UNDERSTANDINGS & GOALS Enduring Understandings: Students will examine and discuss introduction to the hospitality and food service industry and the role of the modern kitchen. STANDARD HOSP–ICA-3: Examine and identify the history and philosophy of the food service industry. SOURCEBOOK NOTES Define the vocabulary terms Answer the following questions: o What are the current trends in foodservice?
Foodservice -the business of making and serving prepared food and drink Hospitality -welcoming guests and satisfying their needs. Full-service restaurant- employ servers to take the customer’s order an bring the meal to their table. Professionalism- the positive behaviors and appearance exhibited by an individual who is committed to the culinary arts.
KEY HISTORICAL PERSONS AND THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS Careme- Marie Antoine (Antonin) Careme, known as "The King of Chefs, and the Chef of Kings“; haute cuisine,haute cuisine Escoffier- Georges Auguste Escoffier invented the Kitchen Brigade System De Medici- Catherine de Medici was known as the ‘mother of French haute cuisine’ Amelia Simmons- wrote and published the first American cookbook Jean Anthelme Brillat- Savarin- wrote one of the most celebrated works on food, (The Physiology of Taste) and was quite possibly the greatest food critic ever. FOODSERVICE RESTAURANT STYLES Fast Food Dining emphasize speed of service and low cost over other considerations sometimes known as a quick service restaurant or QSR, table service. FOODSERVICE RESTAURANT STYLES Cafe informal restaurants offering a range of hot meals and made- to-order sandwiches. Cuisines Grande cuisine- elaborate and time consuming style of cooking popular in the early 1800s that was often practiced in the homes of the rich.
Elements and characteristics of various cuisines Europeanmeat is more prominent and substantial in serving-size Greekmakes wide use of olive oil, vegetables and herbs, grains and bread, wine, fish, and various meats Hauteelaborate preparations and presentations served in small and numerous courses Jewishlocal ingredients and local cultural influences make their mark on this cuisine Mexicanknown for its varied flavors, colorful decoration, and variety of spices and ingredients Chinesefood is prepared in bite-sized pieces…chopsticks are used at the table. Development of New Equipment (cont’d)? Some large multiunit chains prepare foods in central commissaries for distribution to their individual stores.
Sanitation and Nutritional Awareness? The development of sciences of microbiology and nutrition had a considerable impact on food service.
Modern Cooking Styles? Two opposing forces can be seen at work throughout the history of cooking. Organization of the Modern Kitchen? The way the kitchen is organized depends on many factors. Skill Levels? Skills can be grouped into three categories ? Supervisory ? Skilled and technical ? Entry level? Starting at the entry level has been the traditional method of advancing ones food service career. Despite generating the most money, McDonald’s has received lower-than-average customer satisfaction ratings in recent years.
Recommended statistics about “Fast Food Industry”Products and services segmentation in the U.S.
Products and services segmentation in the United States fast food industry in 2013*Market share of leading brands in the U.S.

Market share of leading brands in the United States fast food industry in 2015*Number of employees in the U.S. Consumer spending in the quick service restaurant (QSR) sector in the United States from 2004 to 2015 (in billion U.S. Challenges of FoodserviceIndustry? Living Wage: ? Living wage is one that allows someone working fulltime to support his or her family above the poverty level. Activity? By yourself … We will discuss after we are all finished!? Choose two of the following topics about Trends in foodservice: ? Globalization ? Technological developments ? Sustainable practices ? Home Meal Replacements? On a piece of paper write 7 sentences on the topics you chose about how this trend in food service has affected the food choices of you and your family? Also answer one of the following questions: ? How have images of chefs on television influenced your interest in culinary arts? Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Our Business Segment Gourmet Fine Foods caters to the rapidly growing hospitality industry. 3.1 Describe and define professionalism in the various roles of the food service organization. Students will understand the history and evolution of the food service industry by identifying key historical figures, exploring the many foodservice careers that are now available and measure the benefits of joining professional organizations. Casual family dining Family style Family style restaurants are restaurants that have a fixed menu and fixed price, usually with diners seated at a communal table such as on bench seats.
Cafeterias a restaurant serving mostly ready- cooked food arranged behind a food-serving counter. Classic cuisine- define by orderly menus organized by courses that were served tableside by waiters in hotels and restaurants. Japaneseknown for its emphasis on seasonality of food ( shun ), quality of ingredients and presentation.
Name and describe four major developments that have significantly changed the modern food service industry in the twentieth century.2. They cook, cool, or freeze the foods at the peak of their quality and flavor.? Techniques of food production are changing rapidly.
In Escoffier’s day, little was known about sanitation and nutrition.? Today customers are very knowledgeable about nutrition and sanitation which makes this a very important aspect of a cook’s training. In a 2015 survey conducted by YouGov, only two percent of respondents stated that McDonald's had the best beef burgers when compared to other fast food burger restaurants.
For top quality imported semi-finished gourmet pastry ingredients, chocolates, dairy products, frozen fruit puree, tea and coffee, and many other food related products we provide marketing, sales, and distribution services.
3.2 Name and define professional organizations such as the American Culinary Federation, (ACF), National Restaurant Association (NRA), Professional Chef’s Association (PCA), Research Chef Association (RCA), and United States Chef’s Association (USCA), and the importance and benefits of membership. Explore career opportunities and pathways in the foodservice industry and identify specific jobs and positions. Haute cuisine- highest level of the culinary arts in which the most challenging dishes are prepared. In that same year however, McDonald’s was rated the fast food burger restaurant with the best fries, with 29 percent of respondents favoring their fries over competitors such as Five Guys, In-N-Out Burger and Burger King.
To suit market demands of restaurants, hotels, and other catering providers and deliver them tailor-made services, we constantly refine our product offering. Sustainable products and practices- produced or carried out over a long period of time without a negative effect on the environment.

Apprenticeship - method of training in which a person learns a trade under the guidance of skilled trades-people. Nouvelle cuisine- style of cuisine that highlighted individual ingredients that were simply prepared and served in small portions on artistic plates. Explain how the size and type of an operation influence the organization of the modern kitchen.4. The majority of this large market is comprised of on-premises restaurants and drive-thrus, the rest consists of off-premises dining (take out) and cafeterias and buffets. With our distribution facilities in Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing and Shanghai we support business development in all key cities and have the scale and leverage to grow your business while ensuring maximum cost-efficiency.
3.4 Identify key historical persons and summarize their contributions to the evolution and development of modern day foodservice, to include but not limited to, Careme, Escoffier, and Catherine De Medici. Organic foods- grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and from animals that have not received antibiotics or hormones. American Culinary Federation (ACF)- largest professional organization for culinarians in the United States. 3.5 List and describe the various cuisines and their relationships to history and cultural development.
Corporation- granted a charter from the state, which recognizes it as a separate entity with legal rights. Certification- confirms that a culinarian possesses certain knowledge, skill level, and experience. Identify eight behavioral characteristics that food service workers should develop and maintain to achieve the highest standards of professionalism. In 2014, McDonald’s was also the largest fast food company in terms of revenue, followed by sandwich chain Subway and Yum!
3.6 Identify the positions of the classical and modern “kitchen brigade” and outline the organizational structure of various food service and hospitality organizations.
Living wages- one that allows someone working full-time to support his or her family above the poverty level. Indigenous foods- those foods that were native or traditional to the particular geographic region or ethnic population. Franchise restaurants- independently owned restaurants that are part of a larger restaurant chain. I SHALL BE ENTHUSIASTIC I SHALL BE TOO BIG FOR WORRY, TOO NOBLE FOR ANGER, TOO STRONG FOR FEAR AND TOO HAPPY TO HURT ANYONE. Brigade- workstation that has a leader that reports to the head chef Executive chef- coordinates the operation of the restaurants and departments.

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