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I had my share of worries in facing my recent trip to Israel: the emotions of meeting my great-nieces, the trepidation of visiting my Orthodox nephew for Shabbat, the nerves associated with major world events in the Middle East, and the stomach-churning-dead fear of a 12-hour flight (right after a cross-country 6-hour one). For many people, a trip to a new place is a food fest, with the anticipation of new tastes and dishes (to say nothing of freedom from preparing food and cleaning up).
Starches were harder to come by, but I found rice, potatoes, and yams in restaurants and at the hotel (I ate yams at breakfast one day!).
The real key to my success with food, however, was the supermarket, where I bought food for lunches and several dinners. If you ever travel in foreign countries, there is a website that has sheets you can print out that explains the need for gluten-free diet in all different languages! I haven’t traveled internationally since becoming vegetarian (3 years ago) but I imagine it will make eating a little tougher. Open the Door to Reflective PracticeWould you like to become more grounded in your personal and professional worlds?
The variety of products are not as abundant as in North America (such as at Whole Foods or Raw Organic). Better2ask understands how important it is to have what you need and has provided you with a list of the best health food chains in Israel. While I’ve learned to travel well in the United States, facing an international trip was more daunting. Walk down the street and you come across fruit stands of brilliant color and diversity (pomegranates, anyone?). Although restaurant dishes were often unsuitable for me because of sauces or mixtures of foods, I ate salmon, tuna, mackeral, sardines, and herring.

Of course hummus, made from chickpeas, is everywhere, but as a prepared food, it is too “unknown” for me—I couldn’t tell what was added. Coming up in tomorrow’s blog: my adventures in “Supersol,” my in-the-room meals, and why I carried a six-pack of paper towels from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv (plus a few comments about what my husband ate). It was an eye opener for me (and a happy one!) Hold on to your original tastes–better to avoid most of those US restaurants. Except for the potatoes, which make me think I have the flu, your diet is very much like mine.
Would you like to get to know yourself from the inside, a place that holds your life story and intentions?
With the help and assistance of many organizations, as well as, better eating habits, those cases have improved. There are several shops close to this style such as: Eden Teva Market Stores, Anise, Teva Castel and more. For health reasons affecting my body and mind, a trip is simply a time to find my food—the kind of food I eat every day—in a new environment. Everything would be unfamiliar—restaurants, supermarkets, standard foods—and microwave ovens and refrigerators did not seem readily available in hotel rooms. I had to pay attention and devote energy to my task, but I was successful in maintaining my way of eating on the trip.
Wander through markets and you find greens, potatoes, and meat, though much of this is not useful for the kitchen-less traveler.
But if you want to be able to order a mixture of food and just want to be sure the gluten is out, this kind of handout is really useful.

Would you like to trust that you can find your way back to yourself when experiences cause you to unravel? I also did not know if I would be able to communicate what I needed, given my meager Hebrew. Small grocery stores carry fresh food and canned goods, a far cry from the junk-food mini-store often found in the US.
It shocked me that even the dressings are filled with bad stuff, I think no other country serves dressings out of one bottle with who-knows-what’s-inside. Attempting to train me for food battle, an Israeli acquaintance taught me two phrases: “Pshoot!” (plain!) and “Blee kloom!” (with nothing!). I know nothing about the cuisine, but if you know Turkey, maybe there are some regional similarities.
The one food issue I have when I travel is really the gluten free portion of my restrictions. But it’s perfect timing as many places are now implementing this into their menu and you just have to ask. This was no foreign country, but I definitely had a concern for visiting Disney World…a place full of fast food and quick meals for people.
I was lucky that there was a whole list of places in the park that offered gluten free options and I just had to ask.

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