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A couple of weekends ago I went to my natural health food store to stock up on my tea obsession as well as pick up a new essential oil I have been meaning to get for the longest. I've been on a tea high since this past fall and have been very happy I have finally discovered and given tea a chance.
Oolong tea is semi fermented and lies between green and black tea, containing moderate amounts of caffeine. Tea has a cleansing effect helping those who deal with constipation maintain a regular schedule which helps rid the body of toxins more efficiently. My morning tea ritual consists of 1-2 cups when I wake up and another cup when I get to work. At last but not least I have been experimenting with making my own body butters usuing shea butter and Coconut Oil. I chanced upon BE WELL Organics, a food store that sells healthy all natural and organic products when I was out one time searching for a place where I could buy Chia Seeds in Antipolo City.
So when I run out of stock of those food and supplements we need in our house, I still need to travel out of our city. Be Well Organics is just a small store but boasting of some great healthy food finds one may find hard enough to locate in other supermarket in Antipolo City. Some of the things we spotted on our first visit were organic quinoa, steel cut oats, organic condiments - majority are imported. They do have the Chia Seed I was looking for and they also have some goji berries, black sesame seeds, Himalayan pink salt, turmeric powder and tea (which I am crazy about) and other super foods I would usually buy at Health Options. Local organic food productsare also present such as tsa-ang gubat, muscovado sugar, and my favorite coco natura coconut sugar. I forgot to take photo of the flavored polvoron which my mother bought but my nephew seems to like it.
There are also plenty of dried mushrooms - the ones I preferred over the canned ones when fresh varieties are not at hand. During my visit when I took some photos, their vegetable racks were empty while their freezer were not actually filled either, so this particular photo below are from Be Well's Facebook page. I am really glad to have discovered this little gem in Antipolo City because I love it when the things I enjoy in our home in Manila are also accessible here. Homemade Baby Food Is More Nutritious Than Store-Bought: Does Commercial Baby Food Pose A Health Risk? Easy-to-read, question-and-answer fact sheets covering a wide range of workplace health and safety topics, from hazards to diseases to ergonomics to workplace promotion.
IAQ problems result from interactions between building materials and furnishing, activities within the building, climate, and building occupants. Here are examples of common indoor air contaminants and their main sources: Carbon dioxide (CO2), tobacco smoke, perfume, body odours a€“ from building occupants. It is common for people to report one or more of the following symptoms: Dryness and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, and skin Headache Fatigue Shortness of breath Hypersensitivity and allergies Sinus congestion Coughing and sneezing Dizziness Nausea People generally notice their symptoms after several hours at work and feel better after they have left the building or when they have been away from the building for a weekend or a vacation.

Occupants of buildings with poor IAQ report a wide range of health problems which are often called Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) or Tight Building Syndrome (TBS), Building-Related Illness (BRI) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). As with any other occupational illness, not all people are affected with the same symptoms or to the same extent.
When there is a problem with IAQ, people may experience various health conditions that are listed above. Many Canadian jurisdictions do not have specific legislation that deals with indoor air quality issues. Typically people will report that they are experiencing symptoms believed to be caused by IAQ. Many people may play a role in helping to resolve an IAQ problem including the building owner, employer, property manager, and occupants.
What is an example of a health survey that I can use to help identify if IAQ is related to reported problems?
The following is a sample of a questionnaire that could be used to help identify if an office or building has an indoor air quality problem. If you think that you may be ill from IAQ problems, it is important to keep track of when you get your symptoms (aches, pains, headaches, etc.) and when they go away. Oolong tea is known to stimulate the digestive system and like most teas helps maintain a clearer mind. I like how light and refreshed I feel after having tea and not to mention all the health benefits I get from a cup of tea everyday. Burning vanilla for aromatherapy purposes helps relax your mind as well as ease tension, stress and headaches. Not only can you use it on your skin but hair as well which is my ultimate goal with this shea butter and coconut oil mix.
I believe there are number of farms in Antipolo where people can source fresh organic produce.
Good thing that my parents and I chanced upon Be Well Organics located at Lores Country Plaza one time when a visit at SM Hypermarket to check for Chia Seeds yields no result. I am happy to see that they carry my favorite brand, BRAGG, and it's not just the usual Apple Cider Vinegar you can find in their shelves. They also have bagoong alamang, pure honey, tsokolate tablea, mangosteen juice, and pure guyabano juice, among many others. I was first introduced to Jacobina biscuit during a trip in Tagaytay and I never find it in any other store in Manila.
I just hope that they do sell it in smaller packages so that other people who just want to try some products would have the chance to buy some in small portion. I just want to show that they do sell vegetables from their farm as well as mock meat, vege-meat, and glutten food products.
IAQ problems may arise from one or more of the following causes: Indoor environment - inadequate temperature, humidity, poor air circulation, ventilation system issues.

Feelings of discomfort and illness may be related to any number of issues in the total indoor environment. Some people may not be sensitive to IAQ problems in the early years of exposure but can become sensitized as exposure continues over time. Since many of the symptoms are very similar to what we feel like when coming down with a cold or the flu (influenza), it is often difficult to say for sure if indoor air is the cause of the symptoms. Occupational exposure limits listed in health and safety regulations and the Threshold Limit ValuesA® (TLVs) recommended by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) are intended as a guide to prevent illness or certain effects (like eye and nose irritation) in industrial situations. This record will help your safety officer or health professional determine what the problem is related to.
Then recently I decided to switch it up a bit and try Oolong tea which turned out to be just as good. My skin is not only oily but sensitive too so I have been eliminating a lot of ingredients in my skin care regimen because of it. I'm not much of a lotion person but since trying out shea butter and coconut oil my skin has been soaking it up. I myself have made use of the space at home that I have to grow my own food because with the kind of climate and rich soil we have here, it seems like a smart thing to do. Me-Ann Mercado, a soft spoken and very accommodating fine lady and she told us that some of their products comes from their farm while the others are sourced from suppliers. My only wish is that they start to sell some of their products in small packages so that more people can feed their curiosity and try their products. Other common causes may include noise levels, thermal comfort (temperature, humidity, and air movement), lighting, and ergonomics.
Some people may be exposed to more contaminants in the building than others and they may experience symptoms earlier than other people. This clause, common to all Canadian occupational health and safety legislation, states that an employer must provide a safe and healthy workplace. You may also wish to discuss you symptoms with your health professional to rule out any other medical conditions. Since getting this oil I have not stopped using it and sometimes I catch myself just running to the bottle to take a sniff of it. When I exhaust my stock of these biscuits, I know now where to go, and it's a plus point that it is within my city! In these cases, there is usually a similar set of clinical symptoms experienced by the people and a clear cause can often be found upon investigation.
Legionnaires Disease is an example of BRI caused by bacteria which can contaminate a building's air conditioning system.

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