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8 A4 pages (with front and back cover), you can make it look like in the preview or like a book. I have my own restaurant and want to make a brochure like this, Such a great tips you shared with us really thanks for this and i also say that i never found at any blog or article that shared 3 concepts in just a one post you can did this and i really appreciate you. It's a blog for graphic designer and front-end developer where i share cool new things in graphic & web design and development. And if you’re one of those who thinks eating healthy and organic has to be boring, think again. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Weibo WhatsApp EmailGangnam Station in Seoul, South Korea, serves as a pivotal point between subways and buses to all over Seoul. From the way the dishes are prepared, right down to the karaoke set and mini-figurines that complete the interior, everything about the restaurant is truly Korean.
The restaurant was not hard to locate, it looks like an entrance of a subway station that sits prominently along Temple Street, Chinatown. First off, we had the Kim Chi Soup with various ingredients ($12+), and was blown away by its rich stew with wholesome vegetables. Then, we had the specially Marinated Chicken with Chili Paste and Rice Cake For 2 ($35+), which came with vegetables of all sorts and colours. However, if you do not take spicy food or chicken, try the specially Marinated Beef with Soy Sauce For 2 ($38+), which has similar ingredients as the Chicken dish, minus the chili and rice cake. I would recommend Gangnam Restaurant Korean BBQ to anyone who will appreciate authenticity, a unique experience, and top notch service. Feel free to add more pages with your additional menu item category, such as drinks, dessert, etc… Use the existing two sample menu items pages to start.

This template is perfect for any restaurant or cafe that is looking for an easy to use design for their table top menus.
In Gangnam, people are very health conscious, and any food consumed must bring nutritional benefits to the body otherwise deem unfavourable. Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted by Ms Jane Lee and Ms Monica who were hospitable and helpful in recommending some of their best dishes. Every spoonful was smooth, but still slightly crisp, and not overly sour or sweet – it was perfect to our liking.
So we picked a fresh lettuce leaf, placed one of each ingredient onto its center, and finished the bed of colourful ingredients with kim chi and chili.
The soy sauce is handmade with fruit extract, so you are guaranteed fresh healthy dressing. The restaurant holds a maximum seating of 40 pax, and does corporate events with the option to sing along to music videos on YouTube, so its pretty much a complete entertainment package. Here is a collection of restaurant menu templates that were contributed by various designers. 300DPI • 8.5?11” print size • print ready with bleeds • VERY EASY to edit, the file includes help. The design doesn’t compromise on style and is a simple four panel design, with the centre spread dedicated to the menu items.
This is what Gangnam Restaurant Korean BBQ is all about, bringing the district’s subway concept and healthy food culture to our locals.
Alongside were five free-flow side dishes that include delicious handmade kim chi, fried Korean fish cake, spicy seaweed, dried anchovies with spices, and radish – side dishes will vary everyday.

Then, we had to consume the whole wrap in one bite – intimidating as it may sound, it was not all that difficult. It is also tradition to mix in the rice cake only after slightly more than a quarter of the dish is left. You may opt for Additional Rice (+$3) like we had, to mix in with the remaining portions of the dish.
We finally washed down our satiated tummies with Cold Korean Barley Tea ($3) that was bright, slightly nutty and smooth. That said, for those who intend to walk-in, it is most recommended you call the restaurant, just in-case it closes for one of those events.
The design is very easy to use, with all paragraph styles setup, simply insert your own menu text and images. I figured the trick is not to be over enthusiastic on the fillings so you can eat it comfortably in one bite. After all, you may as well toast yourself for giving back to the food bank and making healthy food choices as well.
In a large bowl, please combine the rice, spinach, sunflower seeds, currants, capsicum, and celery.

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