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1 – Enter you location, 2 – Select the menu items you like to order,  3 – Check out with payment options like cash on delivery or pay online using your card, 4 – Get Your Food Delivered in approx 60 min. Only thing is that to make it more suited to local taste, the sweet element needs to be introduced.
When you are hungry or have guest at home and looking for ordering food or visit restaurant to dine in, it is not easy to find halal food, which is good, authentic and halal food which is certified by competent authority MUIS. In Singapore, due to people’s frantic schedules at home and at the office, most of them don’t have time to prepare delicious and healthy food for their family and loved ones.
When you are craving for Indian Halal food, you can opt to go out and eat at the restaurant, or you can use the online food ordering system to have the Indian Halal food delivery to your home.
With our Halal Food Delivery Singapore service, you get the same quality of our authentic Indian halal food right at the comfort of your home. Bokhara’s Halal Food Delivery Singapore service provides a lot of convenience for people looking for  Halal food in Singapore.
So the next time you want to eat Halal food, you have the choice to either go to Bokhara Biryani and Kebab or go to their website and order food online. Please check our minimum Indian Halal Food Delivery in SG order and Indian Halal Food Delivery in Singapore charges below. A minimum Halal Food Delivery Singapore order of $20 and $3 food delivery surcharge apply for all food delivery orders, minimum Halal Food Delivery in Singapore order and food delivery charges varies by distance.
Prices and information for Bokhara Halal Food Delivery Singapore are effective immediately at print time and subject to change without prior notification. For bulk purchases for Indian Halal Food Delivery Singapore will be packed in a disposable aluminium tray or disposable plastic containers.

When you are back home, tired, after hard work day, and you don’t have energy to cook food for yourself and you family, you have surprise guest arriving at your home, or you have invited your friend for a get together, your favorite food is just few clicks away or call. Everyone has experienced lazy moments when you're absolutely dying of hunger, yet don't have the energy to get up and cook or buy something. You notice that locally, biryani usually comes with archar and the archar is a little sweet.
We make sure that the Halal food delivery Singapore to you is fresh and guarantee that they will satisfy your Halal food craving. To ensure rider’s safety, Bokhara Indian Halal Food Delivery in Singapore may be temporarily unavailable at selected areas due to bad weather or unforeseen circumstances.
Click Here or Call 83997795 and place your order freshly prepared food using fresh ingredients and delivered hot to your home with minutes.
Sometimes, we cool the food before packing to maintain the quality by avoiding steam from hot food get trapped inside the packing that may spoil the food taste and leads to smell.
Food delivery can be so tempting - why go through all the hassle of changing your clothes and taking the lift down only to find out that the stall is closed when you can sprawl on the floor in front of the TV and have pizza magically come to you? Just enter your address in the search box above and find delivery menus, browse Yelp reviews and find exclusive online coupons from your local restaurants. Moreover it is certified halal by MUIS. Whether you like to order Halal Indian food or middle easter cuisine or local delights. Or if it does not destroy the chef’s vision, put raisins (it has cashews) in biryani. And when it comes to authentic Middle Eastern & Mughlai Halal food, the name to remember is Bokhara Biryani and Kebab.

An online food ordering system is more accurate than a phone ordering system and avoid waiting on phone and listing to pre-recorded messages and busy tones at peak hours. Pick-up service will be made available in such instances instead of Halal Food Delivery in Singapore.
We at Bokhara Biryani & Kebab have the reputation of delivering the best food to your home. While we take utmost care and precaution sometime the food may not be hot when delivered, we request you to warm the food before eating. Instead, Bokhara’s Halal Food Delivery in Singapore will bring food to your doorsteps. Having a meal out will utilize a lot of your precious time compared to having the meal at the comfort of your home.
The best part of  Bokhara’s Halal Food Delivery Singapore is that there’s nothing to clean after the meal.
With Halal Food delivery Singapore services, all you need to do is to go to the website and make an order. Food Delivery is perfect for busy people who don’t have time to go out to buy groceries and cook food.

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