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Remember, all kids are unique and my require a different size puzzle based on their abilities.
This probably the most romantic and poetic wonder of the world is not only long gone, but its existence is also up for dispute. Disclaimer: All the pictures and Detail shown on this blog are the property of their respective owners. The lack of documentation of its subsistence in the chronicles of Babylonian history makes many doubt if the wonderful gardens ever pleased the eye of a human or were just a figment of ancient poets and novelists. There are two equally credible theories about who build the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, they are assumed to be the work either of semilegendary Queen Sammu-ramat (Greek Semiramis), the Assyrian queen who reigned from 810 to 783 BC, or of King Nebuchadrezzar II, the king of the Babylonian Empire, who reigned c. A few words about the first possible builder, Semiramis:Through the centuries the legend of Semiramis attracted not only the attention of Greek historians, but she also was the muse of novelists, poets and other storytellers.
Another proof of the consideration that the Hanging Gardens of Babylon never actually existed are many thousands of clay tablets from that period in Babylon. In ancient writings the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were first described by Berossus, a Chaldaean (a dynasty in Babylonian history) priest who lived in the late 4th century B.C. Recent archaeological digs at Babylon have unearthed a major palace, a vaulted building with thick walls (perhaps the one mentioned by Greek historians), and an irrigation well in proximity to the palace. Archaeologists and historians believe that the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were not destroyed by an earthquake but by other minor disasters such as: erosion and warfare. Never in the history of the world, will there be a husband who likes his wife so much as the King Nebuchadrezzar II.
Below I deliver some key points and facts about the Hanging Gardens and let your nature, not mind, be the judge..
605– c.561 BC), it is said that he built the legendary gardens to console his wife Amytis of Media, because she was homesick for the mountains and greenery of her homeland. A more recent theory proposes that the gardens were actually constructed in the city of Nineveh, on the bank of the river Tigris. The image of the gardens is impressive not only for its blossoming flowers, ripe fruit, gushing waterfalls, terraces lush with rich foliage, and exotic creatures, but also for the engineering feat of supplying the massive, raised gardens with soil and water. Stone tablets from Nebuchadnezzar’s reign give detailed descriptions of the city of Babylonia, its walls, and the palace, but do not refer to the Hanging Gardens.

Although an archaeological team surveyed the palace site and presented a reconstruction of the vaulted building as being the actual Hanging Gardens, accounts by Strabo place the Hanging Gardens at another location, nearer the Euphrates River.
These pictures have been collected from different public sources including different websites, considering to be in public domain.
Today we spotlight six exciting gardening ideas that will give your outdoor space a fresh, new look. Though there are no compelling arguments about the credibility of any of the assumptions, the hanging Gardens of Babylon are often called the Hanging Gardens of Semiramis. A  “gossip” around her name would have made a beautiful yellow press headline – “Semiramis is said to have had a long string of one-night-stands with handsome soldiers”. It is possible that  Through the ages, the location of the Hanging Gardens may have been confused with gardens that existed at the city of Nineveh, since tablets from the place clearly show gardens. German architect and archaeologist Robert Koldewey who is known for revealing the semilegendary Babylon as a geographic and historical reality, discovered huge vaults and arches at the site. Some historians claim that the warriors in the army of Alexander the Great were amazed at the immense prosperity of the thriving city of Babylon and tended to exaggerate their experiences greatly.
Other archaeologists insist that since the vaulted building is thousands of feet from the Euphrates, it is too distant to support the original claims even if Strabo happened to be wrong about the location. From cutting-edge design to the latest in garden and patio furnishings, we’ve got you covered…Not much space outdoors? Another “rumor” may become an inspiration for horror film makers – they say that she had each lover killed after a night of passion, so that her power would not be threatened by a man who presumed on their relationship. When the soldiers returned to their stark homeland, they had incredible stories to relate about the remarkable gardens, palm trees, and imposing buildings of rich and fertile Mesopotamia.
The latter team reconstructed the site of the palace, placing the Hanging Gardens in a zone running from the river to the palace.
Interestingly, on the banks of the Euphrates, a newly discovered, immense, 82-foot thick wall may have been stepped to form terraces like those mentioned by the ancient Greek sources. In fact, some of today’s gardening tips can be incorporated into your indoor space, giving it a hint of fresh greenery and spring charm. Let the images below inspire you and even spark some new ideas of your own.Hang ItOur first gardening idea works well indoors as well as out.

Imagine stepping outside and walking into a wonderland where it appears to be raining plants. Perfect for indoors or out, they allow you to suspend plants in an upside-down, fashion, creating a truly unique display that can enhance your patio or screened-in porch. In the contemporary San Francisco yard below, sections of gravel alternate with strips of grass, resulting in a crisp look that is truly unforgettable. And the layout cuts down on your mowing duties, as well! [from TRG Architects] Grass and gravel stripes in a modern yardThere are many ways to create stripes. In the Sydney, Australia yard below, we see a lined pathway in which stepping stones alternate with pebbles, grassy rounds border each rectangular stone, and a strip of green plants follows the path in a vertical fashion. Reeds and silver falls dichondra rest in a pool of gravel, creating a display that is layered without seeming cluttered. [from Big Red Sun]Reeds, gravel and silver falls dichondra in a large garden planterMixing it up can also involve a mix of colors and textures.
And we’re loving the subtle juxtaposition of plants in a variety of green hues in this yard designed by Big Red Sun.
Fill them with eclectic grasses, succulents and ground covers, but don’t forget that a planter containing one type of greenery can be as stunning as a planter filled with several. Check out that low green grass! [from Big Red Sun]A modern rooftop gardenDecide on a look for your deck, then let your plant life follow suit. Manicured grass, a potted dracaena and a window planter filled with tall grass nicely enhance the style of this outdoor space. Below we see a bluestone-edged pool that serves as a focal point to a yard featuring grass, stepping stones and other concrete areas that add interest. Not to mention, a can of paint can jazz up tired and worn gardening pots that need some new life.

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