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Advantages of a raised bed include a growing area that is concentrated in a permanent bed with easy access from a permanent path. Raised beds can be placed along hedges, decks, or patios to increase the range and quantity of vegetables grown.
Tip of the day: Plant Oregano in a pot or garden spot and place it on your patio to attract butterflies. The second secret to a high yield vegetable garden is to round out your raised garden beds.
I have a raised bed greenhouse and have had excellent production of everything but my tomatoess, which have beaautiful tall green vines and many flowers ut very few tomatoes.

Your raised garden beds should be formed into an arc at the top to increase the distance across the garden bed.
A raised garden bed that would normally give a distance of 5 feet across will be increased to 6 feet across with the rounded arc. Protection for plants can be added with portable hoop houses, netting, or cold frame doors. Now if you multiply the extra foot by the length of the raised bed then you will get the total added space the rounded raised bed gives you. Calcium deficiency causes blossom end rot and can be remedied by watering evenly and regularly when the fruit forms.

Raised beds have loose, fertile soil and uses less space. The yield from raised beds is four times more than the space of planted rows. You can also add crushed eggshells, oyster shells, or limestone into the soil around the plants.

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