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Welcome to our Gardener’s Corner, here you will find all the gardening advice you need for each and every month of the year from our expert horticulturists. The study was based on 3oz portion sizes and found that people who eat 2-3 portions a day have a 19% reduction in the risk of death, but those who eat 7-10 portions show a 42% reduced risk from all causes, including heart-attack, stroke or cancer. The effect of eating fruit was much less, with fruit juice giving no benefit and canned or frozen fruit giving an alarming 17% increase in risk – likely due to the added sugar from processing.
Based in this research it is suggested that the widely promoted ‘5 portions a day’ should be increased to ‘7 portions a day’ and that vegetables should be given more emphasis and fruit less.
If this means more consumption of pesticide-treated and GMO crops from the stores, however, the benefit may be reduced by eating potentially contaminated crops. Growing your own vegetables is one of the most obvious ways of saving money, and is something that nearly all of us can do, even if you have little or no garden.  Yes, really! They are (as the name suggests) raised above the ground, so less bending is needed.  In fact they can be built as high as you like depending upon your preference or needs.

If you’re handy with a hammer and wood you can build your own raised bed.  Just remember not to make it so wide that you can’t easily reach the middle (about 1 metre) – you don’t want to be clambering over your lettuces to reach the beans in the middle!  You also need to be aware that you shouldn’t use timber that has been treated with toxic chemicals.
Alternatively we have found some great ready made ones that come in a variety of sizes, and are very reasonably priced.  You can stack them to raise them higher off the ground (more soil needed, though!).
Finally, simply fill your bed with soil mixed with some compost and hey presto! You’re ready to start growing! You can also choose outdoor varieties of tomato that will work fine outside.   Some seeds you can even sow straight into the ground, later in the spring.
You will also find step by step instruction videos as well as our Gardening Blog where you can ask the horticulturist a question. Follow our foolproof steps to growing your own and produce a harvest that will surpass any vegetable that you could buy in a shop and at a fraction of the price. This is a fun and friendly forum where you can come for help and advice or share some of you tips with us.

If you don’t have any spare ground, you can begin your foray into self sufficiency by starting to grow your own veg in pots or containers.
If you don’t have the earth space you can fill a collection of containers with compost on your patio area. If you want to grow from seed, crops like mixed salad leaves and carrots are easy ones to start with. Also keep an eye on pests such slugs aphids and birds as they can all attack a delicious crop.

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