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The store opened on Bloor just west of Bathurst in December, but it has yet to have its official opening (look out for specials and demos). In the meantime, the Annex seems to have already discovered the vast selection and great prices at Herbs & Nutrition.
Herbs & Nutrition is affiliated with Qi Natural Food which was started 15 years ago Ken's mother, Hei Joung Hur, who began her career as a pharmacist before opening Qi on Bloor near Christie, as well as Roncesvalles and Eglinton Ave. The space has cottage-like wood everywhere, an earthy-green ceiling, and the family's collection of antique cameras and farm equipment mounted on shelves above the groceries. There's also a huge selection of supplements, cereals, hygiene products and some fresh produce. Freshdaily is Canada's source for hyper-local arts, music, film, fashion, food and news coverage.
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When most people think about getting in shape, they usually think about strength training, and getting better cardio. Pros: they have a lot of organic fruits and vegetables, and one of the widest selections of supplements in Michigan. Pros:  Sign up for their monthly deals you can recieve in text messages for 10-20% off on certain days. Cons: their seafood, like almost all stores, is treated with bisulfites and tripholyphosphates. Cons: relatively small selection of organic items, and their stock can vary a lot from visit to visit.
The opening of Canberra Centre Expansion on Section 84 takes place on Thursday, and as such I have decided to cancel the detailed October photographic update.
While I was up on top of Mount Ainslie, I took the opportunity to take a photo of the underground cabling building a few minutes walk away from the Canberra Centre. The next photo is an overview of the Civic Area, with the Canberra Centre and it’s expansion in the middle.

This building is undoubtedly the main retail building, and will also have plenty of carparking spaces, including on the roof.
Of course you can’t have a shopping centre without shops, and it would be pretty silly to have an expansion this large without adding another department store.
Supabarn have signs up at the checkouts announcing their move, and further signs inside the store apoligising for the low stock levels while they move. Bakers Delight are also moving, but it looks like they’ll be closing for a few days while they move their baking equipment. The City Market Chemist are one of the stores offering a relocation sale in an effort to offload as much stock as possible, obviously not wanting to cart it all over to their new location on the corner of Bunda and Petrie Streets. When I took these photos of signs on Sunday afternoon, hair care store Price Attack were already closed and carting stock to their new location. Another store which is moving is the health food store, Healthy Life, they are also offering a relocation sale. JB Hi-Fi and Ted’s Cameras (Thanks to RiotACT for the latter) are among the stores moving from other locations in Civic to the new Canberra Centre. Select Meats, the City Market butcher, is not moving, and has already closed, at the decision of the owners. I will be contacting Canberra Centre Marketing today to arrange press access for Samuel’s Blog to the opening of the Canberra Centre Expansion, which will, apart from the remaining office block and another photographic tour of the outside of the expansion, round out the series of construction updates. Cynic, you obviously think it should have been done faster…could you have done it faster?
How can a UN panel claim Julian Assange is being arbitrarily detained and should be released, when he is detaining himself?
They're waiting on two things, the owner's son and store manager Ken Hur tells me; the creation of a DIY lotion and beauty products station, as well as a sprouting station. The most impressive feature, though, is the wall of Herbs & Nutrition's 300 different types of herbs, bagged individually and organized in custom wood drawers designed by Hur's father. Published under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 (Canada) license.

There I can enjoy mixing beetroots, beans, barley, quinoa, chickpeas, potatoes, but also lasagna, stir fried tofu, vegetarian shepherd’s pie and risotto.
I love cooking with fresh veggies and a big passion for pasta and pizza reveals my Italian origins.
In it’s place I have taken a short set of photos, firstly of the construction as seen from Mount Ainslie, and secondly of the stores moving.
If you would like to use these pictures outside of those conditions, please contact me and I’ll see what I can do. I seem to recall the hole that was dug in the ground for this building went down about three storeys, so it will be interesting to see what has been done with that space. Bunda Street is being transformed into a large al-fresco dining area…and at long last, Petrie Street will re-open this week (in theory). I may still, later in the month, conduct a photographic tour of the buildings from the outside, but all plans to cover the opening are off. A great choice for lunch, the best organic fast food and health store at the same time. The best seasonal, ethical, freshly-prepared food in the centre of London. Sometimes we are just buying the access to the dominant social class, instead.  Material well-being is confused with physical well-being.
I was under the impression that Woolworths were moving in, although the Canberra Centre seem to be making no mention of it, so I’m no longer 100% sure about this. The centre aisle always has products on special (today it's Almond Breeze for $1.99) and there are other sales scattered throughout the floor.

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