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In the food pyramid, the base is formed by the aliments which can be eaten in unlimited amounts at every hour of the day.
Second level: Fruits and vegetables from different colors should be consumed 5 times a day.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Portion sizes are very important for all ages, but particularly for children from 5-13 years. The advice in this booklet for children is about healthy eating and not about reducing weight. A healthy diet is the secret to a happy lifestyle and nothing makes this easier to achieve then the good ol' food pyramid.

When we say food pyramid picture we mean the “food pyramid fight” that is being developing and that should grab the attention of any war journalist.
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Printed sharply on high quality, 11X17 matte photo paper, this print looks great in any game room or nerd kitchen. A fight for a cake of 1000 billion US Dollars is taking place all over the world, but more particularly in USA (more than 500 billion). Willett and his team from both institutions have designed their own pyramid, known as the Harvard’s health pyramid. Following the above list of aliments should help you to chose the best nutritional strategy.

It is based entirely on the scientific studies, not in economic interests, and emphasizes exercise, whole grains, non saturated plant oils, and a reduction in white rice, pasta, and potatoes.
Dietary Guidelines are the basis for the school lunch program apart from other important federal nutrition programs for hospitals, nurseries, military kitchens and everyday shopping list of normal consumers. It also recommends the regular and moderate consumption of alcohol (beer, wine, or spirits) for all adults unless there are medical or other reasons to avoid drinking.
Food industry is very much concern about these issues and a lot of lobbies are working at forced march.

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