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We are Halifax's newest vitamin shoppe carrying a wide selection of vitamins, supplements and sports nutrition.
Visitors suggest corrections, and The Healthy Bug Natural Health Shoppe representatives who have the option of claiming this page. We rank Food Stores by first grouping them together by proximity, then analyzing their ratings, reviews and comments. Enjoy the solace of a sunny oasis in the comfort of your own home with Halifax Seasonal Sunrooms in Bedford. Super Natural Health Products is connected to HumaniT Cafe, so you walk into the health store area first.
The Ecology Action Centre, a Halifax-based non-profit organization, has partnered with its home city to create a mobile grocery store service.
The 21-week pilot program will provide residents in the communities of Spryfield, Fairview, North Preston, East Preston, Halifax north and Dartmouth north with access to fresh fruit and vegetables.
Aimme Carson, community food coordinator with the Ecology Action Centre, notes that the mobile food bus approach has been set up in other Ontario cities, including Toronto and Ottawa.

For example, Toronto’s “Mobile Good Food Program” ran weekly at eight food deserts in the city.
Home Bargains carries a wide range of top quality high street brands, from health and beauty products to household goods, from food to toys.
This is the food page of The Healthy Bug Natural Health Shoppe on 3514 JOSEPH HOWE DR Halifax. Unless you have logged in and set your user name, your reviews will be signed by an anonymous nickname 6775th.
The Healthy Bug Natural Health Shoppe is currently ranked number 1 of 5 nearby Food Stores in Fairview Halifax.
They have a good little section of supplements and vitamins, as well as some cruelty free skincare and beauty products. The service, entitled the “Mobile Market Project,” will deliver fresh food into six “food deserts”—areas with little access to grocery stores—in the region. Once a week, a Halifax Transit bus furnished by the city will visit each community, spending approximately 90 minutes at each destination to sell affordable food items.

Key lessons from those markets, she says, include the importance of community engagement, establishing a viable business model, and procuring food. During the one-year pilot program, approximately 20 customers attended each site weekly, purchasing between $6-7 worth of food. Currently, representatives from the program are in discussion with both corporate grocery retailers and local food providers, discussing from where the food will be sourced.
Average monthly sales at the sites ranged from $188 to $888, causing the number of sites to become reduced partway through the project because of low participation and sales.

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