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A new research report on the international Halal Food industry, with a key focus on the China market, has been recently added to the research report database. The section of competitive analysis of the report presents a snapshot of the Halal Food industry landscape in key countries and regions across the globe, with a keen focus on Chinese regions. The report also studies the new projects in the marketplace, and presents SWOT analysis, investments feasibility and returns feasibility of these projects.
The restaurant is only one of many in Japan that are looking to the halal food market to expand their business, as visitors from predominantly Muslim countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia are increasingly visiting Japan.
The restaurant eventually earned a stamp of approval, a boon for Muslims diners as a mosque is located nearby.
Taito ward now has 17 restaurants with halal certification, a huge step up from when there were only Indian restaurants serving halal food in the past. A growing number of local governments are also trying to encourage more of their businesses to cater to Muslim visitors.

The report, titled “ Global Halal Food Industry 2015 Market ”, is a detailed analysis of the key elements of the Halal Food industry chain based on expert data gathered pertaining to report’s review period. Of the key international and Chinese manufacturers, details such as product types manufactured, production capacities, production values, gross margins, product production global share, company contact information, product pictures, manufacturing processes, product cost structures, etc. A development trend analysis of the industry is meant to ease the process of formulating effective business strategies to sustain profitably in the industry, for both – the new entrants as well as established businesses. They first take a quick glance at the menu to check if there’s anything that might go against halal rules.
According to its manager, the cost of doing so has been high, though he stopped short of unveiling the exact amount. This change is in part due to subsidies of up to US$820 offered by the local city government, part of a scheme that started in October.
This change is partly due to subsidies of up to 820 US dollars offered by the local city government, thanks to a system launched in October.

The halal exhibition in Japan is one that has seen success, with an increase of 80 exhibitors last year to 120 this year. A detailed forecast of the industry’s future state during the years 2020-2015 is formed based on historical data, prominent trends of the past, and development trends observed in the industry so far.
Distribution of production across the globe and China is separated according to regions, applications and technologies.
Analysis of the international and China Halal Food industry chain also covers details about supply and demand chain, marketing channels, equipment, proposals, and development trends.
At another Yakiniku, or grilled meat restaurant, its owners are doing even more to obtain halal certification.

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