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Heirloom seed exchanges carefully collect and distribute thousands of varieties, from everyday fruits and vegetables to rare wildflowers and exotic medicinal herbs. Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, Iowa, has been pioneering heirloom seed exchanging for over 35 years.
Abundant Life Seeds in Cottage Grove, Oregon, is an exchange specializing in potatoes like the Austrian Crescent-Fingerling, which is often used in salads.
Located in western California, Bountiful Gardens offers unusual hot-weather heirlooms like Egyptian spinach greens and Madras radish, as well as mushroom-growing kits. Virginia’s Southern Exposure Seed Exchange has a selection of southern heirlooms like peanuts, peas, and cotton, along with cold-hardy perennial onion plants that produce clusters of small onions rather than single bulbs.
Victory Seeds, an exchange in Molalla, Oregon, sells heirloom vegetables, flowers, and herbs.
Berea, Kentucky, is home to the Sustainable Mountain Agriculture Center, where heirloom beans like the Lazy Wife bean, the Goose bean, and the Big John bean are a specialty. Heirloom vegetables, also known as heritage fruit, are plants that have been passed down from generation to generation in small areas of the world.
Recently, people have been starting to realize how bad genetically modified food can be for you. When thinking about eating vegetables, I would have never considered negative thoughts would be running through my head. It has become more popular in the past couple years for people to start their own organic gardens or to buy fruit and vegetables from farmers markets. The best thing that can be done for your own health and the health of the environment is to get your hands on some non GMO seeds and start your own organic garden. Why do they spend millions modifying our food from their already delicious and nutritious state? In 30 countries around the world there are restrictions and bans on the production of GMOs as they are not proven safe.
Genetically Modified (GMO) Seeds, designed to be disease and pest resistant, but lacks in flavor and nutrition. You can find Open Pollinated Seeds at Wal-mart, but you will usually find it under the title of “Heirloom” seeds. As natural, unaltered state, heirloom seeds have all the good qualities we need without modifying the flavor and nutrients out of them AND reproduce the same plant over and over again, thus being open pollinated. There are many more out there, but these are just a few, what I would call reliable companies that I have worked with. Keep the genetic diversity of Heirloom seeds going by growing nothing but heirloom, open pollinated seeds.
If you are growing your own food in your garden, you may as well grow the right kind of seed. Heirloom Seeds that have been passed from generation to generation are far more hardier and as some studies show, have more nutritional value than GMO. With companies like Monsanto out to capitalize on sterile seeds and pushing them into our homes and gardens, it is important to think of our food security using open pollinated seeds.

I hope the media or some media is lobbying to put Monsanto and their madness out of business.
I am asking you JB Hasman or you CDN if there are groups of people trying to do something physically at the doorstep of the white house, the legislators, the supreme court and the churches, about the CRIMES being committed by people altering what the Creator has given us for food? For backyard farmers who'd like to experiment, Diane Ott Whealy, co-founder of Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, Iowa, suggests starting with a crop that you enjoy eating and that is adapted to your specific growing climate.
This season, Baker Creek introduced Rich Sweetness 132, a small, bright-orange tomato said to taste like a pear. These are not any type of foods that can be purchased at a grocery store or that are produced on a very large scale. It is becoming more common now for people to search for non GMO seeds and vegetables in order to stay healthier and even help the environment. Some studies have shown that prenatal exposure to pesticides on food is linked to slower mental development and lower IQ scores in young children. It is now estimated that 60-80 percent of all processed foods in America now contain GMO’s. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) says about GMOs is they “have not been properly tested and pose a serious health risk”.
Where you can buy quality, mouth watering, nutritious produce at equal or less price than from your supermarket.
Produces a unique plant with favorable characteristics, but lacks reproduction of the same plant from seed, as with GMO. They produce fruit that is delicious and nutritious and when you plant a seed from the parent plant you get an identical plant. Such varieties are usually hardy, pest resistant and have other desirable qualities, as well as being open pollinated. To be considered heirloom, typically, a seed cultivar has to be at least 50 (some say 100) years old. One has yet to experience a good tomato (for instance) if one has not tasted the bountiful flavor of an heirloom tomato. There are black heirloom tomatoes called Black Krim which is rich and earthy, and has almost a smoky flavor. Yes, Wal-mart usually has a few, but I would urge you to buy from seed companies that specialize in these sustainable and prolific seeds.
Not only does GMO help the corporate farmers bottom line, but it also helps companies like Monsanto control our future food supply by controlling the seeds ability to reproduce, thus controlling where and when we can purchase our seeds. Not only will they keep your garden going from year to year, but provide healthy and tasty food to put on your table.
The government or someone in the government is advising the public to eat more fruits and vegetables and like you state in this report, no wonder we seldom salivate the produce from the supermarkets. These heirloom vegetables are very special, almost rare, foods that are becoming even more difficult to find now. Another advantage of eating fruits and vegetables from non GMO seeds is that they are much more flavorful.

During the genetic engineering of these foods, allergens and toxins could be introduced into the food causing an allergic reaction from someone who isn’t even allergic to that food!
Many of the pesticides on food are also known to be cancer causing and disrupt hormones in humans. Even worse than that, there is nothing that requires any of these manufacturers to label that it has used a GMO in the product. Over the past couple years since people have began to start preserving heirloom seeds again, there has been a major jump in the availability of the seeds. There are many tastes and varieties that will not disappoint in the heirloom family of seeds. Over the past decades, seed banks have been popping up all over the place trying to preserve these Heirloom Vegetable Seeds in order to keep them from being lost forever. When a fruit or vegetable is genetically changed, it loses some of the properties that make them just so delicious and irresistible. If you want to avoid all of the health risks that go along with eating GMO food, research the companies that product your favorite snacks before you buy them next time.
Heirloom seeds are still not the easiest seeds to get your hands on but it is possible, especially right here at Todd’s Seeds.
Have you considered the mutigenic qualities (or lack thereof) of the produce that is grown from mutant seeds? Upsetting the Creator’s work I feel gives rise to natural disasters and the men and women at the government level I wonder if they are aware of this. Heirloom vegetables are much more flavorful than any tomato that you will ever buy at the grocery store. We have gathered as many different types of heirloom seeds that we could find so that they would be at one convenient place for you.
They modify the seeds to be more disease resistant, modified to be repel the insects that normally prey on our precious fruits and vegetables. To be clear, when something is genetically modified, it means the genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. Those that are found in your supermarket are those strains of genetically modified beasts, I call mutants, tasteless and little to no nutritional value. The reason for doing this is because workers in the agriculture business want their crops to be naturally resistant to pests and herbicides, have improved shelf life, or an increased nutritional value. Genetically modified seeds (GMO) have been spliced with genes from bacteria or viruses, or genes that make plants resistant to chemicals like herbicides (like Roundup). For whatever reason, these people can’t be happy with a good, natural, Black Krim heirloom tomato. Heirloom vegetables may not be as pretty or perfect as the gmo vegetables, but they sure are better for you.

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