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Following is a quick guide of where to find several of Canberra's most healthy cafes in the city, north and south of Canberra. PALEO CAFE – Colourful & CreativePaleo Cafe base their menu on the Paleo lifestyle, with followers eating as nature intended and only eating foods that cavemen ate before the modern lifestyle took over.
If you enjoy the Paleo lifestyle, also check out Elemental on Lonsdale Street in Braddon and Paleo Perfection Espresso Bar a street back from the Kingston Foreshore.
Eighty Twenty Cafe is located on Lonsdale Street and its name refers to its philosophy of eating healthy 80% of the time and allowing 20% for indulges so you don't feel deprived. SWEET BONES BAKERY CAFE – Retro & OrganicSweet Bones is located only a couple of doors down from Eighty Twenty above and has a different ethos to their menu.
MY RAINBOW DREAMS - Authentic & NourishingMy Rainbow Dreams is a vegetarian cafe owned and operated by students of Sri Chinmoy, a renowned Indian spiritual leader. AS NATURE INTENDED - Traditional & HomelyDo you love the smell when you walk into a Health Food Shop? LOCAL PRESS – Natural & RelaxedA short drive south of the city is the Kingston Foreshore, which is a stretch of restaurants and cafes on Lake Burley Griffin. QUIZINE - Raw & ColourfulLast, but certainly not least, is Quizine - a healthy cafe located in the industrial suburb of Phillip, across the road from a large gym.
If you are looking for healthy, organic, vegetarian and sustainable options in particular, ensure you check out the Living Green Festival at Albert Hall each year, for delicious food to eat on the day and to also take home. Being healthy is more than what you eat, it extends to how you feel about yourself and the levels of energy you can achieve. WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city. Located on the lower level of First Canadian Place, Naturally Yours is a supplements shop, a grocery store, and a place to pick up a quick, healthy lunch. Naturally Yours is a long time fixture in the First Canadian Place "Market Place" (read: the corridor that's also home to Prairie Girl Bakery, Longo's, Akco and others). I stop by the shop and meet the owner, Tom, who is a bit shy to chat but obviously proud of his store. And for a fairly small shop here at First Canadian Place, Naturally Yours is stacked with products. And while Naturally Yours has long been the dominant First Canadian Place presence in terms of healthy, vegetarian, and gluten-free, it is poised to get some company. Freshdaily is Canada's source for hyper-local arts, music, film, fashion, food and news coverage.
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Subwaya€™s slogan is a€?Eat fresha€™ and it prides itself on providing a€?healthya€™ fast food. Walking into the store, the first thing that hit me was the stench: a combination of processed meat, dried herbs and melted processed cheese. Nowhere could I see any mention of healthy food a€” though there was a huge photograph on the wall of a highly unappetising collection of processed meat blocks that looked like dog food.The chilled counter contained the most unappetising collection of ingredients I have ever seen. So I tried tuna with salad on an Italian herb sub a€” better than the meatballs, but made with substandard mayonnaise that gave it a bitter aftertaste a€” and a breaded chicken fillet on a toasted honey and oat sub, with cheese, salad, jalapeno chilli and chipotle dressing. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

All you have to do is have a look at the running tracks and cycleways around the city each morning to find Canberrans leading active and healthy lifestyles.
Whichever you choose, they will have the same healthy philosophy - guaranteed to start your day with wholesome goodness that your body craves. Although there is meat, there is no bread, dairy, grains, legumes, artificial sugars, preservatives or anything that was developed after this time.
Their menu is exceptionally healthy and particularly popular, with tables filling up fast each weekend. All their food in the cafe and Bakery is wholly made from organic, cruelty free and vegan produce. They "strive to serve food that is nourishing to both body and soul, in keeping with our belief that inner and outer wellbeing go together".
There are a host of healthy options along the foreshore, in particular Local Press cafe who has a wholesome approach to their menu.
This cafe is designed for people to enjoy healthy food after a gym workout, whilst in training or at any time for overall health. Of course, those areas already have health food stores catering to their needs, so another shop would simply add to the abundance.
It has many of the eco-friendly items you'd find, say, at the Big Carrot or at Essence of Life, but it's just an elevator ride down for the 8,000 people who work in the building, and a stop along the way for the 80,000 more who pass through its doors. Though the building as a whole, including the Market Place, has undergone a thorough renovation, Naturally Yours has been around pretty much as is for decades.
He tells me he got into the business simply because he needed something to do after university, and has watched over the operation of this shop and a Naturally Yours on Kingston Road ever since. Most prominent is its collection of herbs and supplements, but also available are eco-friendly shampoos, natural feminine hygiene products, healthy bagged snacks — the types of things most people would pick up at the giant Rexall down the hall, but with an eco-friendly twist.
Naturally Yours rotates a menu of lunch and daily soup offerings that include yam burritos (which Tom points out is a clear Naturally Yours lunch frontrunner), mac and cheese, zucchini lasagna and more, all of which typically ring in around $7.00. Best of all, the ingredients for each dish is posted alongside, with information or quirky facts added about certain ingredients.
A shop called Kupfert & Kim is moving in across the hall, offering Financial District workers another option for meatless and wheat-free.
Published under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 (Canada) license. Sorry-looking lettuce, plasticky olive slices and an assortment of chopped meat that was almost unidentifiable.I asked what a pile of brown circles was. This was better a€” the dressing, while almost fluorescent orange, was tasty, as were the jalapenos. The overall effect was a warm, spicy, salt-sweet sogginess a€” not unpleasant, but not something Ia€™ll be repeating. According to the companya€™s figures, a 6in Meatball Marinara sub has 511 calories, 21g of fat, of which 9g is saturated, and 3.3g of salt.
On weekends, cafes are full of diners enjoying healthy breakfasts and leisurely lunches in the city and local suburbs.
This colourful cafe is a street over from the busy Lonsdale Street and has bright colours, delicious food and amazing coffee (although there is no sugar on the table, however you can ask for it).
Choose from soups, real food salad boxes, smoothies, acai bowls, rice paper rolls, wraps and salads.

They advocate that organic food contains higher levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes than found in conventional foods.
The staff behind the counter wear saris and the small cafe emanates peace and tranquillity.
As Nature Intended is a health food shop primarily, with a cafe located inside it with several tables and a comfy couch to relax on. A little on the pricier side, the meals all contain a wide range of vitamin enriched natural foods, local produce where possible and they use free-range hormone-free proteins. Their Fit Meals are particularly popular with local office workers, for a healthy lunchtime meal.
In Winter, it is so easy to eat heavy, so it can be a real effort to eat healthy and light - but the energy rewards are proving to be worth it. Toronto's downtown core, however, has anything but an abundance of green grocers, especially at the heart of the bustle in the Financial District.
Thata€™s 30a€‰per cent less salty than it used to be, Subway boasts a€” but it is still the equivalent of six packets of Walkers ready salted crisps and more than half of an adulta€™s maximum daily recommended intake of salt. Almost every cafe in Canberra has at least a few healthy options to choose from on their menu's - however some are more healthier than others. They have a vast range of spectacular cakes, however it is the creative delights off the menu that are the healthiest of all.
Sit back and look out the front window or at the shelves of wholesome ingredients that you can buy afterwards.
When fresh local Canberra produce looks this good - why would you want to eat anything else?
In the UK, there are 1,500 outlets across the country, compared with 1,197 for McDonalda€™s.Therea€™s almost certainly a Subway on your High Street.
The truth, as I experienced it, was so very different from the healthy, fresh picture Subway paints of itself that it would be laughable, were it not so shocking. Their burgers, wraps, curries, salads and soups are full of colour, taste and wholesome goodness.
The small cafe caters for a range of intolerances and offers healthy quiches, pies, salads and breakfasts. So much for fresh.In its defence, Subway says by a€?fresha€™ it means that the sandwiches are freshly made in front of customer, not that the ingredients are fresh. Not that its meat is 100 per cent meat: Subway told me its ham contains pork rear-leg meat, water, salt, stabilisers, dextrose (sugar), lactose, smoke flavouring, preservative and antioxidant.
Kildare (if you recognise the name it might be from the publicity they received over a salmonella outbreak in their factory a couple of years ago, which led to Subway having to remove some ingredients from its stores).Although Dawn Farm does not list its ingredients on its website, and there was nobody available to talk to me, it does announce that, when it comes to processed meat, a€?If you can imagine it, we can make it happena€™. The slogan is illustrated with slices of meat shaped like a pear and, erm, the Colosseum.So far, so unappetising.
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