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Soups that are a whole meal are so welcome at this time of year, and this one I could eat three nights in a row.
I love everything about this soup and will definitely be making it once it cools off here in Dallas! Does the butternut squash need to be peeled before going into the harvest vegetable chicken soup with quinoa? The harvest produce in the Indiana markets has us in the mood for autumn cooking, even if the weather hasn’t quite caught up yet (though it’s starting to)!  One of our favorite ways to prepare vegetables in the fall and winter months is roasting, which brings out a unique and delicious flavor from vegetables – sometimes surprisingly different from their taste raw or sauteed!
If you’re looking for a lovely, comforting aroma to fill your house, look no further than roasted vegetables!  We were salivating while this dish was in the oven. The basic idea for the recipe is to oven-roast vegetables with some seasonings, and then combine them with a grain. You can substitute any grain for the quinoa, like rice, farro, barley, or bulgur (my current personal favorite).
Roasted Harvest Vegetables with Quinoa   Print For any leftovers, reheat and add a bit more olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and kosher salt and pepper to taste.

I tried a version of this (added a few mushrooms and some fennel, left out the chickpeas) and it was soooo delicious!
We’re Sonja & Alex, a writer and photographer couple who believes in the power of real good food. To receive exclusive Mary's Gone Crackers updates and offers, please fill in your details in the form below. Actually, where I live we’re a little confused since it snowed in the mountains this past weekend!
While I must admit it takes a bit of time to chop all the vegetables (and generates quite a pile of peelings for your compost!), it’s all worth the effort when you smell the roasting in action – as well as when you taste it!
We served the dish as a main dish salad, but it would also work well as a side. Give it a try, and enjoy the roasted aroma!
I really love this dish, I keep under a certain calorie amount a day (aside from special occasion’s and once a month). Serve with your favorite flavor of Mary's Gone Crackers and optional toppings (shredded chicken or tofu).

We had a bit of a cold front come in, and it snowed above 7,000 feet (I’m at 6,000 feet where we got rain instead). Remove the bacon from the pan, reserving 1 tablespoon of drippings (scoop out and discard the rest). Add the kale, corn and thyme to the pan; simmer, uncovered, 5 minutes or until kale is tender.
Here you will find over 2,500 recipes, themed entertaining menus, cookbook and product reviews, travel adventures and more! However, the idea has great potential for creativity, so use whatever vegetables are seasonal or your favorites! And I’m guessing that means that the gargantuan snowblower we just bought is going to come in handy.

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