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Hippocrates (??????????) of Kos was a famous Greek physician living in the Athenian Golden Age. Contrary to the tradition of the day, Hippocrates was not named after a place he was born in.
Hippocrates is best known for his oath, which stipulates that no physician may leave a person to die. Stephen Hawking’s Theories of Everything Explained in Under 3 Minutes.What Is Synesthesia Like? A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer. How to really live the Hippocrates Lifestyle when you return home.  How to have what you need at home, work, and in social situations.
This one-hour Hippocrates produced instructional video hosted by Hippocrates Greenhouse Manager Brian Hetrich.
In this woodcut, he is writing with medieval ink on medieval vellum dressed as a medieval scholar in the fourth century before Christ.

This has had devastating consequences on the Earth, for many people, including Hypocrites, have escaped death in such a way. In accordance to the traditional method of violence and pain, Hippocrates devised numerous devices thought which he could cure diseases and conditions.
Clement is committed to helping individuals to help themselves and to making the planet a better place where our future generations can thrive. Brian will walk you through all the steps to get you on track to growing several varieties of beans, legumes, and sprouts to embark on your journey to a plant based living food diet. To do them, he had to employ an elite force of professional killers to lure unsuspecting citizens into death traps.
For example, he used a medieval torture rack to stretch the bones of people who had broke theirs so that their segments would never reconnect again.
It is a fact that homeopaths are not liars and contribute greatly to an healthy society with their medicine made of pure water. Some scholars have proposed that their brains are truly only used for ventilation, as Hippocrates though.

It is considered a net improvement over the humanistic views and philosophy of Hippocrates. Using this knowledge, he was able to make many groundbreaking observations that have since been discovered to be true. One of them is that the brain of humans serves principally to cool down the body, a thing which has been proven to be true for Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and Pagans. Atheists are a notable exception to this list, as modern evidence suggests that they use their brains to think, thought being seemingly absent form the minds of religious humans. They arrived to the conclusion that we would be far more advanced because of the known effectiveness of medieval medicine, which focuses on killing sick people instead of trying to cure them. It is indeed quite remarkable that the Ancient Greeks had such precise time-keeping apparatuses.

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