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We're nearing the end of Winter, when Summer seems like it was a million years ago and the travel bug has seriously set in. Some of our favorites are below, but make sure to follow talkingfood for full food pun glory.
Summer is around the corner and we’re all trying to lose the winter pounds, I know I need help doing just that. So we’ve put together a list of Instagram accounts that not only have beautiful pictures to get you in the mood, but also tell you how to cook them with healthy recipes. Motivation is the key to success, so when the going gets tough we at POPSUGAR love looking to motivational snaps, yummy food and inspiring women to help us get ahead. The list features, Nutritionists, Nutritionists-to-be, Dieticians, Bloggers, Health and Wellness Coaches and those who are simply Instagrammers. Dietician Rebecca Gawthorne posts the most bright, colourful, beautiful and positive posts that just burst with wellness and can only make you double tap and feel happy. Nutritionist and food blogger Melanie knows exactly what she’s doing when it comes to creating wholesome and nutritious meals that look nothing short of delicious.
Nutritionist and Personal Trainer Jessica Kruger boasts a fun, colourful and fresh Insta-feed that can only make you happy and keen to #eattherainbow.
Dietician student, Ellie Bullen takes to Instagram to share her life and all things natural. New Mum to baby number 2, Ellen lives on the island of Maui with her family, where together they enjoy a vegan lifestyle. If you have a sweet tooth, Hallie and Reya are a must on your go-to list for healthy treats.
Canadian Angela Liddon is the New York Times best selling Author behind The Oh She Glows Cookbook. Healthy recipes blogger and Media Student Sophie, posts a beautiful mix of healthy food inspiration. Perth based food blogger and Instagrammer Andrea Brown, has a fun feed and posts food inspiration that you definitely can make yourself.
Nourishing foodie Nicola, shares healthy food inspiration that’s mostly wheat, dairy and sugar free. We discovered Chelsea early on in our quest for the best of the best, and she’s not only withstood the test of time but become an all-time favourite! Holistic Health Coach Ashley Clark, has the fruitiest of feeds – we’re addicted to the bursts of colour and positivity.
Chris Kendal aka #BananaCommander is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Health Coach, Yoga Teacher and Chef.
Healthy Recipe Developer and Blogger, Sabrina creates both raw and baked, vegan and vegetarian meals and treats. Given Cinzia’s passion for gluten-free, vegan, organic and seasonal foods, it comes as no surprise that her feed is a feast of healthy food (and life) inspirations. Christy promotes natural living, including consuming a whole foods, nut-free, plant-based diet.

Melbourne-based Miranda is the girl to follow if you’re after high carb, low fat (HCLF) plant-based meal inspiration. If you've hit a mid-week slump and you're one naughty meal away from giving up on your healthy goals, let this curated collection of pretty pics inspire you to keep going on your health and fitness journey. The Instagram account talkingfood has compiled dozens of cheeky food puns (example: "to brie, or not to brie") overlaid on clean, Instagram-friendly food photos. This week our eyes are on Lara Bingle for her never-failing body perfection, as well as delicious food ideas and inspiring quotes to live by every single day.
Whether you eat wholesome, organic, vegetarian, vegan, raw, plant-based, dairy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free or Paleo, sweet or savoury – there will be many people on this list who will knock your socks off!
Her photos have a real homemade feel and are guaranteed to make you hungry for something baked. If you’re a healthy, happy-go-lucky kinda girl (or guy), then this is the account for you. If you’re passionate about living a vegan lifestyle or are working towards a more raw or plant-based diet, then Ellen is surely one to follow. If you have a sweet tooth and want inspiration (and the actual recipe) to make your own treats, Courtney’s feed will certainly do the trick. If your aim is to consume a predominantly plant-based diet, then you should probably be following her. She has been on an amazing journey and is nothing short of an ah-mazing vegan recipe creator. Her food is not too fancy or complicated, but still looks yummy and can spark some great ideas for your healthy eating inspiration. As a dancer, requiring lots of fuel and nourishment to stay well, she doesn’t believe in diets, but in trusting, honouring, nurturing and loving your body (and a little reminder to act with self-love never hurt anyone). You’re bound to learn lots of new ways to eat fruit and the heath benefits of doing so when you follow Ashley. She’s also inspiring others all the way into their shopping carts and kitchens, with her own range of nutritious muesli, granola (featured in the photo below) and smoothie bombs, which we think is pretty inspirational and deserves a shout out!
Her feed is absolutely beautiful and bursting with delicious colourful creations that we wish we could eat right from our phone (checkout her feed and you’ll know what we mean). She also shares the love so much with fellow vegan friends on Instagram that she’s a great one to follow for a) healthy food inspiration, and b) to discover beautiful new accounts!
Just like one bad meal isn't going to make you unhealthy, one intense sweat session isn't going to make you fit, so let these Instagram snaps be all the motivation you need to keep life in moderation.
Head to Instagram, upload your photo, include #POPSUGARAU and you could see your snaps appearing right here!
But instead of turning to the comfort of your bed, use this down-time to prep yourself for the warm seasons ahead.
Bananas sipped in raw melted chocolate and decked out with whichever healthful toppings your heart desires. When she’s not posting delicious meals she’s had out but sharing her own creations, she shares the recipes in the comments, which we think is pretty handy!

She’s amazing at taking a pretty picture and may just inspire you to live a healthier life.
Particularly if you’re a lover of the island life, or a Mum, as her joyful posts that include her family will warm your heart and inspire you to make time to have fun and create memories with your mini-me. If you’re not based in Portland thankfully, they do share all their recipes on their blog (#winning!). She posts killer meals that are both savoury and sweet, but her gourmet vegan salads are what keep us double tapping.
Think fluffy pancake stacks, brightly coloured smoothie bowls, fruit, oats and delicious nana ice-cream creations… Yum!
Some of the recipes are noted in the comments section for you (always awesome) and some refer you back to her blog or ebook (but are totally worth it)! Most meals are practical enough to make yourself, but her entire feed is just a joy to scroll regardless.
The Sydney-based 4th year Dietetic Student posts delicious eats from cafes around Sydney and on the Central Coast (NSW), as well as colourful dishes and snacks she makes herself. Apart from the fact that she creates some mind-blowing treats, what we love most about Nicola is her balanced approach. Our most favourite posts of Chelsea’s are her fruit-topped pancakes and breakfast bowls (so pretty much every post!), especially the ones that are styled with an open book and cup of tea. Furthermore, her feed is the perfect inspirational mix of (plant-based) savoury and sweet meals that you will just love, love, love! She’s also a body builder and biological science student so if you’re a bit of a gym-bunny yourself, Miranda is sure to inspire you.
We’ve got a list of sweet recipes by her that are just waiting to be baked when we have some spare time! Think, delicious fruit salads, raw vegan wraps, baked smokey paprika fries and so on… Mmmm!
If you’re a lover of cafe dining (ideally Sydney-based) and want a twist of positive, healthy and active living, then this is the account for you. She doesn’t believe in deprivation and believes in treating herself everyday (we think we can handle that kind of lifestyle!). Checkout the recipe for Nicola’s incredible raw, vegan choc-mint slices (that feature below) here. If you’re a fan of the raw lifestyle and enjoy cooking, then Chris is an obvious must-follow. We're taking serious inspiration from one of the quotes you'll find in this gallery, "It always seems impossible until it's done," and ain't that the truth?

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