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If you feel this image is in violation of our Terms of Service, please use the following form to have it manually reviewed by a staff member. This is not a restaurant but it is selling halal products such as instant noodles, chocolates and other tit bits. As a Muslim country, there’s plenty of halal cuisine offered in Melaka (Malacca), Malaysia. It is easy to find halal food in Melaka, you could drop by at any shopping complexes around Melaka to find one that appeals you. If you are too lazy to get out of your hotel, you could pampered yourself with the cuisine served in the hotels as they are 100% pork free. Come, let me share and show you the food stalls, restaurants and eateries places tucked away around Melaka.
Comments: This is a typical Malay stall which sell halal food, the difference is that they offer a wide variety of Ikan Bakar (Baked and grill fish). Dislike: The price is relatively more expensive than the Ikan Bakar Alai and Ikan Bakar Umbai. Dislike: Sometimes, it will be difficult to find for a place during lunchtime due to the big crowd. Comments: This is the typical or original Roti John, plain long bread grilled with a mixture of (sardin, sliced onion, finelly chpped chillie) gravey. Comments: This is a real Eco-friedly eating outlet and a creative one in the whole of Malacca.

Comments: The stall has been renovated early in the year 2011 to accommodate more customers.
Like: I loves the taste of fried chicken in this stall (you could sample it in the Mee kari and Nasi Lemak).
Come and visit this halal food page often for more updates of yummy and delicious halal food in Malacca (Melaka), Malaysia.
Located in the Guanxi province on the west bank of the Li River, Guilin is becoming one of the popular tourist destination in China. This restaurant is located in the Zhongshan south road area, in between the railway station and the bus station. The cooking is relatively good but the average consuption price per head is RM6.00++ per person. Ikan Bakar Malim is my choice as they have pre-prapared some of the grilled fish (Ikan Bakar).
You could select your favourite Nasi Beriani dish and gravy from a wide selection of choice. This is a Malay style (aka halal food) Yong Tau Foo as the soup is full of herbs and spices; totally diffirent from the light scented taste of the Chinese Yong Tau Foo.
Aside from that, a clearer instruction on how to order would be much appreciated by first timers.
It feels better with the cool breeze blowing your face while you enjoy your Roti John with a bowl of Asam Pedas Fish or Tomyam soup.

Freshly picked seafood and prepared; there's a wide variation of seafood for you to choose. I would definately not want to miss this place during the fasting month as they serve a wide variation of food for "Berbuka"!
The toast bread and coffee are worth trying and you might want to try your luck with the Nasi Lemak Bungkus.
By the looks and presentation, I would say the food here tend to be a bit expensive than the other restaurants around. You could choose individual serving or shared serving (one big pot) which would be placed in the middle of the table. If the luck is bestowed upon you, you definately will go for the second and third pack of Nasi Lemak.
Like most places in the world, halal restaurants can be found nearby the mosque and in the city center area. We also did try out the lamb shashilik which is different from the normal ones that I used to eat.

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