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The creative guys of Anagrama had the opportunity to develop a sophisticated brand identity including stationery, several branding materials, food packaging, and the decoration for the complete restaurant interior. The Burford font family, a layered typeface inspired by good old vintage signage and advertising. Branding by agency Pixelinme for Geo Office Berlin, an architecture and planning company based in Berlin, Germany. The pop-up gallery show for MONARC Studios with large-scale prints of Jun Cha’s black & grey tattoo work. State public health officials want to update North Carolina’s antiquated food safety rules. Across the country, 49 states have embraced new rules adopted by the Food and Drug Administration in 2009 to improve food safety and decrease the risk of food poisoning. Each year, thousands of people in North Carolina get sick from food-borne illnesses caused by bacteria such as listeria, e. And those are just the diseases that people report to their doctors or local health departments. Public health officials are hoping to reduce those numbers, and so are people whose job it is to serve food.  The two groups have been working together for the past year to tailor the FDA rules to fit North Carolina.

Barkley said her organization is in support of efforts to update the rules around food safety. But Michael said the science has shown many of those old rules were out of date, and often, not even effective at protecting people. Chef James Castellow from Zest Restaurant in Raleigh said he didn’t have a problem with most of the new rules, but said that the economy would play into how quickly the new rules will be adopted. Refrigerators will have to be set to temperatures below 41 degrees to restrain the growth of bacteria such as listeria, a form of bacteria that sickened thousands nationwide last summer when they ate cantaloupes contaminated with the pathogen.
Scott asked state officials to give restaurants six months, or a year, to come into compliance with the new rules. But Scott also said a multi-state company such as his thinks the new rules will be a benefit, and he praised the process Michael and other state officials have followed to get the new code in place.
See NC Health Beats for a list of upcoming public hearings and town hall meetings on the new food code. Michael has been leading the state’s effort to adopt the new rules and he said the last time North Carolina wrote food safety rules was in 1976. The restaurant grading system and some of the state’s certification practices have become models for a number of other states.

One of the more striking comments is the variability in cooking temperatures between states. They serve fresh and delicious foods such as salads and paninis as well as smoothies and juices. In addition, the designers used a color palette based on green and natural colors to give Mamva’s brand identity a carefree as well as ecological touch. According to the Communicable Disease Branch of the Division of Public Health, more than 250 people across the state got sick from what they ate in January alone, diseases caused by bacteria such as e.coli, norovirus, and salmonella.
In addition, unless every manager who works in a facility has the certification, the restaurant loses an additional two points.

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