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Have you been searching for mouthwatering cuisine but struggle to find a restaurant that meets your special dietary needs? Our restaurant is conveniently located on Zion Road, just across the street from Great World City. Located at Zion Road, conveniently located just opposite the Great World City, IndoChili is one of the most popular Halal Restaurants in Singapore. We combine food, decor and ambience to bring your home away from home, a taste of Indonesia in Singapore.
We have been nominated as Top Halal Restaurant in Singapore by The Halal Food blog and we are a MUIS certified as Halal Restaurants in Singapore. Find a wide variety of Indonesian cuisine, originated from different regions of Indonesia, such as Sumatra, Java and Bali. Our Bali-style seafood specialty serves all-time favorites with its signature blend of herbs and spices, including Ikan Bakar Bali, Udang Bakar Jimbaran and Cumi Bakar Jimbaran. IndoChili Restaurant also serves Indo-peranakan cuisine, a blend of Malaysian and Indo-Chinese cuisine. There’s no need for you to worry when you have events and parties at home, our Nasi Tumpeng Singapore can be delivered straight to your doorstep.
This Indonesian layered cake now comes with the original flavour and special flavours, such as prunes and durian.
Made with a secret spice mixture from traditional recipes, kueh lapis is a unique type of cake. IndoChili is a family-friendly restaurant for everyone and we provide a spacious area for your memorable dining experience. Be it meetings, events or corporate lunch and dinner, we can accommodate your private events here in Singapore. With the capacity of 60 seats, (40 seats indoor and 20 seats outdoor), IndoChili Restaurant provides the perfect setting for your events. Decorated with vibrant colours and wooden furnishings, our interior decor offers a unique atmosphere for various types of private events. Make a Reservation* Now*Online reservation is only valid when you receive a confirmed reservation reply from us. Celebrate Your Special Moments with ourNasi TumpengAward winning food, delivered by an amazing team. This restaurant serves a wide-ranging menu that will satisfy everyone’s taste buds and bring you to the great memory of Indonesia. IndoChili does not offer buffet service, but their kitchen exceptional ala carte menu such as Beef Rendang, Lontong Cap Gomeh, and Sate Ayam Madura.
Being nominated as one of the Top Halal Restaurant, IndoChili is committed to serve the unforgettable dining experience, suitable for any occasion, including family gathering, business meeting, or your intimate moments with partner. It is always a challenge for Muslim travellers to find restaurants which serve halal food in countries where the principle religion is not Islam. Part of a group of floating restaurants, Bang Mud Seafood is a pretty small, but very popular place. Anwa Lookchin Pla has a bright and colourful style, both in its décor and its dishes.
Boasting award-winning Cordon Bleu cuisine prepared by a local Thai Muslim family, Ghadafi is found directly opposite the Nurul Islam Mosque. Conveniently close to the airport and to Mak Prok Mosque, this chic western restaurant with its marble-walled interior boasts a full menu of European dishes, all halal in their preparation and ingredients. There are actually two Cairo Restaurants in Patong – the larger of the two being on Rat-U-Thit Road while the smaller one is by the beach. Found at Malin Plaza at the southern end of Patong, Al Basha Restaurant is a very open restaurant, taking full advantage of the cool breeze and busy surroundings to create a sociable atmosphere. Indian food is extremely popular but like any speciality cooking there are those who succeed and those who don't quite make the grade.
The restaurant has been opened for a couple of years now, but they’ve opened a new weekend breakfast which is a pretty fantastic idea.
If you’re looking for authentic Japanese food in an all-halal environment, then head to Zem One. Recently featured on Restaurant Takeover, they get an A for effort just because they had the insight to make change happen.
Im fond of the peri bites and the quarter chicken breast meal with sizz spicy fries or coleslaw. My only question is, that picture of chicken and peas….which restaurant and the name of the plate? Is the Amaya Express restaurant in the food court at the Eaton Centre downtown Toronto halal?The Halal certificate posted in the restaurant is dated 2011.Any recent revalidation? Could you kindly mention this to them … makes me question why they wouldn’t write it on their website?

Are you tired of traveling great distances only to be disappointed by Halal food that doesn’t meet your taste standards? As you step inside our restaurant, you can feel yourself coming home from the very first step you take. Indulge in the diverse style of seasonings, ingredients and spices from all over Indonesia. Adapted from Javanese traditions and philosophy, Nasi Tumpeng adds a royal touch to your special day. A spacious setting with a traditional touch, IndoChili Restaurant makes the perfect venue choice for your needs. Situated on 54 Zion Road (opposite Great World City), expert chefs are ready to serve truly authentic Halal Indonesian dishes at its best. Using only the freshest seafood and spices, wide selection of grilled seafood will bring you a glance of coastal Indonesia. Their authentic Beef Rendang is slowly-cooked with finest spices for four hours to deliver the rich, hot, and tender meat right on your plate. Peranakan Chinese – Indonesians serve it as part of mandatory foods for Lebaran and Cap Gomeh celebration.
Serving the popular Nasi Tumpeng is a part of Indonesian culture to make every moment in life worth living and celebrating.
Make sure you try our wide selections of dessert and beverage, such as Es Cendol, Es Delima, and Durian Coffee Ice Blended. Visit their website for a perfect Halal friendly restaurant for lunch or dinner, particularly with Moslem friends and colleagues. Fortunately, the southern part of Thailand has a large Muslim community and the island of Phuket has at least 50 mosques, many of which are surrounded by halal restaurants. The modern-style halal restaurant specialises in freshly-made fish balls in noodle soup, with the hot & sour or hot and spicy soups being particularly popular. The relatively humble little eatery off one of Patong’s main roads is well-known and highly regarded for its Thai curries, Tom Yam, prawns, mussels, seabass and lobster, with strong flavours showing off the freshness of the ingredients. Located by the side of the hotel’s pool, its outdoor seating is just as appealing, giving the place a comfortable and casual atmosphere, despite the regal appearance. However, the 4,000-seat buffet with a dedicated and very popular halal section makes watching the wonderful show absolutely worthwhile. For such a boastful quality, the prices for the Thai, Indian and Arabic dishes on offer (along with western favourites like steak) are surprisingly low. The chic little boutique restaurant in the Boat Plaza complex boasts a great lake view, indoor and outdoor seating and a variety of great halal Thai dishes made with fresh ingredients. Recommended dishes include the signature Spaghetti Makan as well as the carbonara, pizzas and steaks.
Both are well-known for their lively Egyptian atmospheres and good mix of Thai, Indian and Arabic dishes, all of which are halal. Their selection shisha flavours are particularly innovative while their selections of fresh Thai seafood and Lebanese cuisine is very tasty and reasonably priced. There were so many new places over the last couple of years, some were an instant hit, some were hyped up but then quickly deflated, some were hidden gems that went undiscovered for months. Restaurant owners need time to work out their kinks so I personally go in with an open mind and look at their vision and potential.
I’m a firm believer that it takes a full year minimum to really understand your market, menu, operations, etc. Usually because they offer something that I haven’t necessarily experienced before or bring something different to the Toronto halal scene. They’ve been well-known for years serving their quality wraps to the lunch crowd in Toronto. I like their location because it’s convenient for Northern working folk needing some halal meat for lunch.
The owners have obvious restaurant management experience and understand what is lacking in the halal food service industry.
Their menu is trendy so you can enjoy many of the same foods you see in mainstream restaurants — fried chicken and waffles anyone? We will gladly assist your bookings in the best way we can, even if you decide to come last minute. The most famous Combo Bakaran is a signature dish of grilled chicken and seafood selection, rich in flavour, and perfect for sharing with beloved friends and family. This tantalizing food is made from slices of rice cake with savoury opor chicken, honey glazed tempe, and vegetable marrows topped with coconut gratings. This traditional Javanese dish is mountain-like yellow rice accompanied by scrumptious meat and vegetable side dishes. We wish every guest enjoy IndoChili rustic and traditional-touched interior as well as the alfresco terrace.

Suffice it to say, there are plenty of choices for our list of the 10 Best Halal Restaurants in Phuket! The cuisine is halal Thai, with the favourite dishes including Tom Yum, fried soft shell crab, and garlic chicken. The portions are always generous, the prices are low and the staff and owners are very friendly.
Unusually, for a certified halal eatery, there is a wine list, but the bottles have to be collected from the lobby bar. Dishes to choose from include Thai and popular international options, prepared by some of the top Muslim chefs on the island. The halal canapés for parties are pretty tasty and the Thai dishes like steamed fish with lime sauce or the traditional Tom Yam are particularly popular.
The dishes have all the authentic tastes of Thailand, but with a slightly reduced level of chilli, making them great for visitors from countries with a less spicy national cuisine. It has an open-air setting, with a gentle breeze keeping you cool on even the hottest days (though a big bowl of ice cream certainly helps). There are a number of branches carrying the Al Basha name throughout Patong and the rest of Phuket, but the Malin Plaza outlet is widely regarded as the best. The ones listed are places that stood out for us along with feedback from polls we’ve held on social media.
As patrons, we are quick to judge and with social media taking word of mouth to lightning speed levels, it can sometimes leave new owners frustrated and out-of-sorts.
If you have any that you’d like to add, please leave a note in the comments section below! Galito’s is one of the newer places and although they are all very similar, they do stand out a little more for me based on all around experience. Eastern Twist brings some unique choices like butter chicken poutine, khao soi and favourites like chilli dogs and sliders.
Their chicken souvlaki is one of their best sellers but they’re also known by all for their veal sandwiches.
From quality menu items, modern family friendly interior to great customer service — we can see Crave Grill House gaining a loyal following quickly! Being one of the only all-halal sushi places in Toronto, we knew it had to be on this list. They feature over-the-top burgers similar to non-halal joints like Burger Priest, along with their regular halal burgers which are always consistent and wonderful.
To those who search for the taste of local street food, Sate Ayam should be on your top list.
By far the largest Muslim community on the island can be found in Patong Beach, which has a big and bustling Arabic quarter south of Bangla Road. You can be absolutely assured of the freshness of the seafood as you can actually watch it being caught around you while enjoying the fresh sea breeze. Other dishes on offer include chicken, fish and beef steaks and Singapore-style chicken rice, all of which are available at very good prices. The dining hall itself is fit for a king, with a giant golden statue of Kinnaree (the mythical half-bird and half-woman) as its centrepiece.
The menu is somewhat limited and presented in a tickbox format, but the quality is excellent. The restaurant has been around for ages, but new management has changed all of their meat to halal and no pork is served. They do their chicken Peruvian style which is incredibly moist, flame licked rotisserie chicken. Lots of Malay and Singaporean travel from different places to try this glazy charcoal-grilled chicken skewer dipped in tasty peanut sauce. Through generations, people still preserve this Nasi Tumpeng tradition to express the gratitude to God, appreciate togetherness and life harmony. Naturally, the majority of our list of popular Islamic eateries comes from the famous resort town on Phuket’s west coast. The restaurant is on a moored collection of floating pontoons about 700 metres from Laem Hin and 150 metres from Coconut Island and can be reached by taking a five-minute longtail boat ride from Laem Hin Beach. Prices are slightly on the high side when compared to other choices in our 10 Best Halal Restaurants in Phuket, but the convivial atmosphere, great location and excellent food justify it.
Where else can you get ribs or a Philly sandwich AND butter chicken, kebabs, nihari and Pakistani fare.
There are other great choices around, all clearly marked with a green symbol to show their halal credentials, ensuring that you will not have to keep coming back to one place just for a safe snack.

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