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Kabab Bites is a little awesome indian restaurant that only focusses on satisfying customer with authentic halal indian food experience and great services like dine in, take out & delivery. Perry, the voice behind New York Street Food, brings you his latest review on New York City food trucks. With yesterday’s announcement of the 2012 Vendy Award Finalists, we started thinking about past Vendy Award winners. Sammy is Samiul Noor, and his original cart is on 73rd St & Broadway in Jackson Heights, Queens.
Sammy’s chicken is similar in style to other halal carts, but his chicken is fresh, moist, tender, and had no funky stuff in it like joints or cartilage. As for the sauces, the white, mayo-based sauce is similar to other halal carts, but the red hot sauce has a nice kick to it. The rice at Sammy’s was a cut above too.  There were a bunch of visible spices, such as whole cloves and caraway seeds. His half-knowledge is typical of China's complicated relationship with Islam, which officially has more than 23 million adherents in the country.
But there are concerns over how strictly halal standards are followed in China.Last year, hundred of Muslims took to the streets in Xi'an to protest the sale of alcohol in halal restaurants. China's current halal certification system is a patchwork of local regulations, with varying strictness. Photo by Paul BufanoMohammad Sharif cleaned off his cab — parked in a No Parking zone in front of the Madina mosque on First Ave. Carlo Giurdanella, owner of Bella Tile, at 178 First Ave., recently spoke at the Ninth Precinct Community Council’s monthly meeting about a parking situation that he said has been affecting his business since 1982.
Giurdanella said that after police held a public meeting on the issue in 2002 most drivers stopped double-parking, yet have continued to park in restricted zones and block his business’s active driveway. Mohammad Sharif, 60, a New York City taxi driver for the past 27 years, said that while the area is a popular destination for hacks, not many of them would chance an expensive ticket. The parking predicament became violent this past June when Giurdanella arrived at his business to find a taxi sitting in his driveway. Lieutenant Patrick Ferguson, the Ninth Precinct’s special operations supervisor, said police are trying to come up with solution that will leave all sides happy. The police have since suggested supplying Giurdanella with a crowd-control-style French barrier on wheels to inhibit taxis from parking in his driveway. John De Robertis, owner of De Robertis Pastry Shop, at ?176 First Ave., agrees that parking has become an issue, and said that the halal food truck is a big contributing factor.
Both De Robertis and Giurdanella said they have called 311 and filed complaints about the food truck and how its supply van violates commercial van laws by parking overnight, but that no action has been taken. Aziz Sabir works in the food truck, and said he’s open to suggestions in order to lessen the problem. Giurdanella said that he doesn’t have any racial or religious prejudices, and that his reaction would be the same were the building a church or a synagogue. We appreciate your comments and ask that you keep to the subject at hand, refrain from use of profanity and maintain a respectful tone to both the subject at hand and other readers who also post here.
It is a nice post it is mostly seen that the no parking area is look like a parking area mostly people don't follow the rules.
The food industry continuously woks up creative restaurant ideas, splashed with spice and style.

Americans love cheese, especially when its slapped between two slices of buttery bread and served with a side of pickles. If you see a metal pig driving throughout the city, then you have just laid your eyes on the best pulled pork sandwiches in town.
Voted best food truck in San Francisco, look out for the giant red and white truck decorated with a massive panda face. Inspired by Mexican wrestlers (luchadores), this award-winning truck is serving the best, authentic Mexican cuisine in “The Windy City.” The homemade tamales are decorated with various flavors of mole sauce, which almost looks too pretty to eat. Decked out in Mexican flag colors, red, white and green, this gourmet food trucks stands out. A cross between Mister Softie and Mario Batail, this NYC food truck has hit the streets and media like crazy the last several years. Follow the Mediterranean city on wheels as you savor and crave the best of the lands abroad. One taste of the any of the 23 South Indian Doshas, you will undergo a religious experience. What looks like the Wizard of OZ are actually four innovative dudes serving the best of the Merlindian and Benethopian lands. A new password has been sent to It might not arrive straightaway, please wait 30 minutes before requesting another one.
When I walked up to the cart, there was a batch of boneless chicken (thighs?), onions and bell peppers just being cooked. Mosques technically have the right to inspect nearby facilities, but ultimate power rests with local government Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureaux. According to Giurdanella, the problem stems from a constant flow of taxi drivers looking to eat at a halal food truck and pray at the Madina mosque at 401 E. The incident began with Giurdanella making a complaint with a Department of Transportation employee checking parking meters, but quickly went from a verbal dispute with the driver to a physical one. It’s nice to have such information available in one location and some ideas for new and different directions to take to help one stand out. There should be parking area near mosque because the taxi drivers can park their care in the parking area and go for prayer in the mosque.
It’s pleasant to have these kinds of information accessible in 1 place and several thoughts with regard to completely new and different recommendations to take to help you 1 be noticed.
The food truck industry is a booming’ and who wouldn’t want to savor something delicious that comes out of a truck.
This Portland food truck has three neighborhood locations from serving out of a double bus where the dining is on the second level, or taking a trip down nostalgia lane by eating your sandwich in a bright yellow school bus. Going “hog wild” with two sauces: the hot and spicy maximus and the sweet and tangy minimus, top your sandwich with the ever-so-amazing Beecher’s cheese. This not-your-average truck serves the best of Asia on a bun, known as Gua bao, or bun sandwich. Primarily in the Avon Lake region, Krav does travel downtown with loyal customers following the scent of chicken and lamb gyros. Using only Organic and Halal meats, Biryani also caters to vegetarian, vegan and gluten free palates. Look for the octopus riding a bike logo to experience the best of vegan food from quesadillas to vegan chili to a “slamwich.”  If you have a sweet tooth, try the “no bee harmed” chai or one of those amazing brownies.

The Lossipops are a sure treat to try, but for those who love spice and flavor try the chicken Marsala and berbere lentils. This Asian soup cures NOLA souls with a bowl full of noodles and meat warmed in a savory broth.
You can tell Sammy’s by the large Vendy Award photo and articles on the side of the cart (pictured above).
The group are a separate minority under Beijing's classification policies even though most are essentially from the Han ethnic majority, differentiated only by being Muslims.Violence in Xinjiang, the homeland of the other main Muslim minority, the Uighurs, has killed hundreds, with Beijing attributing it to Islamic extremism and foreign influence, while activists blame draconian restrictions on religion and culture. To build consumer trust, Latif said, Chinese companies should have their products inspected by certification bodies from Muslim countries.- Security strategy - But the issue goes to the heart -- or perhaps the stomach -- of the relationship between religion and the state. Giurdanella was changed with three counts of felony assault, and now awaits trial in April. Big cities and small towns across America are whipping up meals on wheels for a healthy fast food.
From vegan to gluten free, to the sour apple and the “Chesus” burger, this is a must taste sandwich for cheese lovers. These Taiwanese snacks either steam or bake the buns and served with a variety of meats and veggies. Look for the sunset truck decorated in frangipani flowers, Tiki statues and the Eiffel Tower.
Warning to taco-goers, go light on the homemade sauces, unless you want to sweat for hours in hot and humid Miami. They are serving up traditional soft-serve ice cream with whacky toppings like wasabi nuts, olive oil and sea salt and Nilla Wafers.
Known for mouthwatering burgers, the owner sure knows how to add flavor to just about anything.
These awards winning truck serves Sri Lankan and Indo-Chinese cuisine and if you’re not hungry, try sweet mango lassi or coconut water. UK foodservice wholesaler & distributor 3663 has removed all Halal products after testing revealed traces of pork. I live in probably one of the most crowded cities in the US now and I don't have any problems with parking nor have I received any parking tickets.
You’ll leave with more than an eclectic ice cream cone, but all customers leave with a smile thanks to the friendly owners, Doug and Bryan. The company initiated DNA testing on multiple batches of Halal products and reported finding traces of porcine protein.
For 50 years, 1010 WINS has been a news and information utility for the New York metropolitan area. 3663 distributes Halal products to the UK Ministry of Justice to be used in meals served to UK prisons. Pedestrians do not Jay walk and drivers respect a Green light and allow the pedestrian to cross with no anxieties, try that in NYC.

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