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Save:A Chinese Noodle Bar in Haymarket, because how often do you get to find Halal Chinese food, let alone in Australia? So we have a pretty generously-sized Dory fillet here that’s been battered and deep-fried to golden perfection in a special I Am batter. First up is a quartet of jumbo prawns that this kinda like garlic herb butter thing going on and absolutely delicious. I’m guessing they were tossed in the fryer for a bit before being finished off on the grill or oven with some of that garlic herb butter stuffed in between. My Darling Wife did find the Squid Rings a bit tough maybe because they were a bit over-fried but I personally do enjoy the type of Brit fried food where anything and everything is battered and fried up to the max.
So the Hot Wings are not super spicy but you can detect a bit of the heat when you chomp down. Wasn’t too sure what to order for a drink (simply because they have so many choices on the menu) so decided to ask the staff for a suggestion. The Bushramint is, despite it’s reddish hue, actually citrus-based and a little fizzy. All information (including prices, availability of item on menu and Halal status of establishment) are accurate at the time of posting. As promised, The Halal Food Blog will be featuring our annual Ramadhan Specials this year as specially requested by you – our beloved readers – so hang tight as we find all the best makan and ideas for you as you plan your Iftar with family and friends!
Our friends at The Manhattan FISH MARKET have such great deals in store for us this fasting month and it’s definitely a great idea for Iftar. The set meals include Chowder of the Day so be sure to ask the staff when you’re making your order. So the first big set meal we want to show you is called ‘OCEAN PARTY’ and is a great choice when dining with the whole family because there is something for everyone in this set!! Allow us to introduce the Fishermen’s Platter which is the first picture above there. It consists of a whole Barramundi (aka macam Siakap like that) which is coated and fried to perfection!
The fish is also topped off with a Spicy Seafood Dip which is perfect because it’s got some kick to it and also has a bit of a tang to it so it wakes your tastebuds and appetites up!! Besides the fish, you’ve also got a serving of Crispy Whitebait which is a great snack (crispy gila!!), Garlic Herb Mussels and Manhattan Flaming Prawns (more on that later!!).
The 2nd Flaming Platter in this set meal is the Manhattan Star Platter which I’m sure a lot of you have tried before during your past visits to MFM right!
It consists of Baked Fish and you can choose between the Spicy Baked Fish or the Mediterranean Baked Fish. We chose the latter for this platter (see what I did there?) and the Mediterranean Baked Fish was a big hit at the table! Okay so here you also have some Grilled Calamari, Fried Oysters, Garlic Herb Mussels and Manhattan Flaming Prawns (wait just awhile more okay coming soon) all with rice and fries of course. The Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter is such a signature at The Manhattan FISH MARKET and for good reason too.
So it comes with rice and fries plus you’ve got the hand-battered fish fillets which are Dory by default but you can top-up a little bit for other choices like Hake, Cherry Snapper, Ocean Perch, Salmon or Cod. When you see the staff walking over carrying a platter in one hand an a torch in the other, you know that awesome-ness is on its way because the end result is some delicious prawns and people with smiles on their faces, licking their fingers. The Manhattan Flaming Prawns are sedap gila especially with that creamy flaming sauce they smother all over before setting the torch on them. A nice serving of rice comes with fish fillets, calamari and tiger prawns – all grilled to perfection! You’ve also got a nice big hearty bowl of their signature Garlic Herb Mussels plus some bread to soak up the tasty sauce too! No Flaming Prawns here but something that quite a number of people will still like we reckon! The Tiger Prawns are grilled and then topped off with a spicy sambal which has hints of curry in there too!
You’ve got these sweet banana fritters (macam goreng pisang like that) and it’s got ice-cream plus coconut cream! The other is a chocolate brownie with Vanilla ice-cream and they drizzle caramel sauce all over. Since both these desserts are served in a sizzling hotplate, the effect is spectacular and super sedap!
No no it’s a fish burger not a crab burger but check out how they designed it to look like a crab!
The dishes, especially the platters, are great for sharing and it’s always a nice feeling when everyone is eating together and sharing their food right?
And look out for MFM staff you might see passing out special coupons which allow you to enjoy all the special sets are special prices!
The first festive season of 2016 is upon us and besides the long holiday weekend, this is also a great chance for us to enjoy the many special Chinese New Year goodies and spreads available to us! Besides its usual line-up of tasty and unique Nonya, Asian and Western dishes in its extensive buffet spread, Katong Kitchen will also offer some very special dishes which will be available for its Chinese New Year Delights spread which will run all the way up to 22nd February.
Plus, Katong Kitchen also has its very own version of a traditional dish with a Katong Kitchen twist. Katong Kitchen has given this traditional dish its very own unique and special twist with some interesting ingredients. You have a choice of either Smoked Salmon or Salmon Sashimi for the fish component of the Kerabu Yusheng.

All these added together make for a very colourful dish and also one that has some Nonya charm to it while still retaining the essence of what a Yusheng should be. The traditional crackers have been replaced with fried yam strips and also crispy You Tiao to give it the crunchy factor and it actually works very well! The traditional plum sauce is swapped out with something we found very unique and also very tasty – a specially concocted Spicy Pineapple and Ginger Lily sauce which is poured over the salad along with some oil.
Definitely something that the whole family can share and enjoy along with the rest of the dishes available at Katong Kitchen! Now, they have a non-spicy version of the sauce too but to be honest the spicy version is not very very very spicy lah LOL you will get hints of the heat but overall it’s really tasty because of the tangy pineapple and ginger lily. The Kerabu Yusheng is priced at $28++ (for 4 persons) and $38++ (for 8 persons), which I’m sure everyone will agree, is a really good deal!! And by the way, besides their regular dishes, they also have some special dishes in the buffet spread just for the Chinese New Year season!
Two of the special dishes for the Chinese New Year spread are the Honey Glazed Roasted Sesame Chicken which comes with a special soy sauce and also the Baked Striploin with Rendang Sauce. Plus, I’m sure at least some of these are dishes that you might have been wanting try for quite awhile but, let’s face it, there are not many Halal versions of those dishes available elsewhere so this CNY spread at Katong Kitchen is a great chance! You know they’re serious when they have a whole special serving of Sambal Belacan there!! Without a doubt, you MUST try the Katong Signature Ayam Buah Keluak which is the signature dish (like duh!) at Katong Kitchen! They also have a few Live stations where you can get freshly grilled meats and seafood (must take the sambal!!) and also freshly prepared Laksa!!
They add some coconut cream but not too much so you can still enjoy that pure durian flavour complete with bits of durian too!! 2 more special offerings at Katong Kitchen are the Wheatgrass and Red Date Cake and Pineapple Tarts. In fact, they were so delicious that we had actually made plans to buy a few bottles of it to give as gifts to some friends but *KWANG KWANG KWANG* these tasty little morsels are not for sale individually! The Chinese New Year Buffet at Katong Kitchen is now on and it will run until 22nd February!! Katong Kitchen will be open for the long CNY weekend holiday so it’s a great time to gather family and friends and celebrate with some good food! Okay it’s no secret that Srisun Express has one of the best Tandoori selections we’ve ever had among other great dishes they have on their menu (like the Mee Goreng Special!!) so we were pretty excited when we heard that they were coming up with a Thai Seafood menu!
And as a special treat, we’ve got Jumaiyah aka Jums from the Halal Food Hunt team and hubby, Mahathir, joining us for this big feast! One menu item you’re always gonna be tempted to order is a fish dish so we settled on the Ikan Siakap Tiga Rasa.
The Siakap aka Seabass was deep fried goodness and topped off with the Tiga Rasa sauce which was packo with pineapple, capsicum, chilli and onions. Other choices for fish dishes include Sambal, Kicap, Steamed with Halia and (our usual fave) Steamed Ikan Siakap with Limau which we intend to try the next time we visit! Okay so I’m the meat guy and this is always a must when I see it on the menu to be honest with you. When we used to go out for supper somewhere and there was a Thai Seafood menu, I would definitely order a Nasi Daging Merah and a bowl of Tom Yam Soup and I was all set!
If you are like Mein Brudder and don’t like Ginger, maybe you can go for the Goreng Kunyit, Masak Kicap, Masak Sambal or Masak Padprik!
I’m really fussy when it comes to my sotong and I normally only have it when it’s deep fried like Calamari or something so if I say this is nice means it must really be something worth trying! The greens were fresh and cooked so well that they carried the tasty flavour but still remained nice and crunchy!
Other veggie choices include Cap Cai, Kailan Ikan Masin, Kailan Belacan, Kailan Daging, Kang Kong Oyster and Kang Kong Belacan but give this Baby Kailan Oyster a try!!! We decided to try the Sup Campur and not the Tom Yam so that our little princess could join us in this feast. You’ve got little bits of seafood like sotong and also meat like chicken and beef too. So that’s quite a feast we enjoyed but as you can see, we barely scratched the surface!
When you visit Srisun Express and try their Thai Seafood Menu, tell them that you read about it on The Halal Food Blog and enjoy a 10% discount off your total bill! So head on down to Srisun Express today and let us know what you think of their new Thai Seafood menu okay! Their store is filled with your reviews and your brand but they don’t know of any 10% discount promo. With Hari Raya almost here, a lot of thought and consideration is going into preparing for the celebrations by now I’m very sure.
And because everyone deserves to treat themselves, we’ve gone ahead and listed a splurge and save option for each destination.
Regular diners include ambassadors and high society expats, and Indonesian food is served buffet-style (pile on the Kayangan Brownies). The fried platters are great to share and the Bakwan Jagung Salsa is a must-try, as well as the ginger tea to cleanse yourA palete.
Located in a bungalow, this Malay restaurant does serve alcohol but boasts a halal menu that includes favourites like rendang daging and nasi goreng. The food is a mix of traditional Nyonya family recipes from th owner’s family, such as ayam pongteh and sambal petai — this restaurant is the real deal!

Specifically, the Pad ThaiA has received the Thai Government SME award for best Pad Thai — could there be a bigger compliment? ThinkA rendang, vegetables, fried salted fish, fried coconut meat, potato croquette, sambal fish, beef lungs and chicken cooked in a coconut milk gravy — this place satisfies all cravings in one plate. Enjoy some signature dishes like Soto Ayam or the vegetarian omelette with tofu, with accompanying sea breeze and the calming sound of waves.
Nostalgia runs deep with home-inspired dishes like Beef Rendang and Ayam Goreng, although you’ll be paying much more than you would back home, for sure!
When she's not listening to The Smiths a little too loudly at the office (after hours!), she can be found singing along to the soundtrack of Les Miserables with her two cats for an audience.
Wea€™re full-time nomads with a passport in one hand and laptop in the other, traversing the globe to find the best hideaways, eateries, and local scenes. We don’t know what seasoning or special secret or magical sorcery they use but this batter is absolutely the bomb! Platters are always a good idea when you don’t know what to have especially when there are so many great Starters on the menu.
Nice and crispy and a great crunch when you chomp down and great to dip into the mayo that comes with. They’ve got a bit of a creamy white sauce which is always great for baking and a great bite for all you seafood lovers. It’s surprisingly very elaborate (even with a dark cherry!) and a very satisfying drink. Whether it’s a small group or, even better yet, a BIG group, boy oh boy have they got some special treats in store for us! As with all good set meals, salad and soup is included and in this case, it’s the delicious range of Chowders found at MFM! Delightfully creamy and brimming with flavour and seafood goodies, the Chowder is best enjoyed hot and a great start to your meal. It’s got good mix of fried and grilled items, rice, fries and all sorts of other goodies in those pans there! The fish is grilled perfectly so it’s great for everyone to dig in and share in the enjoyment of good food!
2 spectacular sets which comes with some of the best sharing platters on the menu at The Manhattan FISH MARKET! Plus, you’ve got both the hot and cold sensations thanks to the hotplate vs the ice-cream which is a very weird but nice experience! Every time makan outside confirmed gotta order 2-3 drinks because 1 is never enough… Well, The Manhattan FISH MARKET now has CELEBRATION TOWER drinks available!
You can order a whole tower of drink (which our dear Daddy-O is giving the thumbs-up for) which can be shared with the whole family and gang at the table! Plus enjoy complimentary kueh when you Iftar at their Bedok Point, Causeway Point, Century Square and Junction 8 restaurants! And one such special spread that you REALLY must consider heading down to is at Katong Kitchen! It’s actually a very intricately assembled salad with each ingredient bearing special significance. The rest of this prosperity-bearing dish is made up of fresh beetroot, radish, carrots, pomelo, peanuts and dried shrimps. These are dishes from their buffet spread which you may also enjoy when it’s not the CNY season but what better time than now since there are extra offerings right? You won’t get a very strong Red Date flavour but it does bring a nice and subtle sweetenss to the cake. Very tasty (because we are quite okay with Ginger) but wish the chicken pieces were a bit bigger though. Spicy with a little hint of sweetness so you get a nice kick but it doesn’t burn your mouth off. I think of all the choices of how to cook prawns, the Black Pepper might be one of the best choices.
You’ll find this restaurant in the Nuovo City Hotel where guests can take advantage of the 24-hour room service. And wea€™re just (wander) lusting to share it all with you with our reviews, lists, guides, celeb nomad faves and interviews!
If we hear any news about where they are handing out coupons, confirm we will let you all know okay! Plus you know they’re doing it the truly traditional way when they stuff the Keluak shell with minced chicken!
In a blink of an eye, time has definitely flown and we are blessed that it is almost the holy month of Ramadhan!
But this dish was not too spicy so you can probably ask for extra spicy if you’d like. I can tell you that is a problem I always have when it comes to deciding what to order because it’s all so tempting! LOL But even for those who don’t fancy prawns so much (ahem ahem me) it was still tasty!

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