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I was lucky enough to start my weekend a day early, with a trip to London on Friday to spend the day with my gorgeous friends Helen and Naomi, and Naomi’s beautiful 9-month old daughter.  It was really good to see them, and I had such a great time! I met them in Kensington and we headed to Whole Foods which is located in the historic Barkers Building on Kensington High Street. I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the menu.  It was 100% plant-based!  That means I could eat anything on the menu!  That is seriously a first for me!
In summary, Saf is a fantastic plant-based dining experience in a beautiful environment.  If you’re ever in London, you must check it out! Add a small amount of water to a saucepan and place a heat-proof bowl on top.  Gently heat the water.
Tip the chocolate onto the prepared tray and use a knife to spread to the desired thickness.
Sprinkle on the remaining pecans and lightly press into the chocolate.  Sprinkle on some Pink Himalayan salt, if desired. Allow to cool before transferring to the refrigerator.  Once set, cut to the desired size using a sharp knife, or break into pieces.
Have a great week everyone!  The Olympic Torch arrives in Bath tomorrow, so you can imagine how buzzing the city is at the moment! SAF is one of my favourite restaurants in London but some people are really put off by it and claim that its too expensive and never get full. I made my first visit to Saf last year and their desserts, as well as a fellow blogger, inspired me to recreate a raw cashew cream cake at home.
My favourite raw dessert (as well as my husband’s) is definitely a berry cashew cream cake AND we also like the raw brownie! The world's leading natural and organic health food supermarket now has a landmark 80,000-square-foot store in High Street Kensington's Barkers building. I visited this store today and thought the variety of natural products on offer was fantastic. I went to London for a day trip and whilst there visited Whole Foods Market in Kensington with my daughter. I love going to the Whole Foods market when I visit my son, who lives just across the road. I love their coffee and it is equivalent in price to Starbucks and most high street coffee houses.
We visited this beautiful store and restaurant for the second time today and were for the second time disappointed. I live directly behind Whole Foods and was most excited at the prospect of having such a fantastic food store within 2 minutes' walk from my home. Yet to make a profit in the UK, Whole Foods has continued to expand during its first four years in England, adding its first Scottish store in Glasgow in 2011. Despite the reported losses, the grocer has reiterated its commitment to the UK market, adding that is has three stores in development, scheduled to open from 2013 onwards. Baldwin Naturals is a health food store in Baldwin Village which sells a variety of organic food, wheat-free products and vitamins.
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Grab some chorizo and Kensington Quarters eggs and you have the start to a great breakfast. It'll be a short growing season but the backyard will be a big part of Kensington Quarters going forward.
The upstairs at Kensington Quarters is a private space for classes in butchery, cooking, cocktails and more.
Using raw ingredients allows the chocolate to retain all its wonderful antioxidants and other nutritional qualities.  I also opted to use Sweet Freedom Fruit Sweetener instead of sugar.  The result?
The three of us ordered starters, mains, desserts and drinks, and the bill came to just over ?20 each, which is really good (especially for London). I’d never had dehydrated ones before and they tasted way different to my home baked ones.
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for sharing the links to your amazing raw creations. The cacao butter comes in a hard block, so I’m not quite sure how to convert it into cups. Whole Foods Market offers a dazzling array of natural and organic products and works to support local food artisans. I was looking for a natural remedy to help a sinus complaint and was well advised by a very helpful and knowledgeable member of staff. If you love yourself and want the best for YOU, then being at Wholefoods will definitely treat and do your body and self well.
We did not have enough time to look around (maybe next time) but we liked their bakery stuff and bought ciabatta, cholla, crostini. The product is excellent, but you will pay a premium - probably to help pay for the large space they manage in one of the best retail locations in London.
Whilst it is not cheap, everything I tried, from the prepared food to the raw ingredients, was fantastic.
Whole Foods may be expensive compared to other grocers, but their quality by far exceeds anything else I've come across since coming to the UK.
Customer service, the atmosphere, the thought and design put into the packaging, eco-friendly items - those to me define quality. Upon arrival I was amazed at how reasonably priced grocers were, but I was not impressed with the quality and, frankly, I found the dimly lit, warehouse environment of most UK grocers to be somewhat depressing.
It lost £10m last year and will do the same this year given the downturn in the economy, so watch this space for an empty unit. How can staff say 'no' so readily to something that is on the menu as being available (and is, with not too much difficulty)? We thought the store was amazing - prices may be high on some items but the vast array of unusual goods more than makes up for that. Please note: this is not a supermarket but a food hall and this is reflected in their pricing (which is laughable and on a par with Harrods).
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The combination butcher shop, restaurant and classroom is unique to Philadelphia and it will be interesting to see how the concept grows and evolves. We reserve the right to ban impersonators and remove comments that contain personal attacks, threats, or profanity, or are flat-out offensive. A home-made chocolate bark that’s packed with nutrients, low GI and suitable for diabetics.  Happy days! I am not a fan of the curried kale chips though, definitely prefer the ones from inspiral lounge. We’ve got a street party this afternoon, and the main road through our village is being closed to cars for the first time ever! You'll find everything from fresh breads and local seafood, to the Whole Body range of natural and organic body care cosmetics. I especially love their bakery stuff and cheese room - so many cheeses to choose from, and you can try a little bit before you buy. I had water dripping on me from a salad counter, which left stains, but the juvenile shop assistant kept insisting it would not stain, as there was no bleach in their ready-made salads!
My partner and I are vegetarians and were refused the meat alternative as a matter of course for the second occasion of coming to enjoy a celebratory meal at the restaurant. The store is pleasant, with low key music playing, and the girl we asked for directions to an item we needed took us there and was really friendly. Also, on several occasions I have purchased items that are already past their sell-by-date - NOT ACCEPTABLE, although a refund is always offered. The menu runs from $11 for rare beef to $26 for a pork shoulder entree, served with potato torta and mustard greens. Next time I make some chocolates I’ll see how easily it fits into cup sizes and let you know. This is a blog about the stuff I'm currently passionate about, including my journey into the world of whole food plant-based cooking. The cheese I find very expensive, especially the Gruyere - you can buy the same weight for half the price in Morrison's (same for the Gorgonzola). Though Kensington Quarters does include a butcher shop, the menu is far from strictly carnivore as the menu includes dishes that are or can be prepared for vegetarians.
I didn’t get a chance to photograph it as we wanted to tuck in as soon as it was ready.
The fish counter has been redesigned, but the fish still have 'unfresh' eyes and smell stale. The meat counter is enough to convert the keenest meat-eater to vegetarianism: black, rank chunks of flesh, and the carcass of a disgusting looking pig.

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