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The beauty of nachos is that, unlike dishes that require a certain set of ingredients, there are no rules for creating the ultimate plate. Recently Food Network asked you to tell us about your best-ever nacho eats, and in true superfan fashion, you delivered in droves, with comments and photos of piled-high plates. Recipe of the Day: Guy's Veggie Burger With three beans, peppers, onions, oats and more in the mix, these top-notch, spiced-up burgers will satisfy everyone sitting at your table — even the meat eaters. Though the meaning of barbecue varies from region to region and even from state to state, there’s no denying that all things meaty, saucy and grilled are some of the best bites of the season. It’s not all meat on the grill, though there indeed looks to be some of that here too.
A buttery, crisp bun, a blanket of gooey, melty cheese and a hunk of hot meat that oozes juice — there’s nothing quite like an over-the-top burger, especially for Food Network chefs Robert Irvine and Alex Guarnaschelli, who just recently revealed on Guilty Pleasures that some of their most-sinful food cravings include a mac and cheese-topped burger and one served up with sweet griddled onions.
Recently Food Network asked fans to tell us about their burger bites, and in true superfan fashion, you delivered in droves, not just writing back but also showing photos of some of the most-epic between-the-bun creations we’ve seen so far this season. The holiday season is in full swing, and with that comes a seemingly endless buffet of sweet and savory bites up for grabs — at the office cocktail party, the cookie swap with your friends, the family feast and just about everywhere else you look. Just look at that golden, flaky crust and the crunchy pecan topping on this pie from Maye Gonzalez.
Our penchant for something that makes us feel, well a little bit bad afterwards, whether it's full of fat, sugar, is highly processed or contains additives and preservatives, certainly shows no sign of abating.
Treat foods have become so readily available that people have a hard time saying no to them - and we all have a blind spot.

While he's partial to pulled pork, and a cheesecake, Matt Tebbutt admits he cannot say no to a bag of Twiglets and a jar of mayonnaise.
A guilty pleasure - it's the association and also how it makes someone feel when eating it. Women who diet experience a lot more guilt when eating, than women who do not diet, according to a recent study in the journal Psychology and Health.
Researchers from Utrecht University, Holland found restraint is not associated with food intake, but instead with increased levels of guilt after eating.
A recent study by the Department of Experimental Psychology at Bristol University looked at chocolate portion size and how those eating it felt after eating 40g and 80g amounts. Men were happier after eating the larger amount, while women reported more guilt and regret after the bigger size. But another school of cooking is emerging - one where you can have that cake and eat it too.
Chef Jordan Bourke and his sister Jessica Bourke co-wrote the Guilt-Free Gourmet and substitute ingredients to eliminate gluten, sugar and dairy foods.
Both Natasha Corrett and Jordan Bourke like to use coconut palm sugar as a substitute for refined sugars, spelt flour instead of wheat flour and dairy substitutes. Dr Charlotte Hardman says she doesn't think completely cutting out bad foods works for everyone.
She thinks the 5:2 diet which restricts eating on two days of the week may be right for those who still feel the urge to indulge.

Just load the slow cooker with cooked pasta, cheddar cheese and a few other fixings, then return to a creamy pot of gold a few hours later.
In celebration of the over-the-top eats featured on last night’s episode of Guilty Pleasures, Food Network asked you, the fans, to tell us about your top plates of barbecue. When it comes to layering meat, cheese and veggies — and more meat and more cheese — on top of bread, you all are surely up for the challenge. While most people try and avoid their secret treats, others are coming out of the closet with theirs. Matt Tebbutt's Guilty Pleasures makes more of ingredients like ketchup, peanut butter, mustard, and marmite.
Dieticians and other chefs may slate me, but we all have them in our cupboards, just sitting there. And in true superfan fashion, you delivered in droves, not just commenting but also showing photos of piled-high plates of sticky ribs, grill-marked chicken and everything in between.

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