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You can mount rain gutters the same way you would along the eves, on the side of your house, shed or any other building, on the side of a fence, along a deck railing or under a windowsill as a small planter. Position the rain gutter hangers along the surface where you want to hang the gutter every 3 to 4 feet.
Add potting soil to the gutter and fill it up so that it is level with the top edges of the rain gutter. If you live in a place that has limited space for a garden and you want to try your green thumb, this cinderblock herb garden might be the answer for you.
Cinderblocks come in many decorative styles can be purchased at places such as Lowe’s, Home Depot or any outdoor garden store where they sell brick and block. The tires can be used as a compost bin by simply cutting the sidewall completely out of the tire.  This is done with a very sharp utility knife or a chainsaw. To rotate the composting material, simply take the first tire off and place it on the ground.
This method will work well for all herbs, including basil, flat leaf parsley, cilantro, chervil, dill, fennel, and any other plant the produces lots of leaves. Stuff a piece of cotton t-shirt material in the neck of the top of your bottle to act as a wick. Use a quality hydroponic fertilizer such as Pure Blend Pro Grow mixed at the rate listed on the bottle. Eventually the roots grow down into the reservoir (empty in this picture) and feed the plants.
Rain gutters provide an ideal space for growing salad greens since lettuce, spinach and other greens have shallow root systems. All you have to do is cut the rain gutter to size, cap the ends and drill holes for drainage.
Drive the included screws through the mounting holes in the hangers into the surface with a screw gun to fasten them in place.

It doesn’t take up much space and can be a creative project along the side of a building or home.
Collect old windows, place hinges at the top so when you are finished with the windows you can fold them up, and save them for the next spring.
Each piece must be cut with a heavy-duty saw or a chain saw to make them the right height (about 2.5 to 3 feet tall). Many people recommend painting the neck half black under the misguided perception that the roots will not do well if exposed to sunlight.
The wick will pull nutrient solution up from the water reservoir below and keep the growing media moist, but not so wet that the roots rot. If you put transplants in, and they were started in soil you should be sure to clean all of the soil off the roots before planting them. It is important to use a hydroponic fertilizer because a traditional fertilizer will not work without soil. Make sure that there is always water in the bottom of the bottles and the wick will keep the growing media moist. He's allergic to twitter and facebook, but you can find more of his articles in the Guides section. With imagination and determination, you can find ways to grow vegetables even in the smallest of spaces. Fall is the perfect time to plant because lettuce, spinach and salad greens love the cooler weather.
Put string or wick through the hole and tie it so it will absorb the water from the bottom of the soda bottle. One by one, turn over the composting material and fill the tires back up, stacking them on top of each other until the bottom tire is now on the top of the pile.
Put the upside down neck in the bottom water reservoir and fill with a good hydroponic growing media.

If you plant seeds in your 2 liter bottles cover them with plastic wrap until the germinate. The microbes that are present in soil will not be present in your hydroponic grow media, so you need a nutrient source that the plant can metabolize on it’s own.
You can grow your salad greens in a small amount of space, and it is a good way to recycle old pallets. Each year, it can be taken down and replanted, or it can be moved to the inside of the house in the colder months.
And keep doing this until you have four or five tires full of composting material stacked on top of each other.
When you want to use the compost, take the tires apart and use the organic material to mix with other soil.
It is hard to tell in the picture above, but I have done painted vs unpainted trials, and both did exceptionally well with no noticeable difference between the two.
In fact, I think that painting the plastic is a bad idea because you risk getting paint in your root zone, which could result in chemicals in your veggies. You can rehydrate the coco coir with a very diluted nutrient solution if you want to, but it’s not at all necessary. In fact I’ve messed up more batches by mixing in nutes at the seedling stage than I can count.

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