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Kai lan is not a vegetable familiar to everyone, but if I have anything to do with it, it soon will be.
Last year I bought a grape plant, cherry tomato plant, pepper plant, a variety of mints and strawberries, all of which exploded out of the ground.
I don’t like to walk on dirt, especially when it is wet, so I laid some stones to create a walkway. There is a certain obsessive-compulsive trait among some gardeners that drives them to seek needy plants.
In the time it takes to grow just one decent cauliflower, you’ll have had many, many lunches off your kai lan.
I am not a master gardener, just someone who is willing to try just about anything that sounds healthy.

I was stunned by my harvest since I did not prepare the soil, fertilized or tended to the plants. Rather than enjoy summer hours relaxing in the sun, sufferers follow an elaborate timetable of tasks in the hope of coaxing a reluctant harvest from some unwilling plant or other. I decided to buy a few veggie plant at the local home improvement center, convinced it was a waste of money. I would like to get more passionate about planting veggies and it has to be done with a plan.
Completely unexpected, I could have filled baskets with Cherry Tomatoes, Strawberries and Peppers.
Without any preparation of the soil, I stuck the plants into the clay rich soil and pretty much forgot about them. Organization and starting out on the right foot is an important step to long term success, not matter what it is you want to enjoy.

Then I worked the coffee grounds from the morning into the soil for fertilizing and sprinkled eggshells around the strawberry plants to keep snails away. It all grew out of control and after the first freeze I ripped everything out, determined to get better organized in the spring. These climbing beans clamber over anything you grow them against, producing speckled red pods that look as if they were styled by Cath Kidston.

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