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The competition closes on the 16th February and 10 lucky winners will receive a hamper of baby food suitable to their baby's age.
SMS Birth Announcements Register with us and we'll send an sms to 50 of your contacts to announce the birth of your baby. Submit pictures of your precious bundle of joy for everyone to admire, and share a special story while you're at it. Our Baby Food Range encompasses a range of delicious meals - perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Wondering what to expect and when?Many find it easy to work out how the weeks, months and trimesters relate to each other. My son loves this - it has been great as a handy one to have in the cupboard when he has refused the lovely homemade mixes i have made up yet i feel he still needs something - i have to admit i do make most of my own meals for my son but this is a jar i do keep a stock of as it is easy for him to swallow, he has never refused it and it provides a good source of calcium. We're very excited to announce that we have won GOLD for best baby food range in the Prima Baby Awards! Please note: The ingredients and allergy information is correct at time of issue and is checked on a regular basis, but we always recommend that you check the product label for ingredient information. Free weaning chartWe've put together a helpful A4 weaning chart that gives a step-by-step guide to the first four weeks of weaning, complete with quantities and what to give. I fed my son the HIPP Organic (Stage 2) range of baby foods when he was between the age of 7 months and 11 months. This website uses cookies to ensure proper functionality of the shopping cart and checkout progress. A smooth blend of apples, pears and rice, our finest organic ingredients are picked at the peak of ripeness & individually steam cooked to give you delicious baby food bursting with goodness & flavour Each jar contains 1 portion of fruit. Fruits (96%) [Apples (70%), Apple Juice from Apple Juice Concentrate (20%), Pears (6%)] , Ground Rice , Calcium Carbonate* (Acidity Regulator) , Antioxidant Ascorbic Acid* , All ingredients are organic, unless stated , *From non-organic sources.

There's a taste sensation for each and every mealtime, for each and every stage, in our extraordinary range.
What’s more, we have a range of special diets suitable for various types of vegetarians and vegans.
Click a week, a month or trimester below to see what your little one will be doing in your 'bump' at that stage. In general I make all of my little boys food, I am an expert at cooking and blending up carrots, apples, butternut squash etc.
Review on return!), I thought I would buy a few jars of baby food to take with us as opposed to transporting home made food. This review is specifically for Hipp Organic Vegetable Lasagne.========Buying the Lasagne========Each jar contains 190g of the vegetable lasagne which, for my son, was enough for two portions.
However, when we go out for the day I am a bit cautious about taking food out for a long time and not being able to refrigerate it properly and so for times when we are out and about I like to take jars of baby food with me.
The great thing about these is that they are sealed and protected until you open them so you can cart them around and then if for any reason you don't use them you can serve them another day and have not wasted it. I started my little boy on Hipp baby rice and so I have decided to stick with the Hipp jars of baby food.
They are a little bit more expensive than other brands probably due to the fact that they are organic but he seems to really like them and so do I so I am sticking with this brand. Although the Cow and Gate version of this meal is available in some supermarkets for around 70p for 200g, and hence cheaper, I have never seen it in Tescos and my son particularly liked the HIPP version and so I was willing to pay a little extra. We have done well with the baby rice so we are moving slowly onto other foods and I thought one of the best flavours to start him on was a rice pudding as this is quite near to just regular baby rice and probably an easy meal to digest.To me, rice pudding is probably the most horrible thing you can eat but my little boy loves this one.
You can buy the HIPP range of baby foods in most supermarkets - and the vegetable lasagne seems to widely available.========The Organic Benefit=========In addition to this, one of the benefits of using HIPP products is that they manufacture all of their baby food products from organic ingredients which, with all of the pesticides that are used in farming these days, is something that gives me peace of mind. Now, I actually haven't tried it myself so I cannot comment on the flavour but I can on the colour and consistency.
The mixture is quite thick and gloomy and it is not very exciting but babies really like bland foods at this age and my sons seems to really like it. I don't think it would be a jar that we rely on for a long time, I think this will just do for the next couple of weeks before he moves onto more sophisticated tastes and flavours but to start with this is really great.

Prior to this, an infants digestive tract is just too immature to deal effectively with the ingredients and so it really shouldn't be given to babies prior to this stage.
The ingredients listed in this jar are Organic milk (65%), organic cooked rice (19%), water, organic wholegrain rice flakes, calcium carbonate, thiamin (vitamin B1), vitamin A, vitamin D. HIPP say that they steam the vegetables slowly so that all of the nutrients and flavour are maximised.
So, as you can see its pretty pure with not much in it but I like that fact and feel happy serving it to my son.The jar this rice pudding comes in has a safety lid that pops up when you first open the jar so you know it has not been tampered with which gives you really nice peace of mind in my opinion.
The vegetables and pasta are then combined and creamed together in a tomato and cheese sauceThe lasagne doesn't exactly look like lasagne as it's all creamed together in a jar, but it does have all of the ingredients of lasagne. It comes in a jar with a screw top lid which has a built in safety mechanism where the centre of the lid will pop out and be able to be depressed one the lid has been opened. However, the lid can be screwed back on so that it can be stored in the fridge if you don't use the whole jar at once. The smell was not particularly distinctive either - but it wasn't unpleasant and didn't smell unlike baked beans with a hint of mild cheese.
I have tasted it myself and to me it just tastes incredibly bland but creamy, but my son does seem to have a preference for this over many other flavours. Like I've said previously, usually half a jar was enough for him - but he does have a small appetite.
However, by the time he got to 11 months old he seemed to have grown out of this type of food.==========Overall===========I didn't notice any ill-effects from giving my son this food. He put on weight well when eating the HIPP range of foods and his stomach tolerated it well.

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