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Welcome to Apple Travel's Community ,a place to discuss your travel ideals, share your travel photos, publish your travel logues. China (Yiwu) Halal Food & Muslim Products Expo 2009 will be showcasing all the Islamic food products and household consumable goods in China. Manufacturers, Trade Consulates, Importers, Trade Associations, Distributors, Trade Consultants, Wholesales, Hoteliers, Exporters, Restaurateurs, Retailers, Departmental Store, Traders, Investors, Ministries, Fund Managers, Government Institutions, Agents, Embassies, Medias are the target visitors. Islamic meat products, Islamic fresh foods, Islamic quick frozen products, frozen and dried foods, healthcare foods, Islamic high-&-low-temperature cooked foods, Islamic dairy products, Islamic bean products, Islamic featured foods, Islamic edible vegetable oil, Islamic instant foods, Islamic cans, Islamic drinks, teas, local specialties, Islamic food dressings, Islamic food machinery, Islamic food packing machinery etc. Big halal food exhibition is being held in the Qinhai province in May and it would be a great opportunity for the Pakistani businesses. This was stated by the Qinhai Chamber of International Commerce (QCIC) Chairman Xihui Wang, who was heading a 20-member delegation, while speaking at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) on Tuesday.
Xihui Wang said that a big halal food exhibition is being held in the Qinhai province in May and it would be a great opportunity for the Pakistani businesses.

The chairman invited Pakistani businessmen to all three exhibitions, saying that Chinese were quite keen to do business with their Pakistani counterparts. Speaking on the occasion, LCCI Acting President Mian Tariq Misbah said that rapid economic globalisation and regional integration provides a good opportunity for further cooperation between the two countries. He said that the visit by the Chinese delegation would pave way for active collaboration in different sectors including halal foods, livestock, carpets, pharmaceutical, textile products and machinery.
He informed the Chinese delegation that LCCI has established a Mediation Centre in August 2012. Speaking on the occasion, the LCCI Vice President Kashif Anwar sought the help of Chinese businessmen for cooperation with the LCCI Mediation Centre, saying some Chinese companies even do not reply to letters from LCCI Mediation Centre therefore it is requested that the message should be conveyed to the Chambers of Commerce in China. He said that the quality of goods and machinery, being supplied to Pakistan was not up to the mark and the Chinese businessmen should look into this area. The exhibition will be held between 18-20 November, and will be taking place at Yiwu International Expo Center, China.

He said that another exhibition titled ‘Green Economy’ is scheduled for June while a carpet expo will be held in August.
It will also lay a solid foundation in expanding the scope of people-to-people contact including businessmen from both the countries, Misbah added. There are more than 40 accredited mediators registered with LCCI who can help local, national and international businessmen for out of court settlement.

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