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A number of healthy and gluten free food choices at the Westfield Sydney food court The Pitt Street Mall Westfield in the Sydney CBD is one huge store. A variety of fruit salads perfect for pairing with yoghurt The David Jones food court in the Sydney city CBD is a favourite destination for all Sydney foodies. My two favourites are the Happy Juice (rockmelon, strawberry and mint), and the Jungle Juice (coconut water, mango and banana).
Nga Chu, or Misschu, first started on Bourke St in 2009 and since then has opened four more shops Australia wide, including one right next to Town Hall Station. Located in the heart of the city, Mero Mero tailors to the customer and not the other way round. With recent weather related events affecting important food crop areas of Queensland, northern NSW and Victoria, rising food prices are on everyone’s minds.
Work out your meal budget – Before you plan your household meals, sit down and decide on your weekly or monthly shopping budget. Use a shopping list – This will take the stress out of shopping as you know what you need to buy without added extras sneaking into the trolley. Buy and cook in bulk – Buying in bulk can save you money on food products that don't go off such as pantry staples.
Use cash payments – Pay for your purchases with cash rather than using a credit or debit card. Buy generic store brands – When shopping for grocery items such as canned legumes, tuna, wholegrain bread, flour, etc consider buying generic store brands which are cheaper and can be of equally good quality. Buy seasonal produce – Choose dishes based on fruits and vegetables that are currently in season.
Look into markets near you – Buy fresh produce from farmer’s markets or the main Sydney markets which sell in bulk. Shop online – Buying online means that you can monitor your total spent as you go along the virtual aisles.
It can feel like you get a little lost in there, and if you're hungry for lunch or a snack, that's not always a good thing. Its a good eating, surprise of a cafe that dishes up most eats under $20 that we’d say were healthy lunch crowd friendly. There are so many tasty treats and high-end products on offer, it can be hard to know where to start.

In fact, I would gladly trade my usual breakfast for the Jungle Juice, as it has a breakfast flavour to it, and loads me up with energy for the rest of the day.
Iku Wholefoods is a health food mecca and has been for Sydney’s health conscious since the mid-eighties. This is a great option for those with a bit of a sweet tooth, but Top Juice fruit and yogurt is really a treat in itself anyway (a 99% fat free one!). The salad is picked and mixed in front of you while you wait and you can see the meat being cooked on the other side of the shop. Try making your own pasta sauces, seasoning with fresh herbs rather than buying ready made mixes, making salsas from fresh tomatoes, making dips from mashed legumes, and trying home made pizzas and soups.
But head right on up to the top level, and you'll find one of the best food courts in the city.
Guzman Y Gomez does gluten free Mexican food, and Snag Stand will do a gluten free hotdog (although you will need to ask staff which toppings are gluten free, which can sometimes be difficult in a crowded line). Its a nice place to grab a bite; menu is seasonal and changes and this post is a multi visit collation. There’s also a dedication to coffees that might surprise with the blends on offer and good flavours. What more could you want when traipsing around the city streets, or heading for a long day at work? Mouth watering muesli and fruit Fruit just waiting to be made into juices It's not just juices at Top Juice, either. This place sometimes has a long queue during lunch time but I think for the price and the quality you get, it's worth the wait. This means you won’t have to resort to buying breakfast on the way to work or school, or fast food on the way home. If you want something healthy, organic, gluten free or just plain tasty, this is the place to head to. Snag Stand is my favourite place to get a gluten free hot dog There are endless options for what to eat The food court in the city Westfield is not the typical one you'd expect. There's also a Crust Pizza for those who fancy a gluten free slice. A table can be hard to get in rush hour A food court without that typical food court feel The Westfield food court is enormous, and has plenty of tables and chairs. Healthy snacks and freshly squeezed juices have never been quite so tempting before. My freshly squeezed and delicious juices The juices are all made from fresh fruit run through a juicer.
Gone are the garish lights and grease-laden fast food joints, and in their place is a stylish and expansive food court with what feels like endless options.
Be warned though: what looks big and spacious in non-lunch hours, suddenly becomes jampacked when lunch is on.

They come in small, medium and large sizes, and I find that I am usually very full after a medium.
Or, if you prefer something more solid, there are a number of healthy and delicious snacks to choose from. These are good options as well, with some of the finest healthy or gourmet chains having set up shop.
In the middle of the day you will likely find it difficult, although not impossible, to get a seat. Customers can choose from pre-set juice blends, or make their own by choosing their favourite fruits and mixes to go in. Fruit salad with yoghurt, and toasted muesli with sliced fruit and nuts are two mouth watering examples. Choose from filling curries and casseroles, wraps, a variety of salads, laksa, pies, in store specials, snacks and the famous Macro veggie burger ($9.90). And it is almost certain that you will have to stand in a line at any of the eateries, despite there being so many of them. If you fancy a slice try out Crust The line-ups that occur during lunchtime hours are a testament to how good the food there is.
I usually get the pre-set ones, as I trust that the people there really know the best combinations. When I was there recently I couldn't believe how good the muesli with strawberry, banana, coconut and yoghurt looked. It really is unlike any other food court, and it's not just the dim lighting and nice decor that does this. This is great because it means you can see that your juice really is 100% made from fruit, so there are no added sugars or flavours. The juices and healthy snacks here are so delicious and filling, with the added bonus of not putting any nasties into your body.

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