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The names of the performers and song titles appear on-screen at the beginning and ending of the songs, while "C is for Cookie" also has "Fuzzy Award Winner" written on-screen. FRAME 1 The announcer introduces the "live - on tape" ceremony and it's host Herry Monster, who explains that one of the year's monster song hits will win the Fuzzy Award. FRAME 3 Herry has Elmo promise that he won't open the envelope, and then introduces the next song.
FRAME 4 Herry presents "The Lifetime Monster Achievement Award" to his mommy, who sobs hysterically "I couldn't have done it without you son!" Herry then presents a special song to his mom before crying with her and Elmo. The design of "West Monster Auditorium," seen at the beginning of the video, is based on Radio City Music Hall.

It's a bit disturbing to think about that a lot of the extra virgin olive oil you consume is contaminated with deodorants and other, non-olive oils.
Special guest Cookie Monster comes onstage to announce the winner, but becomes tempted to eat the envelope ("Big moral decision") and does.
A cheeky music video by David Holmes, the New York University-educated force behind the popular "Fracking Song," aims to educate the public with "OMG GMO's!," which addresses the issues surrounding the use of genetically-modified organisms. Tom Mueller's book, "Extra Virginity: The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil," tackles this issue. Herry Monster is the host of "The Fuzzy Awards", an awards show for the best monster songs.

A winner is already written in the envelope, but the envelope can't be opened until after all of the songs have been shown (though Elmo really wants to know in advance which song is the winner).

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