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Although deficiency of any of several vitamins and minerals can produce anemia, the most common causes are deficiency of iron, vitamin B12 or folic acid.This problem is not likely to affect the baby, but it will affect the mother.
Foods rich in iron and other important nutrients to avoid anemia in pregnancy are:Calf's liver - rich not only in iron but also in all B vitamins, including vitamin B12 and folic acid.
Make sure you have enough folic acid, vitamin B12 and the other B-complex vitamins in your diet.If you are prescribed iron supplements, take them with vitamin C to help the absorption of this mineral. Pregnancy Friend by Jo Walker is a great website that will answer all your questions about pregnancy. If eating meat several times a week won't work for me then how come when I ate ground turkey meat a few days ago and a decent amount (not just the small amount I usually eat) I felt less shortness of breath and felt less like I was gonna pass out? There is no way that the amount of iron in one serving of ground could alleviate your symptoms so dramatically for three days after. You can track iron on MFP, eat things, and see how much you consume; you can add to this record by taking notes in the Food Notes section about how you feel. In this case you do have to check to make sure the entries have been accurately entered by users or are USDA entries (in the case of e.g.
Personally, if I were really worried about my iron intake, which I have been because I've been anemic before-my iron levels were very low-I would scarf down that red meat and vitamin C like a champ (along with supplementation).

But you really should be getting better help from your doctor and therapist, and taking a supplement shouldn't be such a problem.
To avoid this and many other problems that can occur during pregnancy, read the Nutrition during Pregnancy page. In fact, the fetus will deplete the mother's mineral and vitamin resources making anemia even worse. It can be difficult to get that much iron from the diet, so obstetricians may prescribe supplements for pregnant women on top of the advised pregnancy diet. Prescription iron supplements can cause constipation, so eat plenty of high-fiber foods and increase fluids intake, or you might decide to take a more natural form of iron supplement.Vitamin C alone will often increase body iron stores. And even now a few days later, I still have symptoms and a lot of them but they don't seem as bad as before. You want to believe it will work, in the face of evidence that you cannot consume enough iron in food, so you've convinced yourself that you feel better (I'm not saying you are doing this consciously).
Just let it keep going down in the hopes that I'll eventually get my anxiety under control enough to where I can take a supplement? The meat is probably giving you B12 that you were sorely lacking, which could account for the burst of energy.

I was very anemic in 2009 but took supplements for at least half a year to get iron back up.
If your anxiety is preventing you from taking it, then treating the anxiety should be your #1 priority. Trust me, you would rather deal with your anxiety and get that sorted out than become very anemic.
Please Google high iron vegetarian sources and eat them throughout the day along with your meat intake.
I've been anemic for most of my life, and the different doctors I've seen have given me a wide variety of options.
Don't consume any dairy around the times you're eating heavy iron sources (wait at least 2 hours). Before I would get shortness of breath after going up and down stairs and it would take me like 30 minutes to recover.

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