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Crab salad at FookaPicture a bowl brimming with fresh crab and a mound of frisee greens tossed in lemon and olive oil. Frisee, a leaf from the chicory plant, is packed with nutrients, very low in calories and is high in folic acid.
Though we can’t help you do it, we can provide some resources to make it a bit easier to accomplish your goals.
For the gym bods out there, fresh crab meat is a great source of protein and this simple dish can also quite easily be whipped up at home.
Whether you are keen to cut the gluten, lose the fat or simply snack on less junk food, here is our rundown of the healthiest dishes in Abu Dhabi.Zucchinori rolls and raviolis at The Raw PlaceThese delicate rolls are made with carrots, cauliflower and cucumber wrapped in thinly sliced courgette.
The raviolis are made with the same ingredients but wrapped in nori sheets and are served on a bed of fresh pomegranate seeds for added crunch.
Eastern Mangroves Promenade, Dhafeer Street (02 441 8244).Cucumber salad with sweet corn, tomatoes and avocado at Cipriani This fresh, simple salad boasts the perfect blend of delicious, nutrient-packed ingredients that will help keep the waistline trim but leave you feeling satisfied.

The dipping sauce is a mix of umeboshi (fermented Japanese fruit similar to an apricot or plum and known to be the most alkalizing food on Earth), wasabi, shiro miso, lemon, pink Himalayan sea salt, sesame oil and olive oil. Topped with herbs and drizzled with the restaurant's homemade dressing, the dish certainly doesn't lack flavour either.Dhs77. Not only are these rolls healthy, but they’re irresistibly moreish and bursting with flavour – just don't eat too many, that’s not the point. Reproduction in whole or in part strictly prohibited.WHERE Canada is a registered trademark of St.
Cipriani Yas Island, Yas Marina (02 657 5400).Chicken light wrap at Zaatar W ZeitIt's not impossible to make "fast food" healthy either, especially at the regionally popular Zaatar W Zeit, which boasts popular Lebanese dishes modelled on the healthy Mediterranean diet.
It’s loaded with roasted chicken and topped with tomatoes, lettuce and pickles, and drizzled with enough light aioli sauce to make it feel just a bit bad for you. It’s served as a starter in Hoi An’s new express lunch or as part of the evening a la carte menu.

Bain Al Jessrain (02 509 8509).Shish taouk Zaytinya at ZaytinyaThis tasty main boasts cubes of skinless chicken breast marinated in low fat yoghurt, garlic and lemon juice.
The chicken is grilled and served with steamed vegetables on a watercress salad, and it’s one of Zaytinya’s best sellers.
It feels a little bit naughty but, in fact, it's a great, light lunch that'll fill you up until dinner. Al Seef Mall, Khalifa Park (02 447 4489).Kale and halloumi salad at Soulfull CafeWith kale and chia seeds, this might as well be called a "super food salad". Then topped with lettuce, sun-dried tomatoes, chicken, halloumi cubes and a drizzle of balsamic, the dish is taken to the next level of taste and offers the perfect balance of flavour, protein, nutrients and minerals to make it a good choice for dieting diners.

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