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Well Rinse the Purple Hull Peas -I put mine in a colander in a bowl and fill with cold water and rinse several times until I can see when the water is clear.
Made with organic, boneless-skinless breasts, a spicy buttermilk marinade and fiery Cajun seasoning blend, the flavor of this scratch-made rendition easily outranks that of its greasy, artificial cousin.  When combined with ripe tomato slices, crisp lettuce and creamy mayonnaise on a homemade sesame seed bun, you have a fried chicken sandwich good enough to get excited about without the guilt of processed, chain food.
It might not be the healthiest sandwich out there, but like mozzarella sticks, you’ll feel better knowing its homemade. Pour the buttermilk into a bowl and whisk in the cayenne pepper.  Add the chicken cutlets to the buttermilk mix and marinate them overnight in the refrigerator. Spread each half of the hamburger buns with mayonnaise (or ranch dressing) and top with a fried chicken cutlet, lettuce and tomato.  Serve immediately. Earlier this year I ate a fast food chicken sandwich and paid dearly for it; sparing your readers of the details, I just want to say that homemade versions of fast food classics are brilliant!

Oh my, and I thought I was the only one whose guilty pleasure involved a Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich. Metqa – Self-rising flour is very popular in the southern United States and can be found in almost any recipe for authentic, southern fried chicken. This blog features recipes and techniques for making all sorts of food that people want, crave, and love. You have me craving a spicy chicken sandwich and I still have a few hours to go until lunch time. I wouldn’t say that I am a connoisseur of chicken sandwiches but I did happen to really enjoy the spicy chicken sandwich at Jack in the Box. Though my fav is Crystal hot sauce, please recommend what would complement this recipe best.

Going to make them again tomorrow as a light sort of dinner since I’ll be cooking a good bit on Sunday. However, recently I’ve tried to limit my fast food intake so I love this idea of making it at home. I have a recipe that is similar for chicken tenders but I never thought of making a sandwich out of it.

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