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The most popular kids TV Network, Nickelodeon, should be ashamed of itself, says the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), a consumer watchdog group, in its latest expose. Of 425 foods and beverages that were advertised, 267 (60%) were sub par nutritionally (too much sugar, salt or fat, for example).
The only bright spot – the figures are slightly better than 4 years ago, when 90% of commercials were for junk food. My mother recently reminded me how as a 7 year old tagging along on her grocery shopping trips I would pick up a box of cereal I had seen on Saturday Morning cartoons. Review: Special K Protein Meal Bars Obesity as an Investing Megatrend10 Beliefs About Childhood Obesity that Get in the WayKellogg's Liquid Breakfast to Go - Yes or No? This entry was posted in Kids Nutrition and tagged Advertising, breakfast cereal, Center for Science in the Public Interest, CFBAI, children, Fat, Junk Food, nutrition, obesity, PepsiCo, Snacks, sugar by Hemi Weingarten. We also all play another role, yet its one that most of us rarely think about: the role of consumer. In thinking about the topic of food and advertising, I’ve been asking myself two questions. But my attention was recently drawn to a study conducted at Baylor College of Medicine (reported on by The New York Times Magazine‘s Clive Thompson in 2003). Using MRI brain scans, researchers discovered that during the two taste tests, different areas of the brain became more excited. At this point, several European countries say yes, while in general the United States says no. I find these questions really interesting, particularly because I believe there are no easy, definite answers.
It makes me wonder about children whose parents never allow them to have any sugar or other unhealthy foods growing up.
I will very soon create another list of shocking food commercials… but next time it will not be vintage! I really would love to know if these are 100% true or someone somewhere is laughing at this joke.
Also, did you know that I am a registered Nutritionist who can help you achieve long term healthy eating habits ? 7 Ways to Conquer the Stress of Healthy Eating, For Good7 Ways to Conquer the Stress of Healthy Eating, For Good The no-time-for-sleep scholar. Obese children picture themselves eating the unhealthy foods shown on television commercials which in turn can affect their real-life eating habits, new research says. TV food commercials disproportionately stimulate the brains of overweight teenagers, including the regions that control pleasure, taste and the mouth, suggesting they mentally simulate unhealthy eating habits, the researchers said. Dieting efforts should not only target the initial desire to eat tempting food, but the subsequent thinking about actually tasting and eating it. Thus, one should picture himself munching a salad rather than a cheeseburger, the study stated.
Using functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the researchers examined brain responses to two dozen fast food commercials and non-food commercials in overweight and healthy-weight adolescents aged 12-16. The brain regions involved in attention and focus and in processing rewards were more strongly active while viewing food commercials than non-food commercials. Besides television, fast food industries are now actively advertising on social media, taking advantage of children’s habit of playing online. These unhealthy habits are likely to cause problems in the near future for these kids, and while the fast food industries continue to bombard children with this information, parents need to monitor what their child is watching at all times.
It should come as no surprise that the typical American diet isn't exactly brimming with healthy goodness — rather, it's laden with fat, sugar and salt.
To figure out exactly how unhealthy a TV-guided diet would be, researchers studied food commercials that appeared during 84 hours of prime-time programming and 12 hours of Saturday-morning cartoons broadcast over the major U.S.
In addition, the TV-marketed diet provided less than half the recommended daily servings of fruit, vegetables and dairy. In fact, the sources of nutrition in the TV-ad diet were almost the exact opposite of what the government's food pyramid recommends.
What's more, says Mink, advertising campaigns not only skew toward products that are high in fat, sugar and salt but also guide people away from foods that are rich in essential nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, contributing to a deficiency in many Americans. The study's findings may not be revelatory to anyone with even a vague understanding of a proper diet, but they do remind us that television and mass-media messages wield great influence over our behavior. Mink acknowledges that such a fundamental shift in food marketing may not be realistic, at least not now.
It's just stating that the kid in the "healthy picture" is safe, no additives E numbers essentially means no scorpions or beehives.

Its been no secret China has a big problem with controlling unscrupulous businesses from creating hazardous products.
My good friend and colleague in Paris Benjamin Seroussi (who originally introduced Diane and I several years ago) has recently completed a beautiful new film for his wife Rivka's chic Paris based jewellery brand Anna Rivka. If you are in Paris, check out Rivka's store in the Marais at the address below or you can shop on line here. Yesterday I had a quick visit to Elisa and Toby of MOGA E MAGO atelier, which I haven't had the opportunity to check out since I have been back in Berlin. MOGA E MAGO SS13 The new collection is great and has developed beyond fine hand made accessories to include several garments this season. Cutters Editorial, which is one of the the longest standing commercial and film editorial house in the United States, has opened its newest offices in Tokyo, Japan. I remember talking with Ryan one night (who like me had spent many years in Japan and was fluent in Japanese) about why he didn't open a branch of Cutters in Japan, to which he explained that he would love to do that but it would take time and something that was a long term plan of his. In the years since, Ryan, Aki and Cutters were to be very support of my career and helped with several of my films and over all advice and guidance over the years. I am so happy for and proud of Ryan and all the hard work that he has put in to making Cutters Tokyo a reality. Congratulations, Ryan, Aki, Timo (Cutters Tokyo executive producer) and Cutters USA, on the new space and much success in the future.
Below you can see some pictures of the space; grading and editing suites, client area, and roof terrace. Yesterday I had lunch (a delicious burger) at my good friend Frederick Guerrero restaurant The Oinkster.
The the past three months, since I was in Mexico, The Oinkster was renovated and it looks great, please see pics below. The reason: Most of the ads running on the network are for food products that promote obesity, diabetes, and other health problems in young children.
We are bombarded with advertisements, commercials, flyers, endorsements, and circulars promoting everything from clothing to housing to prescription medications.
For example, my mom can see a commercial on television for Dairy Queen, and it will haunt her for days until she finally gives in and buys an Oreo Blizzard.
According to the same article referenced above, Sweden, Norway, Austria, and Luxembourg ban television advertising to children completely, and Belgium, France, and Portugal ban school-based marketing. And is it only an issue in regards to unhealthy food, or should we somehow be protected from advertising messages of all kinds? I agree with you, and Nicole, that the consumer needs to show restraint and make healthy decisions on their own. So many companies are slapping labels on their products to make them appear healthier, even though the product itself hasn’t changed. I kind of see it as analogous to super-religious families that isolate their kids from people of different faiths, and then boast about how strong THEIR faith is when they’re never challenging it. When they are exposed to sugar, do they not really want it, or do they go crazy and eat it in vast amounts? And now new research published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association points to a troubling reason: TV ads for food may be skewing our decisions on what we eat in powerful ways. Instead of making up the smallest proportion of a day's calories, as nutritionists advise, fats and sugars accounted for the largest portion of calories in a diet based on television advertising.
They also offer hope, says Mink: if advertising can entice people to choose unhealthy foods, it might also be co-opted to push people toward fruits, vegetables and other natural or less processed options.
While many restaurant chains and food manufacturers offer healthier choices, they still highlight their more indulgent and unhealthy products in advertisements.
But on closer inspection, the pizza slices are topped with shards of glass, the hamburger is a scorpion-burger, sushi is infested with bugs, the jello is spiked with thumbtacks, a beehive stands in for a lollipop, and a landmine is disguised as a melon. Is adulterated food such a problem in China that people need to be reminded to be careful that there might be poison in their food?
I was very impressed by this film which seems like a progression of Benjamin's work, with a great combination of style, motion, color as well as a great sounds track.
They have been crazy busy getting ready for the premiere of their new fashion film, POSSESSION which will take place here in Berlin on Thursday, directed by Berlin director Ralf Schmerberg. Below I have posted some images from the Dec issue of L'Officiel which features some MOGA E MAGO pieces. In 2007, I was introduced to Cutters in Los Angeles, by my then producer Maki Osada, of Radiant Pictures. Ryan grew up in the commercial editing business and has a great sense for what people in that world want to see and hear.

Somehow its always quite complicated to come back to this city which I spent a great deal of time in my life on and off for the past 15 years but have never considered my home. Fred's father Andre Guerrero, who is considered one of the tops chiefs in LA, created The Oinkster for his two sons Fred and Max, and since its opening in 2006 it has become one of the West Coast newest in a long line of legendary burger joints.
Teach your children at an early age to read critically, to look for products with good values in nutrition labels. All marks, brands and names belong to the respective companies and manufacturers and are used solely to identify the companies and products. Interestingly, when participants tasted the two sodas without knowing which was which, they preferred Pepsi. During the test with the brands exposed, the area of the brain associated with memory lit up.
In the United States, the food industry spends over $10 billion per year on advertising geared toward kids (source). As much as I detest the amount of food and fast food advertisements, I guess I can’t blame them. When the research team calculated the nutritional content of a 2,000-calorie-a-day diet containing only foods that were advertised on television, they found that it exceeded the government's recommended daily amount of fat by 20 times and had 25 times the recommended daily intake of sugar. Couple this nutritional inversion with the fact that marketing campaigns are notoriously effective in influencing people's behavior and the result is what many nutrition experts call a toxic environment — one that dissuades Americans from making healthy food choices and encourages inactivity. Studies have shown, for example, that past education campaigns that were designed to inform the public about the heart risks associated with diets high in cholesterol and fat and encourage consumers to choose low-fat versions of foods were not successful in getting people to change their eating habits. Please follow basic etiquette: don't self-link or spam, don't troll, and don't leave unproductive non-contributions. The film was produced by Eric Buisson, shot by Martin De Chabaneix, and choreography by Ben's often collaborators I Could Never Be A Dancer.
I was working on a job for a Japanese client which we shot in LA and worked with then Cutters editor Nadia Hennrich, who year later would go on to edit SKATEISTAN and among many other projects, and win Berlin Film Festival Peace Prize for her work. Though I have not always been willing or wanting to take his advice, I have always respected it and valued his option, though often differs from my own. Ryan's idea was to bring a bit of US approach to Japanese commercial and film editing industry, as he has created a niche in that market for a style which seems not to have existed before. Housed in a 1950s A Frame structure, the restaurant servers up gourmet American fair from burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, pastrami and rotisserie chicken among other classic American favorites on the menu. In breakfast cereal for example, sugar should be below 8 grams per serving, and fiber higher than 3 grams.
But when foodmakers started advertising their lower-fat products on TV, their consumption went up. At this time, I also introduced to Ryan Mcguire and Aki Mizutani, who where starting their careers as young editors in the company. Cutters was an associate producer and helpful in the finishing of my 2008 fashion film, Vox Humana. I will be here for the next couple of days catch up with old friends and having a couple of meetings.
By getting your children involved in the nutrition hunt, they will be more apt to choose better products together with you. Basically, our food preferences go far beyond our taste buds; they are also influenced by our past impressions and experiences, which includes all of the advertising our brains take in each and every day. But, the sad truth is that a lot of people don’t have much self restraint or the un-healthy foods are just easier and cheaper to buy than the healthy ones. Then head to visit my Mom and sister in San Diego and spend some time swimming in the ocean.
I think the responsibility has to come back to the consumer, as you discussed — we have to own up to our actions. After helping hundreds of people, I know that it is not always about eatingRead more.5 healthy and delicious breakfast ideas with cottage cheese5 healthy and delicious breakfast ideas with cottage cheese. I love a McD’s cheeseburger all the time, and while it would certainly be more convenient and cheaper to swing by the drive through 3x a day, I take ownership over my actions and understand that my future will be happier and healthier thanks to the decisions I make today! It also worries me a bit that the cereals with the highest amts of sugar and directed to children are the same ones that have the highest advertising spends.

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