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The core concept behind balancing the lifestyle and diet for each season is living a disease free, healthy life. North – Uttaraayana, a more aggressive period, ‘Aadaana kaala’ called taking away as both Sun and Wind are more powerful. Since the digestive power increases during this season, you can eat more sour, sweet and salty foods. You can eat wheat, milk and milk products, carrots, figs, dates and nuts, sugar cane, corn, etc. Go in for some heavy exercises (it varies according to every individual) to stay away from diseases associated with Kapa. Ayurveda Doctor , Panchakarma Specialist, Holistic Healer, Psychological Counselor, Yoga teacher, Health article writer, Blogger from the land of Ayurveda i.e Nepal. Our largely plant based diet largely took a turn for the worst with the arrival of TV dinners, microwave meals, meals that inflate when water is added and fast food takeaways. All sorts of health issues including: High blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and obesity have been a major concern in relation to these fast convenience processed meals, the more of this sort of food that we eat the more ill we become. The current ‘five pieces of fruit and vegetables per day’ recommendation is now over 40 years old, a lot has happened with our food since then. Knowing that our fruit and vegetables do not contain the levels of nutrients that they did 40 years ago is worrying, but there are a few things that we can put in place to ensure that we eat properly and obtain the right level of vitamins and nutrients to keep us healthy, firstly, any food that we are able to grow ourselves organically at home will have high levels of vitamins and minerals.
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Once in a year many people are affected by serious health disease and they face risk in living a life.
Some studies show that a simple prevention can change the life style of people and make the people to cut their soaring health care cost. In this study many research have been find out that, quality life includes quality food and quality living.
In another report they have been found out that, 26 million people in US have diabetes, obesity and chronic disease.
Hence, any discussion on keeping healthy must also include the important subject of food and healthy eating.
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Pilates has lately become very popular among Hollywood actors because it effective in shaping and toning the body.
Healthy Living — Eating well, Exercising regularly, Positive thinking and adopting a harmonious body-mind-spirit connection is FUN and EXCITING way to live!
Keeping healthy and fit is the best thing you can do for yourself and it’s the greatest thing you can do for your family and friends. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. Yes, the seasons move carrying its natural essence with no interruptions.  Ritucharya has its natural effect in three doshas, three types of bodies as characterized by Ayurveda. Yet, in Ayurveda, a year is divided into two major kaalas, called periods, which is subdivided into 6 short periods, three each. Intake of these foods helps your body fight against the vata dosha, stay away from diseases that we generally catch during a cold season. The concept of the TV dinner and its associated offshoots have come a long way since it inception in the US in 1953 when Swansons developed their TV brand Frozen dinner. As a response to the health issues created by this colossal processed food industry, Governments now recommend that we eat five pieces of fruit and vegetables every day to maintain a healthy diet. For example modern industrial agriculture selects high yielding crops as opposed to those that contain more vitamins and nutrients, this has lowered the nutritional levels in our diet, similarly heavy industrial agriculture has depleted the natural nutrients in the soil by continually tilling and spraying with agri-chemicals within a mono cropping culture, the depleted nutrients are therefore not available for plants to convert into proteins and minerals, so there is yet more loss in the valuable nutrients that we get from our food. We can also join community supported agriculture schemes that are now popping up all over the UK, the more these CSA schemes proliferate the more accessible freshly grown food will become for all in terms of its affordability. Some people are influenced by drugs and they think it can help them and the fact is that drugs have side effects and people cant endure the pain and effects that will come in later days. Thanks for visiting!We know that the right balance to a healthy life is to exercise regularly, maintain an active mind and of course, eating the right food. For those of us who can never remember or differentiate carbohydrate from protein to fat nor remember on what quantity or quality we should eat to keep healthy, here’s a simple pictorial chart that simplify the complex subject of healthy eating.
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Now, Pilates has become popular among the general public precisely because of its reputation as an effective body sculpting and core strengthening exercise routine.

Set attainable, realistic  goals and create your own Simply Delicious Living Recipe for life! She’s (patiently!) helping us live a healthier, more delicious, and cruelty-free life. Ritucharya refers to observing right diet and lifestyle regime to cope-up with the influences caused by seasonal changes. Not only have these type of meals diversified being recognition into hundreds of different precooked processed products but they have also largely replaced our fresh plant based diet.
On the outset this advice about eating five portions of fruit and veg a day appear to be rooted in solid ground, but if you scratch beneath the surface a little things are not what they seem. And the final loss of nutrients in our food comes from the transportation and distribution methods of modern food production, it can take weeks for fruit and vegetables to travel from the fields to our plates, during this time there is a loss of vitamins and nutrients. Food cooperatives are also an affordable way of ensuring that a community or group of friends can afford to eat fresh fruit and vegetables as they are able to buy in bulk using their collective cash to secure wholesale fresh produce.
Every food is moderate, medical study showed that if you could reduce some weight that could keep the health good. The emulsion can be a suspension of silver bromide crystals held inside the gelatin and becomes the layer of film that is certainly light sensitive. The physical as well as mental strength of a person increases to fight off any ailments when appropriate diet and lifestyle is followed according to the changes in the nature.
Such meals have been pushed and pushed by marketing teams who have sold us the absurd idea that we do not have time to cook a meal with fresh ingredients due to our busy lives. In the larger scheme of things we need to repair the damage that industrial agriculture has done to the soil and water tables, permaculture and natural farming are able to both repair the soil and provide us with a source of nutritionally rich food for the low energy future which we face.
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