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Passenger demand for in-flight Wi-Fi is growing worldwide as people become increasingly frustrated with spaces that deprive them of the full functionality of their screens and remind them of their presence in the physical world.
The provision is becoming an increasingly important provision for passengers, according to the report with a fifth  of passengers saying they ‘actively search’ for Wi-Fi when booking flights. Passengers in Africa, the Middle East and Europe are also more willing to pay for the service than their US counterparts, according to the survey. The other driver of growing demand is the increase in the number of people who expect to be able to use devices on board. Burgeoning demand for a host of new products enabled by MEMS devices means the sector will likely see a healthy increase this year despite any general semiconductor slowdown. With popular consumer applications like the Wii and iPhone in high-volume production—and sparking a jump in interest from other consumer gear designers in similar new MEMS-based features— MEMS device production hit 2 billion units in 2007, and looks to jump 25% to 2.5 billion in 2008. As an increasing number of these new consumer designs ramp volume production, revenue growth will accelerate to18%-19% in 2010-2012, even with the price pressure.
Being able to take advantage of mature semiconductor process technology means MEMS makers can get by with spending a remarkably small 4% of revenues on equipment, and similarly 4% to 5% on materials. But MEMS equipment sales can also expect healthy 17% average annual growth through the next five years as it keeps pace with strong device market growth. Etching tools and materials are the largest, and one of the fastest growing opportunities for MEMS process technology suppliers. With MEMS devices like silicon microphones for cell phones, gyroscopes for game controllers, and digital micromirrors for displays reaching real volumes, traditional semiconductor equipment suppliers like Tegal, Lam Research and ASML are starting to pay more attention to this market, and MEMS tool suppliers will have to start paying more attention to service and support and reliability issues to compete with the big IC suppliers.
More closely linked to total wafer starts, materials for MEMS can expect a more stable growth pattern, with 12% CAGR over the five year period, to $603M. MEMS’ mainstay automotive market will only see modest 3.5% average growth from 2007-2012, but a number of consumer-oriented markets are poised for big growth, paced by 30% average annual growth for wireless telecommunications applications, 19% for biomedical applications, and 16% for other consumer gear. New MEMS devices hitting the market in 2007 included auto-focus systems, oscillators, and dual-axis gyroscopes. Silicon microphones will continue to see fast growth (32%), as will microfluidic chips for diagnostics (25%), micro tips and probes (22%) and microdisplays (21%). Between 2008 and 2018, home health aide jobs are expected to grow by 50% and personal and home care jobs by 46%, making them the third- and fourth-fastest growing categories in the U.S. Employment rates are expected to rise faster than average for nursing aides, orderlies, and attendants too, but at 19 percent, that category’s growth will lag far behind those of the home-based direct care occupations.
Psychiatric aides are expected to grow at a rate of just 6%, less than the average for all jobs. Shelly McDowell: Hello Lisa, Thanks so much for your interest and support of my research topic. As the global demand for meat protein rises, new and innovative ways to produce the necessary quantities will be required, say researchers.

Get FREE access to authoritative breaking news, videos, podcasts, webinars and white papers. Essential to animal metabolism, glucose is ingested in the form of starch, usually from cereal grains in the feed. The survey also claims that there is rising interest in in-flight Wi-Fi services outside the United States, with 83 percent of travellers in Europe and the Middle East professing an interest in the service, compared to 74 percent of US passengers. The report claims that 76 percent of US passengers board an aircraft with a Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone or tablet, with one in three of them saying they typically use at least two electronic devices during flights.
But these consumer market volumes bring consumer price pressures as well, holding total MEMS revenue growth to 14% this year.
The $8.0 billion in MEMS device sales this year is expected to generate $320 million in demand for equipment, and $380 million in material sales. The equipment market will slow to 3% growth this year, but then accelerate sharply as consumer devices now in development move to high volume production. Sales of etch tools will outpace the overall tool market with 12% growth this year, to $72 million.
Conversely, MEMS tool makers are penetrating semiconductor niches requiring deep etching or wafer bonding, such as through-silicon vias, advanced packaging, and photovoltaics. Materials sales should increase at close to that long term rate in 2008, with about 11% growth, to $380M.
Consumer applications—including ink jet heads, inertial MEMS, micro-displays and emerging devices such as energy harvesting and autofocus systems—will account for more than 40% of the total MEMS device market by 2012. Gyroscopes for cell phones and low-cost micro-mirrors for pico projectors currently present strong emerging business opportunities for MEMS suppliers. Defense markets will also average strong 21% five year growth, from demand for things like high-value inertial MEMS devices for munitions guidance systems.
Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, home health aides and personal and home care aides are still among the fastest-growing job categories in the nation.
The only faster-growing job categories are biomedical engineer and network systems and data communications analyst.
That growth is expected to take place mainly in residential facilities for people with developmental disabilities, mental illness, and substance abuse problems, although most psychiatric aides currently work in hospitals.
The latest update to its annual In-Flight Connectivity survey of passengers in seven countries also found that demand for in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity is found to be higher in Africa, Europe and the Middle East than the US, even though more than 80 percent of US carriers already offer Wi-Fi compared to an average of around 20 percent in the other countries surveyed.
SEMI and Yole Developpement produce this report each year to meet the need for detailed information on how specific MEMS applications will drive equipment and materials demand. Major market drivers will include silicon microphones, micro displays, RF MEMS and even microfluidics for biomedical applications. Yole Developpement revised its forecasting methodology this year to better take into account how much actual usage of each tool was required for specific MEMS device structures, resulting in lower but more realistic figures than in some past projections.

Equipment sales should see 9% growth next year, then see demand jump 26%-28% in 2010 and 2011.
Device testing equipment should see 5% growth to $66 million, and wafer bonders a 9% increase to $43 million in 2008. The severe cost pressures of consumer markets, meanwhile, are driving device makers to smaller geometries, creating requirements— and opportunities— for new kinds of etch and clean technologies.
The MEMS materials market is currently fairly evenly divided between gases and chemicals, photomasks, and substrates, but photomasks will see a slower 9% five-year growth, while demand for specialty chemicals and substrates outpaces the general market. Best five-year growth prospects for specific products will be RF MEMS and, somewhat surprisingly, microfluidics for drug delivery at > 40% per year. The survey findings are based on responses from 842 employers representing more than 530 companies in 40 countries worldwide who recruit directly from participating business schools.This report highlights the value that on-campus recruiting brings to job-seeking business school graduates.
Conversely,  the study claims that over three quarters of passengers in Europe and the Middle East would like to be able to use on board Wi-Fi. SEMI provides the full report to its members as a benefit of membership, by download from the SEMI website. RF MEMS and silicon microphones alone will account for more than 45% of unit demand from 2011. Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafers will see a 14% annual increase, primarily as substrates for accelerometers, and demand for glass wafers will grow at 19% a year, for capping pressure sensors, accelerometers and gyroscopes, albeit from very small levels.
For the first time, GMAC broadened its reach among employers by conducting a supplemental survey of an employer sample purchased through an outside private vendor. But the projected consumption growth rates are even faster for the developing countries as a whole, being 164% and 172%, respectively,” note Boland and his colleagues. This "General Population Employer Survey" yielded responses from 1,282 companies located in the six largest markets for graduate management education -- China, France, Germany, India, the United Kingdom and the United States. The results show overall that half of the companies responding to the supplemental survey have plans to hire an MBA in 2016 -- ranging from 35 percent of companies in Germany to 70 percent of companies in China."The difference in hiring projections between the two surveys highlights the value business schools provide to students in connecting them with employers that want to hire them," said Bob Alig, GMAC's executive vice president for school products. Although inquiries and demand for standalone houses is on the rise, developers have not been able to cashin on the opportunity. He further said that they have two new projects in the pipeline which are on hold till the new policy arrives. Stating that the price of these houses will not hike much, he said, “As the government’s policy will direct us to maintain more open spaces, mandatory road width and greenery in our projects, it will surely lead to a hike in the price of properties. Citing that inquiries have grown by 100 per cent as compared to the corresponding period last year, Rajbhandary said, the price of individual houses would go up by around 30 per cent with the introduction of the new policy.

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