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As I went through my health coach training and began to learn more and more about how to eat healthy, the biggest misconception I was under was that eating real food was harder and took longer to prepare. February 2, 2015 by Christina Leave a Comment If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed.
I’ll be back later this week to talk more about the health benefits of these fats and give you a delicious new recipe to try. University RequestsFor general information, you can also contact Lancaster University Press Office.General ContactFor all other queries including consultancy, please use the form on the right. I have an undergraduate degree in psychologyA from The University of Glasgow, followed by an MSc and PhD. Much of my work is characterised by the development of new methods or tools to collect and analyse psychological data.
I am interested in psychological markers of technology adoption and use, but also how digital devices can change behaviour (or not).
Secured UROS funding for a project entitled 'Big Data and psychology: Moving from static to dynamic data visualisations'. A few members of Psychology Sensor LabA met in London to discuss new and ongoing research projects. Science has its problems, but many early career researchers (myself included) can often struggle when it comes to knowing how we can improve systems that we still very much have to operate within on a daily basis.That said, I am a firm believer that making research readily available to others is something that we should all work towards where possible.
The brief study reported below appeared in an earlier draft of my PhD, but wasn't included in the final version.
Frequently in psychology, many will proclaim that they could have told you the answer before you ran the experiment. Piwek L, Ellis DA, Andrews S, Joinson A (2016) The Rise of Consumer Health Wearables: Promises and Barriers.
Are you located in the Bay Area, California and looking for a personal health coach to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle with real food?
Most of my clients choose to work with me because they need the Premier IBS and IBD Healing Jumpstart Program. That said, not all women have IBS or IBD, but I am still contacted by women daily….wondering how to simply lead healthier, happier lives. The Premier Healthy Lifestyle with Real Food Program is a one-month program (4 total weeks).
During week 1 we will focus on where you are at now and where you want to be. I will send you an Electronic Organization document, where you can keep track of everything you learn, recipes, etc.
Using your Electronic Organization document, I will add several thoughts, ideas, and recipes. IF you need help with a “grocery shopping list,” I will provide assistance on building it with you. During week 4, you will have a very clear understanding about how diet and lifestyle have affected your life. Click HERE to purchase the Premier Healthy Lifestyle with Real Food Program via PHONE CALL.
Join thousands of other women who already receive my exclusive newsletter information on the gut and healing + true wellness with food and lifestyle.
These six words, written by author Michael Pollan on the cover of his book In Defense of Food, perfectly describe my approach to healthy eating.
Because this web site is about attaining health and vitality, losing weight is not an end in itself but a means to an end. For 5 days, over 70 woman will be swapping out their traditional breakfast for healthier, whole food options. The truth is, I’m usually preparing breakfast while simultaneously sweeping the floor and wiping away tears from one of the girls. Sometimes I add in some plain whole-milk yogurt to make it a bit more filling. Easy as pie (no, actually much, much easier) and it holds me until lunch!

You can find lots of great information on this blog (check out the tabs above and the archives). Immediately after my PhD, I worked at Lancaster University as a research fellow (2012-2013). I am particularly interested in how technology and data can reveal behaviours and thought processes that were previously invisible or confined to the laboratory.
This work also extends to the use of wearable sensors in psychological and biosocial research. This research aims to explore how emerging technologies can assist vulnerable groups.A new Research Fellow, Sally Andrews has joined the lab.
This reminds me of people who walk into an art gallery or listen to a piece of music before announcing that given A they could have created exactly the same thing or even something better.Of course, if people took a few more seconds to think about any piece of art, they would soon realise that even if they could make it, they probably wouldn't know why they were producing something without thinking very deeply about the subject and the message they wished to convey. This could be diet or lifestyle, and the goal is for you to begin noticing immediate changes with just some simple, unique (just for you) changes to your life. At this point, you will be making even more observations and will likely have new things pop up for questions.
Because it is a Premier Program, I am only able to take up to 2 clients per month. February is full.
This service pairs well with these other Local Bay Area Health and Wellness Services provided. I remember the time when my father, realizing that I was forty pounds overweight, sent me a case of the drink Assure to use as a meal replacement. Make sure you sign up for my newsletter to get lots of juicy tips for YOUR inspired healthy journey. I then joined the University of Lincoln as a lecturer in social psychology (from 2013 until 2015). Several recent projects have used data from wearable devices and to predict complex emotional states.Weekday EffectsDays of the week evoke emotional responses and provide a framework for much of our social and occupational organisation. Sally was previously a member of Abderdeen Face Lab at The University of Aberdeen.A Attended a British Academy Early Career Research Networking Event entitled The Mind Across Cultures at The University of York.
If nothing else the method certainly hints towards the abundant use of smartphones in future work!IntroductionStates of mind characterised by disturbed time perception (e.g. The more nutrients a food has in proportion to the calories it contains, the healthier it is. I drank it, even though it was a completely concocted from chemicals and bore no resemblance to anything real. This strand of work considers both mental representations and systematic changes in behaviour.A Social InteractionMuch of our social interaction alternates between face-to-face and computer-mediated communication. Even without this, the fact remains that everyone, in some capacity, is an amateur psychologist. That is why Pollan suggests that we shop on the periphery of the grocery store–as that is where the fresh produce is kept. You can also find lots of great tips, tricks, advice, and fun on my Facebook page and my other social media. Thinking outside the box: Developing dynamic data visualizations for psychology with Shiny. The average person will only know about a dozen people well (see Dunbar's number) and a few hundred in extreme cases.
That prevents any form of assumption or analysis, especially when most of us only know a fairly restricted kind of person. These foods are the basis of a nutrient rich diet that will not only lead you to optimal health, but also to sustainable weight loss. For example, during threatening events such as car accidents and robberies, many people report that events seem to pass in slow motion - as if time has slowed down.
For example, many academics know many other academics and talk about academicy type things.

Emotions in a more general sense are also known to influence and sometimes distort time perception.
In a rather ironic twist of fate, scientists are, by our very nature, rather detached from the folkA part of folk psychology.Moving beyond what happens in one person's head to the influences and associations across an entire population is not possible with folk psychology, but we should also be mindful that folk psychology occupies a unique place. Droit-Volet and Meck (2007) for example, observed that the exposure of emotional faces were overestimated compared to neutral ones.The attentional gate model might explain why people are relatively inaccurate in making timing judgements during emotional experiences (Figure 1).
In some cases, emotions demand attentional resources for coping with those events and duration estimates will be underestimated.
International work-conference on the interplay between natural and andA artificialA computation (IWINAC2015).
In other cases, especially when emotions have a threatening quality, the duration will be overestimated. Symposium to be presented at the 28th Annual International Association for Conflict Management (IACM), June 28-July 1, Florida, USA. However, researchers have often struggled to examine this within a typical population because simulating a state of anxiety is both difficult and not ethically palatable. In this experiment, we bypassed this issue this by conducting a short experimental task outside an exam hall, where people are naturally anxious (Arana and Furlan 2016). Given that an exam requires attentional resources throughout, we predicted that anxiety directly before an exam would positively correlate with estimates that underestimate actual duration.Figure 1.
The number of pulses that has been recorded for a given time span represents experienced duration. The pulse number is compared with stored representations of time periods that can be verbalized (as seconds or minutes).
Attentional gate models A assume that only when attention is directed to time pulses are accumulated.A MethodWritten consent was obtained from participants in advance of their exam, but all participants remained naive to the purpose of the study until they met with the experimenter outside the exam hall. They were also asked to give brief measures of anxiety and relief on a simple 1 to 10 scale. Screenshot from an iPhone app that allowed participants to adjust the rate of flashing to best match a rate of 1Hz.Participants13 first year psychology students studying at the University of Glasgow agreed to take part. Scatter plot illustrating a positive relationship between self-reported anxiety and adjusted rate of flashing. In other words, time appeared to speed up, but only for participants who rated their anxiety above 5 (out of 10).
As expected, higher levels of anxiety associated with a forthcoming exam appear to require attentional resources and the duration of flashes was therefore underestimated (Droit-Volet and Gil 2009). What remains unclear however, is whether participants estimates were guided by the flashes themselves or the gap between each flash.
This effect could be partly driven by people who are more anxious in general, but this seems unlikely given that the effect disappeared post-exam where participants were no longer anxious.
However, it is not possible to rule out practice effects completely.A Cognitive-processing mechanisms appear to guide our experience of duration. While the perception of time is strongly linked to our subjective-well being, it also varies considerably depending on specific emotional states (Wittmann and Paulus 2007). The feeling that time passes quickly or slowly can be a fair indicator of both psychological distress resulting from an inability to focus meaningful thoughts, but it may also help focus our attention on important activities in other contexts that require considerable cognitive resources.A ReferencesArana, F.
Rich contexts do not always enrich the accuracy of personality judgements.A Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

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