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Our veg and fruit scheme is a weekly or fortnightly standing order with you advising us of changes. We are always happy to make up extra amounts of your favourite vegetables or fruit either weekly or as you order. We use plastic only when necessary because some vegetables will lose their water content and wilt very quickly and so need to be wrapped for transport.
Between our farm in Helena€™s Bay, Roy Lyttlea€™s in Newtownards, Culmore Organic Farm in Kilrea, and Orchard Organics in Armagh we supply about 65% of all the vegetables we distribute over the year. While financially independent we support each other in promoting and delivering the benefits of organic food - better for us and the environment - and of course it tastes great.
Rather than being a middle class, hippy, elitist occupation it is an ecological, social, political, economic, spiritual, and agricultural resistance movement to a culture hell bent on personal profit and environmental destruction. At Helen's Bay Organic Gardens we have been growing vegetables organically for over 20 years. Im Europa-Vergleich sind wir Deutsche die jenigen, die 2013 pro Kopf am wenigsten fur Bio-Lebensmittel ausgaben, ganze € 93 fur das ganze Jahr, wohl gemerkt. Nach dem Studium fur Komunikations-Design und anschliessend mehrjahriger Mitarbeit bei der Kieler Rundschau, den TV-Sendern ARD und ZDF, sowie EUREKA TV, als auch bei namhaften internationalen Bildagenturen, wechselte ich als studierter Dipl.- Kommunikations-Designer und Landschafts-Fotograf im Jahr 1995 in den Reise-Journalismus, nachdem ich zunachst nach einer Standortsuche von dem mich bis heute faszinierenden Thema Toskana nicht mehr los kam.
2004 veroffentlichte "GEO-Saison fur Geniesser Toskana" eine Reportage uber meine Spurensuche in der toskanischen Val d' Orcia, dem Tal unterhalb des heiligen Berges Monte Amiata. Wineglass beach is one of the most secluded and remote bays in the world and has been recognized as one of the best and most beautiful beaches. Hobsons Bay has heavy clay soils.  You will generally find shallow dark and reddish brown heavy clays with a thin layer of loamy topsoil.
If we were to pack to individual requirements it would increase the costs - so this approach keeps our delivery scheme affordable and accessible to everyone.

Ideally you could leave out a box or give instructions to leave in an outhouse or around the back.
We offer a variety of ways to pay including cash, cheque, standing order, or bank transfer.
It is a fact that plastic has a lower carbon footprint and energy demand to produce than paper or waxed papers by a factor of 1 to 3. About 10% comes from farms in England and the balance through a Dutch organic certified wholesaler. We have learnt enough science to understand that the current model of chemistry-dominated agriculture - reliant on external chemical inputs to grow food - is not sustainable and that we need to reintegrate our understanding of the biological sciences. Good governance, education, and economic opportunity would go a long way to eliminate hunger.
Choosing food according how it is being produced is being part of the change you want to see. Meine Reisen publiziere ich als Fotoreportagen und Reisegeschichten, oft nach Einladung durch meine Medienpartner. The beach is located on one of the islands off the southern tip of Australia, near Melbourne, Victoria.
So if there is something you cannot eat or that you really love please get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate you. An audit trail on everything we supply has to be kept and we are subject annually to a spot check on this audit trail. I suspect that vested interests have influenced this view because it's not rocket science to see the connections. We know we can produce food from safe biologically living soils by feeding earthworms, soil fauna, and the millions of other living organisms in the soil and by growing nitrogen fixing plants which use sunlight through photosynthesis to build fertility.

It's about the health of all including the soil microbes, wildlife, and biodiversity on which our lives depend. Die Luxemburger gaben € 157 aus, die Danen € 157 und die Schweizer € 210, also dreimal soviel wie die Burger der USA. We are committed to organic production techniques and only buy from farms and our wholesaler who are similarly licenced.
But the reality is we have to import some produce - especially in the traditional hungry months of May and June. However the human success story (for some of us) does not have to be a downward spiral for the biosphere in which we live and ultimately a downward spiral for mankind. And when properly managed such soils can be exploited to grow food avoiding the use of nearly all pesticides. This might seem an impossible task - given the scale of the problems and political ineptitude to do much about them. We even have an arrangement that the hensa€™ manure is part of our fertility building program for our land - further closing the gap. We recently celebrated our 21st birthday and calculated that if we placed all the leeks we have grown in twenty one years end to end they would stretch from Belfast to Kilkeel and their retail value is equivalent to a full time job for one person for 10 years.

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