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Calorie King and Calorie Count both provide detailed Nutrition Facts for menu items from several hundred fast food restaurants. There are, of course, lots of healthy fast food calorie apps in both the iTunes and Google Play stores. The words “healthy” and “fast food” aren’t often seen together, but this is not an impossible dream.
It is entirely possible to eat healthy at a fast food restaurant if you choose carefully and read the menu descriptions individually.
When you’re choosing a meal at a fast food restaurant, they will also give you a selection of drinks to go along with the meal. It’s entirely possible to make a healthier meal out of an order from a fast food restaurant.
The person selling you your meal is likely going to try to convince you to super size your meal for a little extra change. People eat fast food when they feel hungry while having very short time to prepare a proper meal. The term healthy fast food sounds like a bit of an oxymoron but it is possible to an extent.
148Apps is an independent publication of Steel Media Ventures that has not been authorized, sponsored, or approved by Apple Inc. It includes healthier fast food menu options by type of chain, as well as healthier menu choices at 10 very popular restaurants. The average adult eats 836 calories per fast food meal—and underestimates what they ate by 175 calories. Many fast food meals deliver enough food for several meals in the guise of a single serving.

When choosing items, be aware of calorie- and fat-packed salad dressings, spreads, sauces, and sides such as sour cream. You can make your fast food routines a lot healthier by following the advice provided below. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can enjoy a healthy meal alongside a 32 oz soda, which contains a whopping 425 calories.
Ask the person behind the counter if they can prepare your food in an alternative manner that’s more healthy.
The food contains high amount of fat and calories although it is inexpensive and convenient. Avoid supersized and value-sized items, and go for the smallest size when it comes to sandwiches, burgers, and sides. The average large soda packs around 300 calories, which can quickly gulp up a big portion of your daily calorie intake.
These are all tips to make the most out of your fast mood meals, while reducing the calories as much as possible.
If you don’t want this soda to be your entire source of calories for the day, then try adding water to a meal. Avoid the temptation to super size the meal and instead take the smallest portion available. A few simple changes and you can enjoy a fast food meal without hating yourself for it later.
It’s generally best to avoid foods that are deep fried or pan fried, but this is a huge portion of the food that is prepared by these restaurants. You could ask for your meats to be broiled or steamed instead of fried in oil, which would be much healthier.

This is where an app like Healthy Fast Food could help a ton. Tracking the likes of McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, Subway, Taco Bell and more, the app cleanly and simply lays out the healthiest menu options available. And don’t be fooled by lemonade and fruit drinks, which add calories and sugar without much in the way of nutrients.
At any rate, it’s always best to know what you are eating so you can at least avoid the worst choices on the menu. If you want ketchup or mustard, then ask for individual packets so you can choose just how much is placed on the burger. This may cost slightly more in the long run, but it prevents you from consuming more calories than you should. However, if you are very fond of fast foods, you should choose the healthy options that won’t cause any harm.
This puts you in full control of your meal and reduces some of the unneeded calories in the meal.
Once again, this is all about taking control of the meal and reducing the calorie count wherever possible. Buying more than you need to eat is never a good thing and it’s worth the extra change to eat healthy.

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