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I arrived, the skies were a thick, overgrown grey, the air sent shivers of ice through my bones and an inconsistent drizzle was falling from the sky.
I managed to see and do a lot in my ten days in London, and completely immersed myself in it’s wonderful, quirky madness that I fall head over heels for so quickly (once i had gotten over the fact that the weather was crap and i just had to deal with it). Walking beside the Thames river and visiting the Tate Modern was one of my favourite outings in London.
Portobello Market is a visual delight, with brightly coloured housing (that remind me of doll houses) and spring trees lining the streets. Every Sunday morning the whole street transforms into a bustling swarm of tourists and overpriced antiques stalls, and it is so much fun just letting yourself get lost in the chaotic wonderfulness. Halfway into my stay in London, I began to notice myself feeling a little more down each day that went by.
Soho is a cutting-edge area with an incredible food scene and a great vibe, that will definitely make you feel like you have left the greyness of London for a wee while. Camden was definitely my favourite suburb of London, with a quirkiness so distinctive you just knew you were in Camden.
I found the best way to explore London for me was by bus, you get to see a lot more and definitely get a feel for your surroundings much faster. London is a wonderful city and I’ve got no idea where these feet will take me, but I hope to see London again very soon.
The buildings appeared to be all the same, made with the same mundane red brick and so little greenery to be seen. I was going to be here for another ten days, so I may as well learn to enjoy myself… And that I did indeed! Something I learned super quickly was that the charm of London can be incredibly concealed if the weather turns to shit, so it is important to keep an open mind even when the grey depresses the life out of you. I have created a list of the ten things I enjoyed most (suitable to those on a budget), the things that represent what London is to me.

Combine park culture with a picnic from Wholefoods and spring daffodils, and I am one happy girl.
I went with no expectations and found myself totally and completely enamored with the place as I left. Brighton held such a quirky character that was in my opinion, quite inimitable. I had the most wonderful time just wandering there, venturing down tree-lined alleyways with boutique cafes next to dirty sex-shops and cute vintage stores – the mismatched character will win you over straight away. This was definitely my favourite food market in London, and even a quick glimpse in and you will see why. I walked to Bricklane after Columbia Rd flower market one Sunday and was pleasantly surprised by the vibrance and character it held.
There are so many photo opportunities here, as every street is guaranteed to be filled with some sort of crazy colour combination or weirdness, from the buildings to the locals. One of my favourite things to do was hoping on a double-decker bus into Oxford Circus and sitting right at the front up the top – it is basically a tame Disneyland ride! I was confused, where on earth were the coloured, quaint streets, the daily markets, the bohemian suburbs, the characteristic cafes, the underground music scene of the London I had envisioned in my head? Out of my many picnics in London, my favourite was the time I found myself at Wholefoods in Piccadilly Circus, where I picked up a generous hot meal from their salad bar for approx €7. It reminded me a lot of San Francisco, and I enjoyed getting lost in the vibrant pastel streets, vintage boutiques, vegan cupcake shops & traditional English tea cafes. It is a glorious mess of swarming crowds, mad hustle and bustle, English stallholders yelling and people pushing in way too many directions. All I saw were these strange, repetitive brick city streets, people frowning and thick grey clouds heaving down on the city. I then walked to St James Park where I sat in the daffodils, ate some nourishing food and watched squirrels dance around me (and grinned a bit too much when I saw my first one!).

I had the most fun trying on Manolo Blahnik shoes to sexy Myla dressing gowns and slips, it can be quite fun pretending to be glamorous for a day. I thought getting away for a day would do me some good, and so I ventured out to little old Brighton to find my soul again by the sea. I became quite the regular to this market, picking up raw, local milk and freshly baked bread every second morning. I particularly liked once I had finished walking through the market, where I stumbled upon an underground vintage scene and a food court with cheap, delicious vegan treats. Make sure to grab a coffee and get lost in the happy chaos, buying a bunch of tulips on your way (the flowers here are very, very cheap) and finishing at Lily Vanilli (just off Columbia Rd), where you can grab a tea & some of the yummiest cake you have ever tasted! You can then go on and walk through Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park, which is most delightful on a sunny day. I purchased a National Express bus ticket (much cheaper than the train), which cost me €11 return.
Plus there is something for everyone, with a huge variety of international cuisine and many options for strict dietary requirements (vegan, gluten free etc).
I didn’t have the chance in the end, but I have also heard that walking from Hyde Park to Kensington Gardens (where Kensington Palace sits, where Princess Diana lived) is really lovely too.

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