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Whether you're interested in a business or franchise, Daltons is a name synonymous with buying and selling since the mid 1800's.
The business has been established since 1984 and in its present ownership for the pas 7 years and has gone from strength to strength selling health foods and sports supplements.
This business has recently been brought to the market & more information about this business will follow shortly. I will admit that I'm lucky to have access to a wide variety of grocery stores, from health food stores to large chain stores to little ethnic markets. But I'll buy from them when I find something not found in a regular super market and I have some money to splurge like Lara Bars or blue potatoes. I shop at both Whole Foods and Trader Joe's - unfortunately, they are almost a half an hour away from me, so I can't go there every week for my shopping.
There's a Sun Harvest (owned by Wild Oats) right across the street from our new apartment, and it's my new best friend. I'd love to shop at Whole Foods exclusively, but unfortunately, it's WAY out of my price range. Whole Foods is definitely more expensive than traditional markets but "regular" stores have organic sections, natural foods and commonly carry products like Amy's and Muir Glen.
Oftentimes local markets are less expensive, my favorite place is a small chain called Sunflower, the produce is typically great and very reasonably priced. I used to shop at both but it has gotten to the point where I have only started eating what I can get at Trader Joes.

I don't shop at CostCo often, but my fiance and I went there to stock our earthquake kit, and I was amazed at the selection of bulk ORGANIC foods! Organic label makes regular food taste better or about the "health halo effect" Oops! This shop is very popular in the local area as it was first established by our client in 1974. My heart lies with the health food stores though, especially the little privately owned ones or, better yet, the worker-owned co-ops. Fortunately the regular grocery stores around here all have good organic & health food selections. I also go to the local Stop & Shop, the local produce market (which is way cheaper than S&S and WF), farmer's markets, and sometimes the local smaller health foods stores.
They have a decent organic and vegetarian section, a great bulk section for dried goods and spices, and these wonderful stuffed grape leaves.
I only go there when I'm craving some obscure veggie meat product I can't find at my local chain, or when I'm in the money (rare!). I, too, prefer eating processed junk foods to spending my money on the organic hype and getting into more debt than I'm already in.
Occasionally though, I must stray to a big time chain grocery store to find exactly what I need.
It's a shame, too, because they have so many foods that I can have there while I'm quite a bit more limited at regular stores (I can't eat gluten).

I would love to shop at WF every time I shop, but unfortunately I'm not independently wealthy!
AND every week they have AMAZING specials on produce, so much so that I check there before buying anything at my cheap chain grocery.
That said, as far as regular old grocery stores go, I only shop at HEB, because it's fairly local (only in the TX area). Rent ?20000 per annum with a self-contained flat above generating rent of ?7500, which could be used as owner’s accommodation.
This week, they've got 3lbs of oranges or 2lbs of onions for $1, and earlier in the summer they had $2 raspberry pints and $0.25 avocados.
It’s quite easy too, considering the amount of confusion that seems to be floating in the air.
Perceptions of calories, taste and nutritional value were biased in favor of the organically labeled product, despite the fact the competing product was no less, no more the same.The health halo effect is term coined by researchers when describing the tendency people have of overestimating the healthfulness of a food based on one narrow attribute.
In a rather worrisome twist, previous studies have shown that people actually consume more organic foods than they would have intended were they non-organic foods, like eating far more low-fat foods than they would the traditional version.

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