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Here at Hometipsworld we look for interesting articles covering home improvement, cleaning and gardening tips from around the world. Have you always dreamed of growing your own vegetables, but you just didn’t have enough space? Even if you have never attempted gardening in the past, you can successfully grow your own lettuce.
Peas are easy to grow, but they do best in early spring or fall when the weather is a little cool. Squash plants need nutrient rich soil so they will grow exponentially in a bucket full of potting mix and fertilizer. Want to start a small potted vegetable garden, but don’t know which vegetables to start with? Just because you are living in a cramped apartment or a suburban home with a tiny yard, that doesn’t mean you can’t grow your own food. It thrives in shallow containers and you can enjoy a continuous supply of salads if you water it well and snip off the top third of the greens regularly. Just opt for the smaller varieties that don’t get really long unless you have a very deep bucket to work with.

The “Easter Egg” radishes are fun for kids to grow and they make a nice colorful addition to your salads. Not only can you eat the peas, but you can even harvest the plants and treat them as greens to add to your salads.
Try planting a few different varieties to get a nice steady supply throughout the summer months.
Just two squash plants will keep you fully supplied throughout the summer with plenty of fresh vegetables to add to your meals. Just place the buckets near the side of your house or on a porch or deck where the vines can climb and have adequate support. Growing vegetables in containers is a lot of fun and it can ultimately be an extra step in self-sufficiency. You just have to get creative and come up with an alternative to a large garden and buckets are a perfect option.
You can even grow lettuce year round if you bring the buckets indoors during harsh winter weather.
This vegetable is a delicious addition to your diet and it offers many nutritional benefits as well!

You can even grow a variety of red, yellow, or albino beets if you have several spare buckets hanging around. The heritage carrots will work well in buckets and they are a bit sweeter than other carrot families. With careful watering and regular picking, your bucket of beans should continue producing all summer long.
Our favorites are cherry tomatoes and the “Goliath” tomatoes that are large and especially juicy. If you have a few potatoes that have started to sprout, go ahead and plant them in some potting soil in a deep bucket. All you will need are some 5 gallon buckets, some potting soil, and seedlings and you are all set to start growing your first container garden.
When the plant begins to flower, you can start digging around to find your new potatoes ready and waiting.

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