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A recent transplant from nearby Testaccio to the more low-key, residential Garbatella, this market adheres to a 0-km policy. Each market has it’s own history in Rome, and this covered market in Prati is no exception.
The Testaccio market is not just a practical spot to get your groceries, but also a staple hangout amongst locals. In the restored spaces of an ex-slaughterhouse in Testaccio, you will find La Citta dell’ Altra Economia, an events venue and community space dedicated to promoting “an alternative economy” in the form of agriculture, fair trade and sustainability. Born in Nepal, brought up in Norway and living in Rome, Maya is a happily unrooted freelance writer and illustrator.
Design and style firm Brandon Agency together with interior designer Anna Domovesova have designed Easy, a casual rapidly-meals restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine.
NamingThe name of the restaurant had to express its spirit and to be up-to-date: it was important not to get into farm and vegetarian themes.
The interior design resolutionThe location for the restaurant was picked in a central part of Kiev, in a single of the old brick buildings. InformationThe thought of the restaurant is “be easy, eat simple”, it implies cooking from neighborhood, fresh, not preserved merchandise, but in uncommon combinations. If you're worried about the toxicity of the traditional mozzarella coming from the Caserta area these days, a good alternative can be found at these stores, selling only their own cheeses, produced in northern Rome from Laziale bufale grazing in the farmlands between Rome and Viterbo.
This chain, with stores throughout Italy, has recently expanded into Rome, with shops in Trastevere and near Campo de' Fiori. If you are missing your organic-health food store back home, you can find a lot of what you're looking for at this chain of supermarkets with stores throughout Rome's neighborhoods.
A newly-opened branch of the store on the Vomero in Naples, stocks the junk food you shouldn't really want, but sometimes you just get those cravings. Not a library, as the name implies, but a tea shop, so cozy and inviting we start to smile as soon as we walk in the door, where we’re greeted by a sign inviting clients to touch and to smell. It’s easy to miss this little bakery, sandwiched between two restaurants, but its Austrian pastries are legendary. In adjacent shops at one end of the piazza, the Forno sells an aromatic selection of breads (including Sicilian bread with sesame seeds, and focaccia), rolls, pizzas, tarts and cookies. The home of Rome's pizza king, the influential baker Gabriele Bonci, Tricolore offers gourmet take-away or eat-on-the-spot burgers and sandwiches, and many would say the best pizza in town. Bonci pizza can almost be bought by the slice at Pizzarium, via della Meloria 43, in the Prati district near the Ciprio Metro stop.
This newly-opened little shop assaults the eye with a tantalizing display of Sicilian pastries, marzipan goodies, pizza, bread and panini.
The neighborhood health food shop, with a small but adequate selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, herbal teas, whole grain cereals and pastas, soy products, dried fruits and nuts, baked goods, as well as beauty products and books.
A franchise of the Neapolitan line Dolce Idea, you’ll find a variety of chocolates in charming shapes, with fillings such as chestnut, ginger and limoncello.
This tiny shop, attached to the large restaurant of the same name, sells boutique label pasta, olive oil and jars of delicacies, biscuits, chocolates, coffees, teas, and wines.
A veritable Trastsevere institution, offering wonderful breads, pizzas, biscotti and sweets, all made on the premises. Testaccio’s largest enoteca, with a selection of wines from all over Italy, as well as an extraordinary international selection of beers. This historic bakery is famous for its Austrian Sacher torte and its typical Roman cakes and candies, all produced on the premises. A food lover’s paradise, this historic shop is lavishly stocked with cheeses, meats, wines, vinegars and olive oils from all over Italy.
An expansive farm on the hillsides of the Castelli Romani, Agribel grows organic grains, olives and tomatoes, and raises bees, producing an exceptional line of oils, honeys and sauces. Their products, including a boutique beer, are now available at their own, newly-opened store in the heart of Rome. In addition to all the usual teas and food supplements, natural cosmetics, grains and tofu, this health food store has a wonderful bakery section selling some of the most delicious natural products in town. Who needs to cook when you can impress your guests with gourmet take-away dishes you can pop in the oven, like veal and spinach croquettes, stuffed zucchini and crepes?
In addition to the selection of good Sardinian wines and mirto (a berry liqueur), Stefano Anzalotta sells a variety of packaged Sardinian specialties, as well as fresh seadas (puff pastries filled with pecorino cheese topped with nuts and honey) casu breads, cheeses, hams and sausages. This wonderful chocolate factory has been producing artisan confections for more than a hundred years, when the family came to Rome in the wake of their patrons, the royal house of Savoy.
Master chocolate maker Maurizio Proietti learned his craft from his father, and he still uses the same carefully annotated recipes.
A cozy pastry shop with mouth-watering Neapolitan desserts, beautiful made and inexepensively priced.
In this small but excellent gourmet shop, Angelo Biasi stocks pastas, breads, cheeses, baked goods and wines, mostly from Tuscany and Sicily.
These gourmet shops specialize in Italian food products and imports from around the world: Asia, Oceana, Africa, North and South America, Europe.

When we want to impress out of town guests, we bring them to Franchi so we can watch their jaws drop. Street vendors selling fake Louis Vuitton bags and sunglasses and hoping to catch the attention of well-heeled clients, add to the bustling and colorful scene that unfolds at the threshold of this exclusive northside grocery. Offering flavours that reflect the multi-ethnic area, the mercato is the perfect place to look for anything other than run-of-the-mill Italian fare. The market ensures that the amount of travelling the food does before ending up on the stall tables is basically nada.
Built in the 20’s, the historical neo-classical building was not only a place for Romani to get their fruit and veg, but also housed a rooftop skating rink and large fountains between its stalls prior to renovation. Its prime location allows you to go grocery shopping amidst the fairly stunning surroundings of Circus Maximus and the Palatine Hill. The covered stalls are well organised in a bright and spacious structure with a modern vibe. By night, the piazza functions as a riotous watering hole, but during the day it is a traditional mercato in the heart of the capitol. With independent vendors and quality organic fare, the weekly “Bio Market” is a mellow, environmentally conscious and friendly shopping experience.
After getting her degree in Journalism, she moved to la citta eterna where, in addition to penning articles on the city's cultural happenings, she she also works at a Scandinavian artist residence. Years ago the compartment for the principal hall employed to be a passage from the street to the courtyard, which triggered its uncommon quite narrow shape. For this purpose, we utilized all-natural colors and basic materials like wood, plywood, craft paper, etc. As opposed to other rooms exactly where every little thing is straightforward, this place is…not that simple.
The chain of mega stores, which originated in Turin in 2007, now has branches in New York City, Tokyo, and is set to open in Chicago in the fall of 2013. They carry many products with their own label, which they claim are organically produced and follow the guidelines of fair trade.
The walls are covered with wooden shelves stocking more than a hundred kinds of tea, as well as coffee, chocolate and spices. Get there early or order in advance if you want a challah (twisted bread) for your Friday Sabbath dinner. Besides the Sacher torte, there are hot pretzels, oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies and brownies for homesick Americans.
The bar also offers nuts and dried fruits from Tuscany, as well as a limited menu of sops, salads and couscous. Many of the pots are Japanese or Chinese in style, but you’ll also find modern, quirky and vintage-look pots and cups. It's crowded, as well, with sacks of beans and grains, nuts, dried fruits and spices as well as a huge and ever changing selection of candies. Your selections can be nicely boxed for gift-giving, or, pop in to pick up an etto (about one cup) bag of your favorites for immediate consumption. Open until 11:30 at night, one in the morning during the summer months, for late night snacks. The shop also sells imported specialty foods, including such hard to find staples as Skippy peanut butter, Ocean Spray cranberry juice, and canned okra. The classical music and tranquil atmosphere offer a welcome respite from the chaos of the bustling street and the chocolates, including the famed Leonidas brand from Belgium, are irresistible. It’s easy to base a meal around one of the fresh egg pastas with various condiments sold in the same shop.
There are breads and tarts, kitchen accessories and a mouth-watering selection of prepared foods, such as rice salads, crispy cheese suplí and pizzas. In his shop you'll find all sorts of hand-made chocolates as well as a variety of other candies and hard-to-find candied violets.
This shop, with shelves full of the wide gamut of oils, offers guided tastings and courses in olive oil appreciation as well as 150 different labels from all over Italy. They can be eaten on the premises, but it’s a better idea to have them packed for take-away because the competition for space is so intense.
In the heart of Vigna Clara’s shopping district, its a gourmet deli selling salamis, cheeses, breads, fresh and dried pastas, pastry, olive oils, local and regional wines and gourmet foods.
You can find produce from all corners of the world, including an incredible array of loose grains, nuts and spices at bargain prices. Fun facts aside, its central location, late opening hours and underground parking, make this is a popular market for locals and tourists alike. This farmer’s market has a strong focus on local produce, so you can count on getting typical Roman products such as artichokes, chicory, pecorino and olives. This is the kind of place you can come to grab an espresso, lunch or a fresh cannolo while browsing the selection of fruits, vegetables, meats, and cheeses. Each morning the stalls get filled with fresh meats, cheeses, fruits, veggies, and of course, flowers.

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We started at the same time, analyzing, checking and adjusting to each other’s measures and worldwide course in general. The energy of this name is in its simplicity, which is supported by the attitude of a friendly brand with a human face and communications. It involves not just typical standards for logo, colors, fonts and pattern application, but many far more. This hall was 16 meters lengthwise and 2.7 meters crosswise, so the process to make this space comfy and helpful was really challenging. It is a space to unwind, calm down and let unconscious out… No wonder that the visitor is met by Sigmund Freud that kindly delivers to take a seat. Breads, dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables, supplements, even organic wines and more.
In additional to the traditional bread, they make an amazing Roman sweet challah with candied fruits.
Look for delicious specialties like cannolo siciliano, sfogliatine, buccellato, cassattine, cassata tradizionale, almond biscuits, brioches, roast chickens. The newly opened annex, La Fromagerie, offers a fine selection of cheeses and cured meats, both Italian and imported, such as Black Forest ham and Spanish salami.
They also make a great roast chicken on the spit, lasagne, manicotti and other baked pastas, as well as savory potato crocchette and crispy supplí (breaded and fried rice cakes). They are, in fact, almost unbelievably good — 80 different kinds of bon bons, chocolate truffles, fruit gels, glazed chestnuts, all beautiful formed.
Here you can find whatever’s missing in your cupboard from taco chips to cranberry juice, peanut butter to canned pumpkin, saki to Chinese beer, mango juice to macademia nuts, rices, spices, condiments, dried fruits, teas. They also do catering and gift packaging, and are particularly known for their elaborate holiday gift baskets.
Expect it to be loud, chaotic a little grimy; the kind of place where bartering is fine and where yelling seems to be the customary form of communication.
Located in a community centre, the market has a great laid-back feel, perfect for slow Sunday shoppers.
It also teeters over into the flea-market category as you can find vendors selling kitchenware, clothes and general knick-knacks. This approach gave us an chance to get an integral solution, where all information sustain and complement each other. We created few sets of icons, illustrations, the detailed description on communication usage, game sets, stickers, couple of varieties of menu and several a lot more. If you're having party, they'll cater all the dishes from eggplant parimgiano to fruit tart and deliver to your home. You’ll also find a range of teas and coffees, preserves, bottled sauces, oils and vinegars. In his film, Bianca, Nanni Morretti can be seen staring longingly into the shop’s window. Around the corner, the Volpetti brothers have opened a lunchtime tavola calda, a gourmet buffet in a working-class setting, serving such delicacies as octopus salad, and cheese tarts as well as pizza. The take out menu includes a variety of freshly-prepared foods, roasted chicken, sushi and sashimi.
The atmosphere is much like the food, a vivid, mismatched mesh, and gives the market a unique charm. However, the intimacy of the piazza and the picturesque setting make the market a great spot for people watching or just weaving through the stalls, soaking up the hustle and bustle. Considering that the restaurant was aiming for partial self-service, the buyer was supposed to go via specific actions to place with each other the meal.
That’s how we got a shovel as a door-handle, rakes as coat hooks, rolling pins as a menu for drinks, concrete lamps made of recycled plastic bottles and so on.
The staff behind the counter wears a sort of period costume complete with lace head coverings. We staked on the shape of the primary hall collectively with straightforward and easily understandable navigation, or rather top icons. The bakery is housed in the heart of Rome's former ghetto on the ground floor of a palazzo built by a wealthy merchant. If you are a dark choclate lover, don’t miss their 70% pure chocolates in amusing shapes.
The cantina stocks French, Italian and Spanish wines, champagnes, spumantis, dessert wines (sauternes, passiti, vendemmie tardive and Chateau d’Yqyem).

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