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Hopefully you have memories of the sweet taste of summer tomatoes, picked and enjoyed right in the middle of your grandparent’s garden. Heirloom seeds that have been open-pollinated in a particular region become adapted to the area’s soil, climate and pests.
If you want to start your own seed bank, there are many self-pollinating seeds that produce plants like the parent plant. Insects that visit your garden will cross pollinate your plants, so it is a good practice to plant them at least ten feet apart for varieties.
Certain vegetables that are pollinated by the wind need to be raised with at least a few hundred yards or more between them to preserve a true heirloom variety.
If your garden space is small it is best to only grow one variety of each vegetable at a time to prevent cross-pollination that will alter a true heirloom vegetable. After you have picked and harvested most of your fresh vegetables, be certain to save seeds from 3 or 4 of the healthiest plants. According to Clemson University you can add diatomaceous earth to the seeds when storing them to help prevent insect damage.
Growing heirloom vegetables is becoming more popular as many gardeners are dissatisfied with the taste and quality of hybrid varieties.

Here at Wingard’s we offer a variety of heirloom tomato plants throughout the growing season. Heirloom vegetables and herbs come from seeds that have been handed down for generations in the New England area. These plants are open-pollinated, which means they are pollinated by insects or the wind without any human intervention.
I did see such stands in rural New Hampshire tho and wondered if they got robbed or if people are honest.
No store-bought hybrid, hot-house grown tomato can compare to the deep rich flavor of this summer fruit! Many heirloom gardeners save money and avoid having to purchase new and expensive seeds each year. Sprout seeds between moist paper towels; if germination is low, either discard the seeds or plant extra seeds to give the desirable number of plants. Although slightly more expensive than hybrid seeds, there is no need to ever purchase more than one packet of heirloom seeds of each variety you want to grow. The mature vegetable will bruise more easily, and they can’t be stored as long, but their flavor is by far tastier than any hybrid you can grow.

Once you find the varieties that work best in your southern garden, treat your seeds like gold and you will always have a successful garden. I don’t normally have enough extra once my nephews take what they want, or I’d try this myself!
I have some great neighbors, but I could never just leave such great stuff out and expect everyone that goes by to be fair. The vegetables our grandparents grew were most likely from seeds handed down from generation to generation. Today, most vegetables are grown to please the consumer who prefers uniform shapes and the ability to purchase vegetables year-round throughout the country. They also can be defined as any vegetable that has been grown for a certain length of time.
However, they are specially categorized and their flavor is superior in taste and tenderness.

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