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Thanks to a connection made by Kim Smith, from The Healthy Planet of Brevard, I met up with Julie Watkins, a local green reporter and meteorologist with the CBS and FOX affiliate in Jacksonville, Florida. Immediately following the interview with Julie I popped over to the nearby Farmers’ Market at Jarboe Park. I talked to Carrie, one of the founders of Shakti, and learned that she had founded the company three and a half years ago. Carrie became vegan through being connected to her veg friend, Heather while also reaching an unhealthy tipping point in her life.
Following my stop at the Jacksonville Farmers’ Market I drove down State Road A1A on my way to St.
As I was taking pictures of the soup a gentlemen walked in and sat next to me, a bit closer than one would expect from a stranger, at a bar that wasn’t terribly crowded.
I spent the next ten minutes trying to coax the window back up without catching on…whatever it was catching on. For the main course I had the Crispy Vegetable Rolls – red and white cabbage tossed in almond dressing, shredded carrot, avocado, and cashews with a sweet and sour dipping sauce.
I tried to get a clear pic of that little swirly-doo that’s peeking out of the corner of this roll. Then I drove to Orlando and stopped by the one place that was open on a Monday (or maybe it was a Sunday?
The most interesting thing about dining at this Loving Hut during a buffet is that it appeared as though some customers were not vegan.
You know the drill, if a restaurant comes with a lot of hype, I tend to go in with grand expectations.
Tagsadventure beaches green market cafe 118 degrees castillo de san marcos national monument daiya vegan cheese dandelion communitea cafe drunken monkey coffee bar ethos vegan kitchen european street cafe Florida hail merry i know jax jacksonville jacksonville farmers market jarboe park jesse britten julie watkins lifestyle design loving hut native sun natural foods market no meat march nomadic living northeast florida vegfest orlando present moment cafe raphsodic bakery raw raw vegan ice cream road trip shakti life kitchen st. Oooh I wonder why the vegan hot dog cart didn’t pop up on my radar during my travels. Believe it or not, Raphsodic Bakery’s neighborhood is one if the most desirable and friendly neighborhoods in Orlando. Organic food refers to the way farmers grow and process agricultural products, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and meat. All natural organic food generally tastes better than conventional mass produced foods since they are typically harvested when they are ripe, and then immediately shipped to local stores which preserves the freshness, flavor, and maximum vitamin content. Find local green businesses in your area including local solar installers, natural food stores, gluten free bakeries, vegetarian restaurants and organic lawn maintenance and landscapers.
Choosing local natural food stores is a great way to find healthier, all natural and local organic food options. Organic lawn maintenance is key piece of sustainable living and minimizing our footprint on the environment.
Choosing organic products is one of most important things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and make the greatest green impact on the environment. Tankless water heaters are very energy efficient, only using electricity when the hot water is being actually being used instead of having to heat water all day, everyday, saving both wasted energy and money. Composting is a great way to recycle your yard and kitchen wastes, and is a critical step in reducing the volume of garbage sent to landfills for disposal. Going green is an important step to to take to help reduce our energy usage and waste, which is important for the future of our planet. Residential solar is a great investment that can reduce your electric bills and start saving you money immediately. Solar attic fans are easy to install, completely wireless, use no electricity and can reduce your utility bills by 30%, saving you money on energy bills and at extending the live of your roof. Residential solar is a great investment that can reduce your electric bill and start saving you money immediately as well as increase the value of your home.
Find helpful gluten free resources as well as local gluten free bakeries, gluten free restaurants and local health food stores offering gluten free food and other allergen free foods. Native Sun believes a vigorous, happy lifestyle starts with a diet rich in whole, organic foods. The food choices you make have deep environmental and social impacts within your community and around the world.
If you're looking for local all natural and organic food in Florida or if you have food allergies or special dietary needs, the following Florida organic health food stores are here to meet all of your organic grocery needs. Our Florida Organic Health Food Stores directory is here to help you find local all natural and organic food, including organic fruits, organic produce and all natural meats, as well as other specialty foods.
4th Generation Organic Market offers the best organic groceries, prepared food, and of course, produce. Sunflower Health Foods offers Natural Groceries with a large selection of Wheat Free and Gluten Free products that actually taste good! Essential Health is dedicated to providing the public with knowledgeable staff and a wide range of products from grocery, organic produce and vitamins at reasonable prices. At each one of our three locations we offer organic everything, from produce to bulk grains, coffee, dairy and frozen meals.

The world of Chuck's Natural Food Markets is made up of organically grown foods and the highest quality natural vitamin and herbal supplements available. Good Earth Natural Foods offers three award-winning Good Earth Natural Foods superstores in Bradenton.
It has and always will be Good Earth's policy to offer the highest quality products at the most affordable price. Chamberlin's has grown into a full service natural foods grocery market with wholesome baked goods, fresh organic produce, natural supplements and remedies, cruelty-free and all-natural personal care items, plus healthy-fast food and beverages.
The number one goal of Whole Foods Market is to provide the community with the freshest, most flavorful, and highest quality products and organic produce and foods, while providing superior value in every department. Solar Christmas lights can help you significantly reduce the amount of energy you consume during the holiday's. For most people, following a strict gluten-free diet will stop symptoms and prevent further damage of celiac disease.
Organic milk isn't only good for you and the environment, it also includes more vitamins and antioxidants. The raw food diet is based on eating only unprocessed and uncooked plant foods, such as fresh fruit and vegetables. Select from a wide selection of professionally designed templates, Choose one and customize it. Jacksonville has some really awesome farmers markets…I encourage you to get out and explore what our local area farmers harvest. Facebook Page Every Wednesday from 4pm – 7pm at Bull Memorial Park Here you’ll find Alvarez Farms and Palmetto Organic selling fresh vegetables and fruits. Offering a wide variety of fresh produce, all natural and grass fed meats, fresh catch seafood and dairy.
About PattyServing Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Jax Beach & Ponte Vedra - FITNESS BY PATTY offers personal training, nutrition consulting and the uniquely invigorating Range of Motion Therapy.
I arrived in the evening and couldn’t find a single vegan or vegetarian restaurant in town.
She is also the President of The Girls Gone Green, a group focused on bringing veg awareness to Jacksonville (she also gave me the tip about Native Sun.
It’s understanding that energy matters and that energy in the food will then be translated into us.
Augustine but definitely wasn’t hungry yet, what with the filling snacks I had picked up earlier in the day. There is comfy outdoor seating, calming music playing in the background, knowledgable staff, and I wanted to try absolutely everything on the menu!! I paid a flat fee, it was really cheap too, like $12 or something like that for all-you-can-eat buffet. We found Orlando (the city — not the Walt Disney area) to be soooooooooo veg friendly. Although we live in Brevard, we go often to Orlando and I’m glad to find new places ( besides Ethos). Next time you have to try a vegan chocolate chip cookie or some Newtella from Audrey’s punk kitchen. I was just waiting for your florida entries to see if you would go to the present moment!!! Organic farming is designed to encourage soil and water conservation as well as to reduce pollution.
It is also a great way to support local farmers, who use earth-friendly sustainable agricultural practices. Find local organic lawn maintenance companies offering organic lawn services and landscaping.
Organic foods are produced without the use of chemicals and pesticides and are not bio-engineered or genetically modified, making them a healthier choice you and the planet. Solar is a great choice no matter where you live contrary to what you may have hear and with advancements in solar technology, solar panels will even produce energy on overcast and cloudy days. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality organic and natural products on the market including fresh organic produce, meats and much more. Buying organic food is not just a benefit for your own health, but also a great benefit for the health of the environment. Many of the Florida natural health food stores below also offer dairy-free and gluten-free foods for those with special dietary needs.
Caring for the Earth and its citizens has always been a priority for our family, so this market is the perfect way to carry that message forward. In addition we offer Vitamins and Supplements, Bath and Body Care products, Aromatherapy, Oils and more. We feature premier quality vitamins and supplements, personal care products, even natural pet care products. Whole Foods is pretty much a household name, known for their spectacular produce, wide variety of natural meats and seafood, exotic wine and beer, as well as an awesome deli and hot bar featured freshly prepared meals, sandwiches, sushi and extensive salad bar.

Fresh Field Farms works directly with both produce and meat farmers, ensuring their products are the freshest available.
Fitness By Patty boosts confidence, energy and vitality by strengthening both body and health habits. Shakti started as a cafe but after some business analytics they decided to become wholesalers.
One day she had just finished off an ice cream cake that she had been eating every day, since Easter. Augustine, the wonderful dinner at Present Moment Cafe, thanks to the staff (Kristen and Morgan) and to Jesse.
The window had never truly rolled up properly so I figured it was a matter of time before it busted. I could totally eat them without the sauce (which, from my experience, is rare…usually I prefer to slather the rolls in whatever sauces accompany them).
I was pleasantly surprised to learn that this randomly selected coffee shop just so happened to offer a variety of vegan noms including soup, sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, and sweets.
From what I gather they are 100% vegan and are set up at markets until they raise enough funds to get their food truck up and running. My process for finding places includes HappyCow, VegDining, Google, Yelp!, and then asking followers.
Organic food is known to contain 50% more nutrients, minerals and vitamins than food that has been conventionally farmed.
Choosing green products will help save you money by reducing your energy and water usage, helping you lower your monthly utility bills and reducing your carbon footprint. The following Florida organic grocery stores also meet the needs of vegan's, vegetarians and those in need of allergen free foods. You can also find Palmetto Organics at the Mid-Week Farmers Market in Atlantic Beach every Wednesday starting at 3pm. Additionally, Biomax has an excellent juice and smoothie bar that is definitely worth trying the next time you’re passing through Atlantic Beach, FL.
The Girls Gone Green host the annual Northeast Florida VegFest, a No Meat March initiative, and have recently started a weekly installment called i Know Jax which features stories that embrace a green and healthy lifestyle.
Shakti can now be found in five different Jacksonville-area stores as well as on the menu at European Street Cafe.
She then thought of her healthy, vegan friend, Heather and decided to dump out the coffee she had been drinking, give Heather a call and they had dinner that night at Present Moment Cafe. Anyhow, it made for a lovely time and ended up chatting with the others who work at Present Moment. So, in the meantime I was driving with all possible windows down or open (some of them hinge from the bottom). Food grown locally in your own community is general picked within a day or two of sale which means the food is more fresh. The next morning I stopped at Native Sun Natural Foods Market to stock up on a few things, just in case.
It just so happens that the timing was right and Julie put together the following clip on the trip for i Know Jax, as I was passing through Jacksonville. As I rolled up the window on the driver’s side, once arriving in Winter Park (what a cute town, btw) the lining on one side (which is responsible for keeping the window properly aligned) popped up. So now, as of today (a couple months later), I can only roll it down a few inches before it goes off-track again.
This place is all-raw and offers juices, smoothies, milkshakes, amazing entrees AND desserts. The food is on the fast-food side of the spectrum, and I didn’t try any, but it looked great and has many great reviews on Yelp!. The red peppers, onions, and cheese accompanied by s lightly-browned-on-the-inside baguette made for an award winning combination. Unfortunately, the very best rarely comes from Publix, Winn Dixie or any other major grocer.
But on this day I enjoyed people watching and seeing them for-real watching the Supreme Master Ching Hai talk about veganism, and then discussing it at their tables.
And despite being in a less-than-comfortable-feeling neighborhood, it looked as though business was great. They have a great fresh juice bar and more ready-made vegan food stuffs than I’ve seen in any other health food store. She felt amazing and decided to start a business in order to help spread the word about the healing powers of raw, vegan, organic food. Also, when you do go shopping for produce, have a plan to help maintain healthy food choices.

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