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Pictures of Tampa Bay area (Clearwater, Pensacola: cost of living, cemetery, skyline) - Florida (FL) -Tampa - St.
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I managed to catch some of the Foster Grant Ironman athletes on the bicycle course this past weekend. I've decided to make these photos (and the 500+ additional photos I took) available for the athletes (or anyone) to order prints.

Even I not that conscious about the choice of material or ingredients of food, I shop at this place some time.
Really neat to see them, working so hard, and yet some of them smiling as they passed in front of my lens.
Since I got stuck on the wrong side of McMullen Booth during the race, I am not sure how I feel about them leaving.
They're a little pricey, but I don't feel bad paying $9-10 for a ticket because of the atmosphere.

Out of the dozen or so downtown theaters (including the elaborate Florida and Palace), the Tampa's the only one left. It close to the beach and good for the vacationers stay at the hotel with kitchen want to cook themselves.

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